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Adrian Secondary School Reviews

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It's a great school in Southwest Minnesota. All staff and students are nice! There are College Courses offered through Southwest Minnesota State University. I have not had any bad experiences through my years in Adrian! It is also a good school for sports.
The staff do their best to make sure everyone feels safe during the school day. The environment feels safe enough that there is no need for security officers or other detection systems to protect the students.
Extracurricular activities were participated in by many students that had very committed leaders and good levels of participation. They served as a way for students to get involved in the school and community other than sports.
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School is okay. There were a lot of different groups of friends that people could get into. If you don't have any friends there it'll be a lot more difficult to enjoy your time there.
Some teachers are better than others at teaching, but they generally all try their best.
Ever since the schools have been trying to be healthier the food quality has gone down.
There is lots of bullying that goes unnoticed by teachers and most people are too timid to speak up.
Very football and wrestling weighted school where usually your last name is what lets you play.
Teachers wanted to make sure you passed your classes.
There are many choices for extracurricular activities. There is sports, theater, and band to choose from.
Some of the teachers seem like they really care about you.
there is a large variety.
the teachers sometimes don't know the topic they are teaching.
bullying happens a lot not physical but plenty of verbal.
the variety of food was good but the quality varied greatly.
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