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Now that our Administration has gotten better I think that AMSA will really get back on it's feet again. I think AMSA has really prepared me for college and I'm really excited for my new journey.
I don't think AMSA should change much, the teachers are always willing to help but some don't do anything about bully. The only thing I would suggest is AMSA should get a field hockey team.
I started attending AMSA in sixth grade, and ended up being put in the advanced classes in math, biology, computer science, and english. I feel as though I have experienced many of the most difficult classes here, and I feel like I am very well prepared for a strong future. With the small, core group of students in each grade, not only do I feel as though that my class is close and that I know each individual person very well, but I also get to know my teachers extremely well, with the average class size likely being under 20 students. My AP Literature course held 9 students total, and I was very excited because English was never my strong suit. Getting this near to one to one help and being so close with everyone in the classroom is something that I believe can only happen here.
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The teachers are either amazing or totally unreasonable. The work can get to be a bit much at times and but not always.
Great curriculum with a select few teachers who are really committed to bettering students as individuals. The student body has questionable actions at times and in the past admin has been uncooperative. There is a greater focus on achieving high scores compared to increasing understanding and knowledge.
The culture of the school has always been very positive and the last year with great changes to staff and admin the Schools feels more stronger than ever. Curriculum is intense from middle school to high school you get challenged all the time. Support from the teachers is awesome!
A really great opportunity for students looking for an environment that's easy to learn in. Students can expect to find classes where they are pushed to succeed, with teachers that are passionate about their subjects.
Excellent education that provides classes of many different levels going into college level for students to choose from. While the classes may seem challenging, I can guarantee that they prepare the individual very well for college, especially in the math, science, and writing departments. The student body is extremely diverse and come from different towns. Many teachers are very intelligent and helpful and the school graduates many accomplished students both in and out of the classroom.

The administration had been rocky in my time as a student but since hearing from other students and staff and visiting the school again, it is in perfect care under Dr. Lewis. Things will only go up from now
AMSA is very driven in their math and science programs, but also very good in their humanities programs as well. AMSA's high school program is rated second in the state.
it gud. very gud. i like. gud learn. gud teach. gud math. gud science. gud ela. need better comp sci.
AMSA was a wonderful school with many hardworking, diligent and passionate teachers who really pushed their students to improve and grow academically. When I went to college, I didn't feel overwhelmed or unprepared at all
The Advanced Math and Science Academy provides a great education. Unfortunately, with flaws and an ever-changing administration, AMSA lacks in guidance for their students.
It has many issues within the admin and teachers that needs to be fixed. Admin is constantly changing. The uniform policy has never been the same each year, and it is hard to keep up with it. Some teachers enforce the uniform while others don't care. There is also many teachers here that are not qualified for the class they are teaching.
Despite being one of the top schools in Massachusetts Constantly changing administrations and teachers. This effected the students and their school work negatively.
AMSA charter is one of the top schools in the country but has many flaws to its name. Administration lacks respect and is very unqualified for their positions
Overall it used to be very good. Academics were the focus and teachers were always more devoted to the growth of their students rather than their paycheck or time off. Recently the administration has changed many times though, and with that many teachers have been cycled through. The school now lacks the excellent teaching staff it once have but still carries on its legacy through the highly motivated students.
As a student who has attended the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School since the 6th grade, I was able to watch myself grow as a person here. Although class sizes and the campus are smaller than those of a typical high school, my experience at AMSA made me feel at home. Although I only lived in Massachusetts for a month after moving from California, I was able to quickly connect to my school's welcoming environment.
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The education at AMSA is top notch. The teachers really get the opportunity to connect with all of their students. It is a great place to learn. However, the administration at AMSA has been sub par over the last few years, simply because the majority of it keeps changing yearly, therefore being very hard for them to communicate with the student body.
I have been at the school since 6th grade and I have had a range of experiences at the school. The past year and a half the administration has been oppressive to the student body prioritizing image over the student body and their needs. The school has since gotten a new ED who is making a conscious effort to right some wrongs.
AMSA is primarily a STEM school and as a result the curriculum is designed specifically for students who are interested in such fields. This is not the school for sports and the school has issues with teacher retention.
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