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Some of the teachers are fantastic and genuinely care about your education. Others are just there for the money and the gossip.
The environment of students in a CTA school is quite different than a normal high school in terms of atmosphere and competition. I prefer some teachers to change their teaching methods to stray away from traditional methods to new innovative ones to keep students engaged.
My experience here has been fairly good. They are rarely any fights and if there are any fights, it's usually online and they get resolved real quick. The education here is really good, teachers and administration really gets us college ready and
they make sure that we are prepared. The teachers here really care for their students well at least the teachers I talk too, but not all teachers are like that. I really wish they had sports at this school, but sadly they don't. I really hope that they would have them in the near future, but at least they have a music class. I also hope that the food changes lately they have been upgrading in their food which is good because school food isn't really that enjoyable.
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Absolutely the best high school in las vegas. Lots of AP classes and the best teachers in town. Going here was the best decision I've made
The school is mentally and physically taxing. Most kids struggle with the work load and the pressure. Many people have been negatively affected by it. However this school will provide the best education for high school students anywhere in the valley.
I love A-Tech because of the challenging curriculum and the amazing atmosphere that all of the students give to this school.
Advanced Technologies Academy is a school devoted for people who are seeking a successful future ahead of them. It offers a lot of programs and advanced placement classes that will make the student college ready.
I liked the teacher and tech and we have amazing resources. However the admin was lacking. Their different program areas were very strong and they help kids who need help and make sure everyone is accepted.
The school is by far one of the best in Nevada. The teachers really care about your future and take all the steps necessary to ready a student for college. The environment of the school is also amazing everyone pushes each other to excel in your classes and those who don't put in time and effort into school are rejected. Thanks to this school I have the grades and test scores to attend most colleges including ivy league, the school could improve on it's lack of sports.
This is a great school that allows you to be better prepared for your transition into college. It is a place where anyone can make friends and be surrounded by people that are also very engaged in school work.
Amazing school, lots of friendly faces! the seniors here are amazing! they are very helpful. I felt much more connected to the school when they showed me around campus. The juniors are also very helpful! I had a great time here. The teachers go above and beyond sometimes, juggling great teaching with activities like chess and board game marathon. Some, like the graphics section, are much more in the background but they are very helpful teachers as well. All in all, great teachers and students! !!!!
At Advanced Technologies Academy, it helps prepare you for college as soon as you step through the doors. The administrators here are helpful and the students are welcoming. I would like to see more ethnicity diversification. Overall, A-Tech is a very helpful and is a good school to attend.
Overall good school. Majority of the teachers are good at what they teach, but some could honestly care less (thankfully the teachers that do care teach the honors or AP classes).
Attending Advanced Technologies Academy has challenged and helped me prepare for college. The academic courses provide an excellent learning experience for all students.
Definitely made college seem easy. Very difficult but in the end as our motto says, best way out is always through. Best decion of my life going to this school!
Advanced Technologies Academy is a great high school for those living in Las Vegas. The program opportunities are intense and helpful to high school students who are looking to further their education in a college or university.
Honestly it is one of the best schools in Las Vegas. Exceptional students, nice teachers coupled with an interesting magnet program and high expectations is what makes it one of the best in Nevada. The school's technology and location can leave a bit to be desired though.
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This school is unlike any other. All of the students are dedicated to their education and try to help one another succeed. The students here truly care for another, and always have an upbeat attitude.
Advanced Technologies Academy is a very rigorous school and is definitely a challenge. The school is unique in that it allows students to take all their required core classes with a specialized program area. It leaves students prepared for college by offering a variety of classes including AP classes.
Advanced Technologies Academy is the best public High School in Las Vegas! It really gets their students ready for college and gets them a jump start on what they want to study in college.
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