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It was a fun experience because there were always clubs and sports available for me to join if I wished. I was also always able to get help with my classes if needed and had a wide variety of class selection options.
It was a very easy-going, non-judgement environment. Majority of classes I was a part of was in-depth with preparing students for college and beyond. Not only were the classes an eccentric part of the school atmosphere, but so were the students, faculty, and extracurriculars. My fellow students treated their fellow students with utmost respect and kindness. Yes, there were incidents involving administration that had to be dealt with, including some fights; however, those few flaws only strengthened the connection each student had with one another. Every Friday, us students used to always hang out in the parking lot before a football game. Once the game began, we all sat together, watched the game, and talked about exciting things that happened at school, outside of school, and miscellaneous subjects. We all had a connection, a bond that the school created for us. I appreciate this school for how it readied me for life beyond grade school and allowed me to make lifelong friends.
Being a student at Adolfo Camarillo High School has been an overall good experience.The teachers I had all four years were all very different and had unique styles and methods of teaching.

I believe that the math department needs to improve. Teachers feel as if they are setting student of for success when in reality they are not. Some teacher’s lessons have no correlation to the homework assigned; hence, leaving us students confused.

The campus tends to become very hot; however, we do not have air conditioning! It gets so hot sometimes to the point of having to take ‘heat days.’ If this school had air conditioning there would be no need to lose time to the heat!

I really appreciate those teachers who genuinely care about their students success! I enjoyed my time at ACHS because the environment is very nice, safe, and unifying. A good majority of the seniors in my graduating class were hard workers and cared about their education; hence, influencing others to care and try.
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The school is great and has a lot of good advancement placement class opportunities but also doesn’t get a lot of funding. The music program is growing and has made my high school experience very special.
in Adolfo Camarillo High School I like the fact that there was a program named Advacement Via Individual Determination where it taught us how to be college ready. I like that some teachers would help student out a lot. I just think that the school should spend money less in sports and more on other things that’s beneficial for everyone not just the athletes.
There are a wide variety of honors and AP courses that I believe helped prepare me for college. My issue with the school isn't with the classes I took; instead, it is with the teachers, administration, and office staff. Many of the aforementioned people treat students like we're ill-educated or lack common sense, and many are just rude. There are of course some amazing AP teachers, and again the variety of classes and clubs are great, but my experience has been tarnished by how most of the staff treat the students and how they choose to "solve" issues.
I like the business academy. The academy has pretty good teachers and allows for one to learn about business and get involved in technology classes such as computer science
Cam High is an alright school. There is nothing extremely good or bad about this facility. It simply exists and functions as one would expect. There are few events and the sports teams are mediocre. My overall experience was bland and unexciting.
It was a great high school, there were a lot of student activities always going on and they wanted to get as many people involved as possible so, no one would feel left out. Also, spirit week was the best because most people would go all out. Most of the teachers were pretty good, most of actually had great teaching techniques and a few just read the textbooks and called it a day. The counselors were very kind and understanding, they would try to get the classes best fit for you if you were having problems.
While the competitive nature of the AP courses as well as some amazing teachers push students to achieve, a great deal of teachers are often under-qualified or are lacking in teaching ability. Additionally, the facilities are not equipped to accommodate the growing numbers of students and the existing facilities are often broken. The community of the school is also a problem, as control over the large amount of students is impossible. However, some teachers and administrators are overly tolerant of discrimination or problematic comments made by students.
Excellent academics. Wide variety of classes to choose from. Safe environment to learn in. Great teachers. Very diverse from other schools.
Adolfo Camarillo High School is a great school that truly prepares students for college as long as that student works hard.
I have had the best four years here at Adolfo Camarillo High School! Never did I feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or disrespected! All of the teachers and staff here made a positive impact on me and my education. I will forever be grateful for the time I have spent here!
Adolfo Camarillo High School is a very good school for excellent academics, but has inadequate facilities and administration.
I had a great high school experience here at ACHS. The sports teams are great and all the teachers are so amazing and caring. I played basketball and was in many clubs. I was ASB VP and I made many life long friends!
I enjoyed being involved with the music department and various clubs around campus. Teachers were helpful and made a difference over the years. The facilities could be improved in various areas, such as a campus gathering area or air conditioning.
I enjoyed having my friends in high school and the location of the school. However, there was a lot of disorganization in the administration and it caused a lot of problems for students.
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Adolfo Camarillo High School has a few issues I would like to see change. I see administration not listening to our student body, teachers not putting in much effort for their students and money unfairly divided among sports. However I see a very dedicated student body who is ready to learn.
I liked the teachers and staff and the atmosphere they provided me. I also enjoyed the general student population as they always made me feel comfortable. I would like to see the school go back to two color gowns for graduation.
I came in as a new student in the middle of my junior year and the students were very nice. It is a great school, however there isn't much sense of school pride. At least not as much that I was used to.
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