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Adrian R-III Middle/High School Reviews

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Overrall, Adrian is a great small town school. There are some downsides, like a minor lack of resources and certain options, but that is because of the fact that the school doesn't get enough money or have enough people to be able to provide those things. The administration is great and tries their best to make the school a better place, year by year.
I have enjoyed all of my classes. The teachers always make learning fun as always. The classes are pretty general, but there are certain classes that pretty specific to what you want such as the Project Lead the Way courses. One thing that I wish would change is to much more open support of all groups like the choir, the band, and so on.
Adrian has a great sense of school spirit and a large amount of diversity in both extracurricular activies and classes. The school also has a large amount of online and ITV college classes available for high school students. Options in the actual high school very from Nutrition class, to Principles of Biomedical Science. Extracurriculars are very encouraged, and students are encouraged to excell in whatever they do. I would definately attend Adrian school again. Though it's heavy on the athletic side, the school is still an excellent educational facility, and I have greatly enjoyed my years here!
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The teachers do a great job of interacting with students. Most teachers truly care about the subjects that they are teaching their students, and most go out of their way to help as much as possible. Sometimes, some of the administrators do focus on athetic achivievements more than academic, but for the most part they keep a relative balance.
The school has a lot o clubs, but not all of them
Senior year is pretty stressful.
Not all teachers perform to the best of their ability.
The only thing I can say is that this town is pretty name and money, but the academics and athletics are both fantastic.
My overall experience at this school has been wonderful.
The teachers are great, courses are good and have some variety, scheduling is simple, workload is manageable, not really enough variety to have a popular class.
Nothing has come that we couldn't handle due to training and general awareness.
There is rarely a small group for any extracurricular activity. Sports is the most popular but every group has its own level of dedication.
All the staff get involved with anti-bullying and the only controversial thing would be the hiring of a police officer in case of an intruder.
All the things mentioned are high priority in the school the only thing that is bad is the tutoring, Their really doesn't seem to be much of it.
The student involvement at my school is tremendous. Over half of the student population at my school participates in after school organizations. Sports, organizations, clubs, and many more things are offered at my school. Students always have something to choose from to get involved in. The groups at my school are always getting new members every year.
The teachers I have at my school go above and beyond at all times. Whenever a student is in need, our teachers take their time to help them. I feel extremely comfortable asking my teacher for help when I need it. My teachers come in early before school, and stay late after school to help students. They are always willing to go over something we do not understand.
Going to Adrian R-3 has always been exciting to me. Although it is a very small school, I love how close I am with all of my teachers. My teachers know me personally so they are always willing to help me after or before school. My school is unique because of the size. I love having such a small school because it gives me the opportunity to succeed. Whenever I am having trouble in a class, my teacher takes time to work with me one on one. I wouldn't trade my school for anything because it has helped me become the person I am today.
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Adrian High School is great to everyone. I haven't had one bad experience with the administration or the teachers. Overall, this school is accepting to all the different people who may or may not come here. During sporting events the staff, coaches and the students have amazing sportsmanship and we all treat each other equal.
Our teachers here know what they're teaching and they have the resources that all of their students need and require. There is enough to go around and the teachers will stay after school and come in before when there is a student that needs the help.
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