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A-TECH is a really vigorous school; for the most part. I have enjoyed my time here very much so far, and even though it has some slight imperfections, I still really like it here. I feel like I have been challenged here and have gotten a much better education than I would have at any other schools in my district. There are some classes here that I haven't really learned much from, but other than those few, I have had amazing experiences here.
A-tech prepared me to go straight into college. It's a school that offers quality teachers and an abundance of AP credit opportunities. The school offers an array school clubs and activities, even though the campus doesn't offer any sports programs. My years in A-tech made me appreciate my teachers, and deeply helped my time management and hard/smart work ethic.
(Mostly) full of caring teachers than want you to succeed in the future. Many teachers are helpful and care about the students they teach. They also are strict so that the students are successful in their studies.
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This school really pushed me to reach my goals. All of the teachers are great and I was able to learn so much during the four years. A-Tech is definitely a challenge, but the end result is worth it.
As the mother of a recent Atech grad, my son's decision to attend Atech was the best solo choice he has made this far. The teachers are superb, and the classes were challenging. I really liked how the school and teachers push the students to challenge themselves with honors and AP classes. My son loved this school and the teachers. I highly recommend Atech to everyone who asks me.
As a student of Atech's class of 2019, my impression of this school has not wavered from its positive light. Advanced Technologies Academy is a small school of about 1300 students. The education model is that of a magnet education and a career technical format; therefore, the teenagers in attendance are undoubtedly one of the brightest and most talented individuals in the state of Nevada. Students here major in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Law, Graphic Design, Architecture, and other capable fields. My personal experience consists of multiple Advanced Placement classes because this school strongly encourages participation in college-level curriculum. In addition, the relationship between teachers and students are practically representative of family. I cannot have selected a better school than Atech in Nevada because the culture in this school pushes, drives, and motivates me to achieve success in a competitive and challenging environment.
I am currently enrolled at Advanced Technologies Academy as a Junior. So far, my experience at my school has been knowledgeable and very beneficial. My school really strives for the best of each student. This includes everything from AP classes to joining clubs. Advanced Technologies Academy prepares every student for life after high school and college. Also, every student has the same mentality to succeed in high school and in college.
Advanced Technologies Academy is a decent school but the location and building are dated and inconvenient for most. There is little school spirit and as a magnet school there is no sports program. The biggest benefit may be the school's community of like-minded academically focused students ,however, it should be noted that such an environment is not for everybody. Teachers here tend to be either exceptional or disappointing and the administration has lots of new faces as of recent who are a bit incompetent. The student representatives for the school tend to do a great job selling the school as the unequaled top school in Nevada but in all honesty you will get a very similar or better experience from some of the other magnet schools in Clark (especially if you do not live nearby the school). All in all A-TECH is not a bad school but its not a fantastic school to be at either.
Although the school definitely has its downsides, I cannot deny the fact that A-TECH has given me the best education possible in the area. Having recently graduated near the top of my class, I admit that my opinion of the school may be slightly biased, but I always felt appreciated and supported by teachers during these past four years. For those considering attending: This is the best school in the area, but do not be surprised when teachers actually want you to challenge yourself... or when certain teachers make you seriously question how they got a degree in teaching. For the most part, classes are well structured, but each year except senior year I had 1 class whose teacher was questionably structured/taught.
The students at this school all share some sort of interconnectivity. There are no cases of bullying that I have seen, and all students treat each other equally and with kindness! As for the learning environment at A-TECH, the classes provide a challenging yet engaging course. The teachers are very helpful and supportive towards students, and all of the teachers are extremely fit to be teaching. I have had no problems with receiving a good education here at A-TECH. The clubs and activities at A-TECH are one of the main attributes A-TECH is known for. With around 60 clubs and activities, there is a place for every student to fit in. Many of the clubs started at A-TECH have been started by students with their own personal interests, so they really do provide a place for any student to fit into, and the diversity of clubs at this school is unlike any other high school.
Some of the teachers are fantastic and genuinely care about your education. Others are just there for the money and the gossip.
The environment of students in a CTA school is quite different than a normal high school in terms of atmosphere and competition. I prefer some teachers to change their teaching methods to stray away from traditional methods to new innovative ones to keep students engaged.
My experience here has been fairly good. They are rarely any fights and if there are any fights, it's usually online and they get resolved real quick. The education here is really good, teachers and administration really gets us college ready and
they make sure that we are prepared. The teachers here really care for their students well at least the teachers I talk too, but not all teachers are like that. I really wish they had sports at this school, but sadly they don't. I really hope that they would have them in the near future, but at least they have a music class. I also hope that the food changes lately they have been upgrading in their food which is good because school food isn't really that enjoyable.
Absolutely the best high school in las vegas. Lots of AP classes and the best teachers in town. Going here was the best decision I've made
The school is mentally and physically taxing. Most kids struggle with the work load and the pressure. Many people have been negatively affected by it. However this school will provide the best education for high school students anywhere in the valley.
I love A-Tech because of the challenging curriculum and the amazing atmosphere that all of the students give to this school.
Advanced Technologies Academy is a school devoted for people who are seeking a successful future ahead of them. It offers a lot of programs and advanced placement classes that will make the student college ready.
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I liked the teacher and tech and we have amazing resources. However the admin was lacking. Their different program areas were very strong and they help kids who need help and make sure everyone is accepted.
The school is by far one of the best in Nevada. The teachers really care about your future and take all the steps necessary to ready a student for college. The environment of the school is also amazing everyone pushes each other to excel in your classes and those who don't put in time and effort into school are rejected. Thanks to this school I have the grades and test scores to attend most colleges including ivy league, the school could improve on it's lack of sports.
This is a great school that allows you to be better prepared for your transition into college. It is a place where anyone can make friends and be surrounded by people that are also very engaged in school work.
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