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When I learned as a 10-year-old that I would be attending AMSA for 6th grade, I cried because I didn't want to leave my hometown friends, be forced into a uniform, or learn advanced math. However, as an alumni of the class of 2017, I can say that it was a privilege to attend a high school that has ranked between #4-#1 in the state of Massachusetts for several years in a row. My academics and exposure to diversity were so much more than I could have gotten anywhere else. However, as a Charter School that's mission is explicitly to offer an amazing education to students of all backgrounds, more work has to be done in terms of fostering an anti-racist community to make POC students, especially Black, feel like they belong.
My seven years at AMSA really felt like a monumental shift in my life, and while I can't claim the school is perfect, I loved every moment I spent there. I wouldn't change it for the world.
Less focus on "academic excellence" and more focus towards treating young students how to treat one another with respect is much needed at this school. Lots of teachers don't have an actual teaching license. Let alone a clue how to deal with student problems such as bullying, racism, and other forms of hate. A very toxic culture is brewed here. If you do not fit in their "perfect world" you are treated terribly. Students who deal with disabilities are shunned by their peers and harassed. Often times blatantly called dumb. I would never send my future children to a school as such. Being a graduate from here, I am appalled that this school is still running. Horrid place and should be shut down by the government at this point.
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Very educational and they strive to be the best and the staff and students work hard. The teachers are so nice AND strict so we learn and have fun at the same time
AMSA offers a fast paced curriculum that has small class sizes. The school counselors provide a lot of support for your future college choices. The teachers offer a lot of fun and innovative ways to learn topics. It is a lot of work. Expectations are high. However, they expect a lot because they BELIEVE in the student's ability to be successful. The experience at AMSA was incredible. Lots of after school activities to be involved in. Strong sports program. Family oriented as well.
I currently attend school here and enjoy it. The standards for students are high at AMSA , and the academics are especially rigorous. Though well known for STEM, the humanities are also great with excellent teachers. Following many years of turnover, the current administration is wonderful! School spirit is a little low, I would say partly due to a lack of a traditional football team and the school's emphasis on academics. However, many students participate in sports here as well as various clubs/activities.
[This is LONG- tried to address everything here] [part 1] As an athlete, there is a lot of unneeded academic stress put onto students. The students all compete with one another to see who is better because that is how students here gain satisfaction. The homework load for me is about 5 hours a night which is way more than it ever should be and forces me to give up sleep.

The admin is kind of solid now and cares about students, which I know was not the case a couple of years ago. Some teachers have more unique teaching methods that do not cater to the general student population here but, once you understand it, it is not that hard.

School spirit is basically zero unless it is Spirit Week, where all of the student body suddenly decides to care about our sports teams. For the day. All other games/meets/competitions are met with maybe 1 fan. It is embarrassing when the away team has more fans coming than you do.
I entered AMSA in the middle of my freshman year, and coming from public school it was very intimating to be surrounded by so many smart people my age. As time went on though, it was clear to see that the teachers really care about their students and give an enormous amount of support and guidance. Although AMSA's academics can be very rigorous and time-consuming, it makes me feel ready college. The small environment and smaller classes help in grasping the content much better than I did when I went to public school.
On the flip side, the school has non-appetizing lunch, the admin and dean can be aggressive at times, there is never enough parking, the buildings are falling apart and the school drains your energy and social life.
I am a graduating senior this year (2020). AMSA has prepared me for college in almost every way. It pushes students to explore their curiosity in a safe environment.
The Advanced Math and Science Academy is a great school, which lives up to its name. The curriculum is very advanced and kids are challenged every day to get better in every aspect of themselves. With the heavy focus on academics, there is never a worry about getting into college, failing off teams or clubs, and student tend to be more than happy.
It is amazing for academics. I do not know a better school that I could've gone to in order to be better prepared for what college is going to throw at me. I have worked much harder and been challenged much more at this school than I ever was while I was in the public school system. The academics are great and I am surrounded by students with an equal determination to learn as me. We challenge each other to do better. Even though it is strongly focused on the maths and the sciences, the history, language, and english departments are also excellent. The teachers really care about teaching and they want what is best for the kids, making an environment that is perfect for the development and growth of these kids. I could not suggest a better school.
Amsa is in a class of it’s own academically. I have learned at an incredible pace and have far more knowledge in many subjects than students attending others local high schools.
I spent seven years of middle and high school at this school and it truly prepared me well for college life. I tested out of a full years worth of classes and I am now entering my sophomore year being over 50 percent of the way done to my bachelor's degree. Great teachers and the school is on the
This school cares for the students academics a lot. They like to challenge their students to think outside the box and come to conclusions by themselves. They put their students into a comfortable academic environment for them and help them improve everyday until they graduate. It is more than just getting good grades at AMSA, it is about understanding and taking in the knowledge that they provide.
The overall experience was decent, and I am glad I went there. It shaped me as a person, but there are problems with the school.
This grade 6-12 Charter school has done an excellent job of preparing our kids for life. They are far ahead of their peers in the sciences thanks to a longer school day, and their academic maturity, scores and grades are making the college application process easy.
School can be very stressful, but that is expected of such a respected and highly regarded school. I wouldn’t want to go to school anywhere else.
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I really love AMSA. It has been challenging and frustrating at times, I won't lie, and I wish that a few of the teachers would recognize the importance of our mental health, even when we are trying to learn, but many of them are really dedicated, and every last teacher that I have had has been really well-meaning and smart. I also love AMSA because the amount of effort that you put in is proportional to the amount of growth and knowledge that you can obtain. It's that simple.
Fantastic school where being smart is cool. Excellent administration staff, great teachers make hard working so rewarding. Very inclusive, and so many clubs that students can get involved in and show their talent. This school is not only for Math and Science kids, they have excellent history and ELA teachers. Amazing school for students who like challenges.
The facilities are also very small so if you walk through the halls you will knock into someones arm because the hallways are so narrow and not built for a school. Don't get me wrong 6th and 7th grade were fun but now all you talk to your friends about is school or what class they have next. The school itself is rather boring and tedious with the same routines everyday of learning, studying , taking a test, homework, repeat. Their is a lot of pressure to be the best since the school is a top school. The teachers make it very clear that you cannot fail. I personally do not think I will be attending AMSA for high school. I do love my friends but it is only just a very small little group.I really want to get a good high school experience and do electives that I know I will enjoy plus many more things. AMSA may work for some people just not
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