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Advance high school is a nice, average school for a small town. I have been attending my whole shcool experience. In past years there have been some small problems with authority figures. However there have recently been many changes thought the school. Such as a new superintendent, principle, language teacher, math teacher, and science teacher have been hired. These changes have been excellent for our small school, and I believe we will continue to see much growth and change throughout.
It's not bad for the most part it's clean and safe
Extra curricular activities are pretty good they help students and people engage
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My experience started off good and has declined over the years to the point where I feel like I can't turn to anyone for help, what makes the school unique is how the parents are they are horrible and don't like rules and guidelines to follow. I would not go back to this school if I could do it again due to the teachers and parents.
The teachers are clickish and only like certain students
I always feel safe at school. No one gets bullied and special security measures are taken to keep us safe.
There are a lot of possible opportunities and everyone can take place.
I have gone to this school for my whole high school career. I'm proud to say that I will be graduating from this wonderful school! It has shaped me into the person I am today. I have a hard work ethic and try my best with everything I do. I have Advance High to thank for that.
The teachers at Advance High are dedicated and helpful. I would not be where I am today without the faculty and staff at my school. It's bittersweet to be graduating from my wonderful school, but I'm ready to further my education!
The building is ok.we have tutoring every week Monday- Thursday.
The food is ok. Some of it isn't so great at times.
We don't have very many extracurricular activities. Students take part in some of the activities.
The teachers are great. Some have been teaching her for a while and some have just started.
We have our general classes as well as AP and Dual Credit classes.
I have made a lot of friends at my school. It is such a small school and almost everyone knows everyone.
Students aren't allowed to wear hats or short shorts. These are very understandable rules. The other rules are pretty straightforward.
We have had some lockdowns because of drugs. The administration and police take these very seriously.
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Our athletic department is ok. We have a gym. Our games are somewhat well attended.
Our school doesn't tolerate bullying. It is imediately dealt with, and usually dealt the right way.
We have clubs, we just don't have a lot or do a lot with them. Sports are a big thing at our school, and there are a lot of students involved.
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