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Adrian High School is a tiny school right on the Oregon/Idaho border basically in the middle of nowhere. I was there for all 13 years of my schooling. However since it was so small we didn't have as many opportunities as kids from bigger schools. The nice thing was that in a community that tiny it brings a lot of people together. Whether it is cheering on the sports teams, fundraisers or just one of the few events that were put on throughout the year.

The classes were small so it was easier to get more hands on attention from the teachers if you needed help. If you wanted to do any fun classes however you may of been out of luck if one of the required classes were offered at the same time.

Overall i loved being in the school and despite being at least 30-50 miles from anywhere fun, it was a great place to grow up in.
There is some bullying but not really noticeable
Adrian is one of the best schools out there we show compassion for sports and after school activities and the community are great supporters with these things.
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Most all the teachers are approachable and very helpful but the ones that don't the kinda suck
I think I would choose it again if I will be turned back in time. It's a good school at all.
Teachers are good, but they have their own problems. Not all of them try harder than they can. Most of them are not avaible out of class.
I feel safe at the school physically. Not emotionally. There are many student who are rude without knowing it.
There aren't very many options. There is definitley not a lot that benefits everyone.
Well I really enjoy school and I love being social. I just wouldn't want to do it again. We learn absolutely nothing in English class. The teacher doesn't teach us about writing or classic books. All she does is gives us work packets and doesn't help us with them. Most of the time she's high off her medication and loses assignments. The only real experiences that truly Impacted my life was the leadership class. That was the only class that I learned helpful life skills.
There are some teaches I enjoy tremendously, but as for our principal and sports coaches....that's a different story. Our pricipal is extremely bias and favors many. The same with our sports program. Our entire school is based on the athleticism of 5 junior girls and 5 senior boys with a few underclassmen in between. I can't stand it. I am happy I only have 7 weeks of school left because the school to me, is a joke. If someone gets in trouble, the principal says it will stay confidential. Well that isn't true, because he tells all of the teachers and then it just spreads because it's a small town and soon enough the entire town knows and you automatically become the biggest disappointment in the school. There are teachers who are truly amazing at the school and they are very helpful and caring. People like them need to be taking over the jobs in our school.
there are not so many options but the ones we have are very well done and all are welcome
All teachers care about their teaching and about the students and put in over the top efforts
Never had any problems of any kind and all things I have seen with other students have been dealt with properly
This school is the best in the area with devoted teachers, a lot of student teacher interactions and small classes.
Being involved in first state championship football team in school history.
Students are very involved at Adrian. Adrian is very accepting of new students and have a large amount of foreign exchange students.
Changes in current regulations have changed our lunch program dramatically. We use to have an outstanding lunch program.
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Due to Adrian being a small school there isn't many options for schedules. However, many students do take college level classes. We are on a 4 day week so Fridays are considered 'further' Fridays for extra help.
Most students join some activity throughout the year. Several students participate in many different activities. Administration and teachers promote everyone to participate.
It is difficult because our Principal is our counselor and therefore there isn't a large amount of adults to go and speak to if there is a problem. That is due to being at a small school. Dress code seems to be controversial for the girls as they feel it is too strict concerning skirts. Our policy is skirts need to be middle of knee. Some people think that is an outdated policy.
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