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Adolfo Camarillo High School Reviews

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Adolfo Camarillo High School offers many opportunities for students to achieve their goals and overall grow academically.
Adolfo Camarillo High School has a very friendly environment. Teachers are very welcoming and they care about your education. The Clubs are very good in setting a cultural presence . This year the administration is doing a very good job in supporting the students. Compared to last years administration they are working up a storm. You can see school events almost every week. ASB works many hours to create interesting events for the students to attend. Our sports programs are developing many talented kids into athletes that they desire to be. Our school is creating a safe environment for kids to learn and to develop themselves into people who they want to be.
My experience at ACHS was mediocre. I made some very good memories that I will without a doubt cherish for the rest of my life. One thing I definitely disliked about the campus was the disrespectful administration who just seemed as though they did not enjoy their job and helping kids.
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The best things about Camarillo High School includes school spirit, teachers care, good education, and an array of competitive sports.
Great School has been so great so far and all my memories here have been awesome. We just got a new principal and he has been doing such a great job. Last year and the years before that we had a different principal and things were way different and the office people were so rude and this principal came in and everything changed so much!
I liked the school's spirit especially at dances and football games. It was really easy to make friends here. All of my teachers truly cared about their students' success even beyond high school.
Adolfo Camarillo High School has been a decent experience. For the most part, I have been lucky enough to be put into classes with teachers who cared about the well-beings of students and who knew what they were doing. I also really enjoyed being able to participate in certain events through the school such as clubs, sports, and student activities. On the other hand, I feel that one thing that could have been changed was the attitudes of some of the staff members, for some of them really demonstrated that working with high school students wasn’t meant for them. Also, I felt that the entire school district in general (Oxnard Union High School District) did not really care about ACHS or the other schools in their district because I feel that my school either got the rough end of the stick and that they really did not do much to help students or parents have a smooth high school experience.
The school is alright in that some of the teachers do prepare you for college and some do not. The school also makes questionable choices in what they do.
I did not have the best experience at Adolfo Camarillo High, the teachers did not have our best interests at heart or teach us what we needed to know in the future, the students were rude and always judging each other. The only thing I liked about Cam High is the school spirit everyone has, when I would go to a football game everyone was everyone’s friend, we all got together and cheered on our team. If I can change the school, I would put air conditioning in all the classrooms, make sure the teachers don’t push their beliefs on the students, and I would really work with the students to help them feel comfortable and that they can talk to someone if they needed to.
Adolfo Camarillo High School, Cam High, -- located in Camarillo, CA -- was built to offer excellent education; however, over the past few years, the school has experienced a downfall causing students to receive an education that does not fit the standards that universities (such as UCLA) expect. My experience at Cam High was positive until Junior Year. During Junior Year, I experienced racial segregation from my AP Language and Composition teacher. I was told to "go back to my country" and to "speak more English than Arabic because Arabic won't take [me] anywhere." These statements had a huge impact on me and my family since we have not experienced these kinds of slurs before. On top of that, my mathematics teacher was unable to offer the correct information and teach math properly to students in her Precalculus Honors class. Overall, however, I was able to strive and study to achieve high grades in all my classes and pass my AP tests (I received the scholarly award).
I loved the overall culture and atmosphere of my old high school but i would definitely renovate the school itself as it lacks basic air conditioning. The math and science departments are second to none in the district, however, we get very little funding as an entire school as we are the furthest away school in the school district and they tend to neglect many necessities that my school would normally deem as essential. it is a top notch school but simply needs a quick renovation and this school.
Adolfo Camarillo High School is a great school. The teachers are helpful, but of course there are some not as helpful ones. I liked the small class sizes because I could form a relationship with my teachers. The food could use a little work. It's not very healthy, but what school does have healthy food? The school spirit was nice. Overall, I would recommend.
Camarillo High was a good school with caring teachers. The faculty and staff do everything they can to make school feel like a second home. If there is anything that i would change, it would be the lack of diversity.
All the staff and teachers at Adolfo Camarillo High school are very friendly and they try their best to help students be successful and aim for their future. Cam has a lot of college preparation for students and is very encouraging. There are so many clubs to join and so much activities that go on at school that every student can participate in.
I really enjoy that Adolfo Camarillo High School is a very diverse school. They really try to include everyone which I find very appealing. We have good resources and we are lucky to be able to be able to have all the supplies we have. We have a wide range of classes, and many that prepare you for the future.
Camarillo High School is an overall decent school. I give it one star for cleanliness and our halls rarely ever have trash in them and the bathrooms are clean most of the time. The other star is for the few teachers that I've had that actually cared about their job and made a difference in my life. The last star is for the programs we have available. Whether it be athletics, band, clubs or afterschool tutoring programs, if there's something you want to do we probably have it here.
Good atmosphere and good teachers. I believe what makes it lack is the school has no real sense of direction. It is as though children are just in high school to graduate rather than to prepare them for their future careers. Which it was more driven towards your career choice.
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I had a very good high school career. Nothing too crazy, but nothing really negative either. My teachers, for the most part, were thoughtful and kept classes interesting.
My high school experience at Adolfo Camarillo High School has been amazing because the campus is so diverse as well as friendly staff that will do anything it takes for you to be successful in life. The teachers at ACHS teach to the best of their ability and will make sure you master the criteria. One thing I love about ACHS is the fact that our community is very supportive of our school that it feels like everyone at ACHS is one big family. One thing that I would like to see change in ACHS would be more interaction with community centers. If we were to reach out and work with community centers our community would grow closer together.
The teachers here are excellent, but office people aren't the nicest and need to be more friendly and helpful. More involvement in the staff to ready us for college and help us with applying for different things.
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