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I would like to see Adrian High School make more attempts to go above and beyond for their students, to try and prepare them better for life after high school and provide alternatives besides the college route
Throughout high school, I had great relationships with my teachers and staff members around the school. They cared about our education and ensuring it was a safe learning environment for all.
I was very involved in the clubs and other student ran organizations at my high school and felt that those helped make my high school experience. The faculty seemed to have a general concern for my school work and there were a few teachers would check on me personally to see how I was doing. The common core curriculum bothered me at times because it felt boring and impersonal. The teachers that I did have that didn't follow it exactly but instead focused on my learning experience and the quality of that content made me feel like I was reaching my greatest potential in public schools. It was classes like that that felt more individualized were the classes that prepared me for college classes where I dual enrolled. It also made me realize the gap between some of my glasses and how lenient they were compared to the real world of college. It made me think about some of my peers would college would come as a shock to them and how they would struggle and fail.
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I liked the People and friends I have makes the experience of high school better. What I hate about Adrian High School is the racists who think its okay to do whatever they want.
There are good and bad things at AHS. The Standardized testing and teachers who don't know what they're doing are some Negatives but the Positives are even greater. Most of the teachers actually want the students to succeed and graduate which is more than I can say for other schools.
Adrian High School is a decent school. We're all about your education so if you want your child to learn at its best give them the choice to go to Adrian. So far my experience in Adrian has been good but some of the teachers are just horrible. What I would like to see a change at is the school lunch. The school lunch is horrible, they don't feed us enough. I feel that all students don't get enough and the school athletes suffer more because they need more carbs than given.
I like that Adrian High School has alot of different extracurricular activities students can participate in. There's a whole bunch of different options. There's many sports, musical clubs and academic clubs. Whatever a student may be interested in, there might be something there for them.
My experience at Adrian High School is great. I am involved in the Key Club, SADD Club, Equations Team, Basketball, Bowling, Track, and Cross Country. The teachers here are nice and willing to help you when needed.
Good school. Great education, but some policies concerning bullying could improve. Good activities and opporunities. Lots of clubs.
Adrian High School is a great school. It taught me a lot of things, not just school about life itself. Adrian is where I met all my friends, teammates, and some cool teachers.
Adrian High School isbthe best high school in lenawee county, in my opinion. During my years at AHS, I have been a part of some of the most amazing clubs and organizations including student leadership and Project Unify. I am definately glad to be a part of such a great school
At AHS, there are many different experiences that one can have. Joining sports teams and extracurricular activities can make things a lot easer. There a student organizations and clubs to suit every person, and help students find friends with similar interests. The teachers within the school vary, some are very helpful and concerned while others are there to teach the material.
AHS offers a wide range of classes, students have the ability to force themselves to succeed and to also just glide through. If a student was interested in taking advanced classes such as AP, IB or honors they are offered. Some are more challenging then others. Some teachers offer more help in the advance classes compared to the basic gen. ed classes they teach because they believe this student will be worth the effort and will actually succeed. This scares some students from taking these courses because they fill as if they will be judged if they do poorly in the course even if they are interested in taking the more advanced class. Often you find students just taking all the core classes to pass and have the opportunity to say they have graduated because they may be the first of their family and thats all that matters to them not the difficulty of their class load.
When I was a student we never had issues brought to attend of racial/ethnic diversity or sexual orientation. It was usually based on how you made it know to others. If you were one to bring up such issues for attention people would react poorly but in other situation most were very welcoming. Peer pressure was not as big of an issue because everyone was always doing the same thing due to the fact that we lived in such a small town and there wasn't much else for us to do. These days all has changed! Some are more accepting of things my peers were not and less accepting of the things we were accepting of. Peer pressure is much more of an issue because everyone wants to fit in and be "cool" by doing what their friends are no matter if it be for the good or bad.
All extracurricular opportunities are based on who is in charge of the club student and staff wise. Some are much better then others. Those with administration support usually succeed more then those who are un supported. I'm not very sure that it is easy to start your own club if there isn't something you are interested in already formed. Commitment level again depends on what your club is and who is invested in your beliefs, actions, etc.
After attending college I've heard so many stories of great schools through out Michigan. I realized where I came from was not the worst but it was far from the best experience I could have had. My teachers were not all the best nor did they all push us students to be the best. The events our school hosted were mainly because us students made them happen without backing from faculty and staff. Some events were singly hosted by parents because they wanted their students to experiences things they never got the opportunity to from APS. There are so many things I wish I had not had to experience in my years at AHS and so many more I wish I had experienced. I felt like I was not truly prepared for life at a higher-ed school. I was thrown in with no knowledge of what advanced classes would be like or any true advice from teacher who were supposed to be preparing us for life in college.
The teacher staff ranges from a huge variety. The school recently lost a huge number of teachers and are constantly bringing in new and younger staff. The new teachers try very hard to get students engaged and to learn their specific subject. Not all go above and beyond like others but those that do rarely succeed with the whole class. The students don't always feel completely motivated to work to their full potential because students often feel talked down to by teachers, ignored and sometimes even made fun of. Adrian Public School district tries their hardest to train and prepare their teachers with great teaching styles, knowledge in the students they will be dealing with and technology to reach all students. Some teacher take these opportunities into consideration but others stick with the things they were taught in college, many of which are outdated and no longer reach the students. Fair and consistent grading varies depending on the teacher. Some teachers decide to play favorites because the district doesn't notice, they just brush it off the be students failing because they don't put in the effort which is often the complete opposite.
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Adrian High has a lot to offer. They are the only school in our county (Lenawee) to have the IB program available to students.This is a huge plus in my opinion.
Extracurricular opportunities are abundant at AHS. Clubs fill the halls after school during the week with different ideas and goals, all any student has to do is join in. Every club at the school has a adviser who is most likely a teacher and welcomes all different types of students to join!
Over all, Adrian High School has been the place in which I came to for four years due to several reasons, including: sports, performances, grading panels, tests, and out-of-school clubs.This building has so many unique characteristics that make high school interesting and fun for it's students, including the after school events such as football games and dances. Adrian gives it's students the opportunities to thrive with in their four years, it is up to them what exactly they choose to take part in. I would never choose to change anything about my high school experience because it's not only the good memories, but it is the embarrassing moments that made high school so memorable.
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