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I liked how the teachers are very involved with their students, they will even stay back after school to help students out if they need it.
The classes were really good and I learn a lot from my classmates. I learn maybe strategies of how success on life. How to control and manage difficulty decisions and work together as a team
As a senior at Wilcox High School, my past four years here have been amazing. The moment I walked into campus and into my first class I felt at home. While maintaining a good academic reputation, Wilcox also makes sure to provide non-academic activities and organizations such as clubs, sports, and class activities. The diversity of Wilcox gives the freedom of expression to the students and staff and allow for a great experience. The only thing I would say is their flaw, which isn't major at all, is the lack of consistency of the staff whether it has to do with teaching style or knowledge of rules, that is the only bad thing I have to say. For example, I went the entire day wearing a light blue jacket, until I got dress coded in 7th period.
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This school is a lot diverse and accepting. When at times you feel alone or not knowing what to do, the teachers are there for you. They go out of there way to help when it's needed and motivate you to do your best.
Some teachers were just horrible. Older school, could continue to get a facelift. Curriculum is not competitive enough for surrounding area (Cupertino High School, Los Altos High School). School had some scandalous issues when I was attending and school did not handle the issues (students, parents, the media/press) very well.
The school is great. The environment and student culture is very friendly and supportive. Things I would change is for students to be allowed off-campus lunch .
Get involved! There are so many clubs and sports you can be a part of. When it comes to A.P classes, we have some amazing teachers(s/o to Ms. Courey) who sacrifice their time and stay after school until late at night just to ensure that the students receive the help they need. Work hard, build connections with your teachers and enjoy your time here because those 4 years will fly quickly!
Going to Adrian Wilcox High School was so much fun. I learned a lot and went to a good college after.
Being a Wilcox high school student was one of the greatest experiences yet. The years spent at this school taught me countless matters. The students, teachers, and other environment at Adrian Wilcox High School demonstrate how successful the school has been.One thing I would change in Wilcox is the variety of classes they have for electives. Even though, they have various courses their students can take as an elective, their elective courses overall do not promote a spark of interest in which one can decide their future plans from.
Wilcox High School has an amazing population of students that are diverse and creative. Many of the teachers, however, neglect their students' studies and choose questionable and often unfair teaching methods.
Such an amazing school with so many kind people the students and teachers will always do their best to help you. You will never feel stressed out from competition or grades etc., everything is well balanced and it is an overall very supportive community. There is such a wide range of academics you can choose from. The arts department is the best I have ever seen compared to any school, I was able to take two courses in AP Studio Art, there is even advanced levels of painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc! The only thing I would like to see Wilcox improve on is their food, quite honestly you can hardly eat it:/ other than that it is the most diverse and encouraging community to grow in!
One of the best things about Wilcox, is the amount of opportunities. From academics to sports to college readiness, Wilcox has some of the most useful options and varieties.
Adrian Wilcox High School was the school you went to if you wanted a head start in the college life. There was this pressure to take the hardest AP classes to push yourself and the students themselves often made it a competition to see who would get the least amount of sleep. However, there is a vast amount of AP classes available and many of the teachers teaching them are excellent in both caring for their students and teaching the material. If you take many AP here, you tend to see the same people and never mix with those who do not take AP so it might feel like the school diversity is only Asian but when in reality it is not.
I mean it's not a bad school at all, but it's just a very average school in general. Nothing much to say here. You've got good teachers and bad teachers, an unorganized administration, inconsistent cafeteria food, an ASB that no one cares about, all that usual stuff. But it's a pretty diverse school, so I guess it has that going for it.
This school has truly expanded my knowledge and pushed me to be the best version of myself. Sometimes school can be hard but please make sure to talk to your teachers and make amazing friends... Also go to the football games(because we are the best)and attend FANTASTICS!!
The teacher here and the staffs are unreasonable, some are even hateful. the science buildings, R building and the portable are outdated with old desk and equipment that would fall at anytime.
Wilcox has students of all races, cultures, and backgrounds, making it very diverse. The students change with very year, but there is always school spirit in every class, and many people get motivated to do activities and events in school. Honestly, I have never seen a school with more spirit. In regards for classes, there is a fair share of normal, honors, and AP classes in most subjects. Electives are great, however, there are none in the science field that could help you if you decide to major in a science related field. Many students try out fr sports and join teams for the fun of it or to look good for colleges, and either way, I would recommend it. Also, there are many clubs on campus, so join a few, and become an officer for a club, or make your own. Being a part of a club is fun and makes you feel like a part of an active community.
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School is overall good but in situation where people really struggle, they lack in support. I would like to see more of a support system for situations in which people are getting bullied- especially when it comes to the sexual harassment of girls.
As a student, Wilcox High continues to have high school spirit levels and is a great school for diversity. Teachers are really caring and supportive. Only wish is for the cafeteria to have better food and to organize the lines to get lunch.
What I like about Adrian Wilcox High School is that it is very academic oriented. There is an entire plethora of challenging courses that any student can take if they have the motivation to learn--Computer Science, Culinary, Jazz Band--and it's all there for the students. The teachers there are excellent and do a good job of teaching and motivating the kids to work harder. However, I would like to see a few more security guards, even though the current ones are doing a good job of keeping the campus safe from any external or internal threats. The student life, from clubs, sports, extracurriculars, and hobbies, are great because again, they are all at the student's disposal to pick and choose their favorites. These various methods are a great way for students to meet new people that will help to broaden the overall perspective of each and every student. Honestly, Adrian Wilcox High School is a good school that really focuses on nurturing the students' in every aspect possible.
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