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I like how close the campus is to my house and I like the view of the sunrise in the morning. I also like how diverse the school and I loved the culinary classes. I like most of my teachers but not all of them because I feel that they don't really teach, they kind if just read put off the textbooks and that's it.
The one thing that I love about Wilcox is its diversity. Wilcox is an extremely diverse environment, in terms of race to religion to opinions. This is what I have truly loved about the school. I have not encountered any form of bullying or "the negative high school experience" personally nor have I seen it happen. The teachers are caring and want to see you succeed. The food in the cafeteria is not all that great, but that's not a problem for me. There is a wide selection of classes that are available, both regular and Honors/AP.
my experience at Wilcox was an amazing experience! I met various individuals from diverse cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and areas of origin. This school allowed me to build a comprehensive understanding of how diversity does not mean difference. Even though many of my friends came from different places of the world, we had a majority of similarities besides that of food preference and first language. I loved every part of wilcox, the teachers gave me everything I needed to advance my experience in college classrooms.
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Really enjoyed the diversity of the student body. Many of the faculty and staff truly cared for their students. Renovations to the campus would have been welcomed. Campus had not been changed since the 1960’s.
I have attended Adrian C. Wilcox High School for all four years. Throughout these four years, I can definitely say that I have enjoyed my experience at this school and all the aspects that come along with it. There is a wide variety of courses offered ranging from multiple AP courses to numerous elective classes. I have been lucky that all the teachers I’ve had are all friendly and were easy to communicate with. The way they taught the course material was engaging and they made sure each student was able to understand each lesson. This past year, the administration has been stricter on enforcing the rules which has been beneficial to both the schools and the students. The only criticism I have is that the daily announcements are not always heard throughout the classrooms, and that upcoming dates such as days where there is no school or an early out is not informed enough to the students.
Excellent staff, students, and atmosphere! I'm going to miss this place. So many great memories and friends have been made here.
I like Wilcox because of the great diversity. Every class and period is mixed, and there is a lot of acceptance.
I enjoyed my time at Wilcox High School; the teachers and other students were mostly very kind, and the administration helped me so so much with the college application process. I learned so much from a majority of my teachers and I was definitely challenged.
The atmosphere at Adrian Wilcox High School is mostly positive as I feel like most of the teachers and staff want me to prosper and succeed in life. The students there are mostly friendly, but they attract drama like lights attract moths. The facilities there are advanced and clean, thanks to the janitorial staff. I would want to send my future kids here to learn as they have one of the best academics I have seen. Although few of the teachers are incompetent, most do their best to create a healthy learning environment.
I liked how many of the teacher who have been here for awhile are very friendly and well taught towards their jobs. But the new teachers hired clearly represent a drastic budget cut. Their skills are ones compared to a 1 star school. Overall this school has its pros and cons like any others. But I would not recommend this school to anyone.
Wilcox High School is a very diverse school. It has great academics as well as great sports. There are a wide variety of clubs and activities and it would be hard to not find a place in at least one.
Wilcox is amazing. Beautiful quad, good cafeteria food, huge diversity of class selection, great teachers, super easy to take advanced classes.
I thought overall it wasn't a bad experience. I thought the ASB members tended to be obnoxious, but other than that the academics were for the most part pretty good and the sports teams tended to win. There was never any soap in the girls bathrooms though.
I love the environment and education at Wilcox! While the teachers range from incredibly knowledgable and dedicated to mediocre and unpassionate, the majority of teachers here at Wilcox are very good at their jobs.
Wilcox is a great community for competitive individuals and it is very easy for one to fit in. I really have been enjoying all the clubs that are offered. For example, the GSMA, Art, and LSU clubs. Yet, the best part are the incredible teachers who are very easy to communicate with. There hasn't been a single teacher that I have not felt comfortable in.
Wilcox is an amazing school, because teachers are enthusiastic and always willing to help! Without major stress but with all the benefits on practicing at each student's individual pace, Wilcox ensures that students really learn the material that will aid them in their future careers. The test scores reflected are honest, true, and do not lead kids to stress like in other schools. Good results, from the best, most successful students. Test scores do not define the future, and our alumni's lives reflect that.
What I loved about Wilcox was the diverse community. everyone is so kind and it feels as if Wilcox is one big happy family. I love the school spirit at football games and the spirit at the rallies when we sang the alma mater. in general it was the best 4 years of my life because the teachers there are amazing and if I ever had a question I would go to them for help and it would all work out well.
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The overall atmosphere was intimidating and gloomy. Certain staff members were approachable and inspiring, while others were a nightmare. I do believe that they were all trying their hardest to get their students to succeed.
It was a good school with personable teachers and staff. The student body was okay and could've been better if they were more diverse with who got a position. It seemed like the same people were elected each year. The althetic program was great, and I enjoyed the dance program. The food was good and well-balanced.
Great school! Everyone is friendly and the environment is very fun. The focus on academics is not as much compared to other schools in the Bay Area, but it allows the students to have a much stress-free school life.
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