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Camarillo High School has a very good sense of unity. People are fairly welcoming and accepting, both students and teachers, and most of the teachers are very good at what they do. Learning is valued very highly.
After leaving, I realized this school prepared me more than I thought. However, struggling kids can get lost in the shuffle, and the administration doesn't prioritize students or teachers, but rather numbers. Beautiful campus.
Its a good school to attend. We have some teachers who are amazing at what they do but there also others who arent so great. I enjoy the overall enviorment at our school.
Review Adolfo Camarillo High School
I loved the environment and the majority of the teachers. I would have liked more AC in more buildings and cleaner bathrooms.
The school is pretty good. It's probably the best in the district. Teachers are good. I wish the school cared about ALL of its sports programs, not just football. It needs a new track and a turf field. The dress code there sucks. The school lacks diversity and isn't all that accepting. No one gets bullied for being different, but people still make jokes about being gay or of a certain race.
ACHS is a great school for many reasons. For the most part I think that we have a staff that genuinely cares about their students and their success. I will say, that you should be in the honors or AP classes if you really want the best teachers, especially in Math. CP math teachers for the most part tell you to do your work with little to no direction on how and then expect you to know it by the test.
Adolfo Camarillo staff are always hard at work trying to make the students feel as though they have the resources and the potential to make the jump to college or a four year university. They provide us with healthy options in the cafeteria, and have allowed the student body to organize many different clubs to cater to such varying tastes among the students. There is something here for absolutely everyone.
Adolfo Camarillo High School (Cam High) is a school that prides itself on its academic achievement. The school offers several advanced placement classes. The only down side of the school is that some of the facilities are out dated.
I love the academic challenge, the diversity, and awesome teachers. I would change the fact that so few classrooms don't have AC
Cam High is good as far as high school's go. I mean school is school I guess but the teachers are great and they all seem to know what they are doing. The students are very well connected with each other and there is a good sense of community. One thing I would like to see changed is more organization when it comes to administration and college readiness.
ACHS is an amazing school, I have been attending all four years and loved it. Some teachers are happy to help while others not so much. I would like to see more diversity at the school cause there are mainly white people there. Another thing that may need improvement would be the food because they don't have very many options.
The school is very interesting. It is an old school with new people. I feel it is slowly upgrading everything like the filed, we are adding air conditioning to the buildings now.
Camarillo high has a lot of great teachers but also has some not so great teachers. I was fortunate enough to get all pretty good teachers all four years of high school. Our school is semi diverse. There are a ton of clubs you can join depending on what you enjoy doing. Some administration need to work on doing better but understand they have a ton to do.
I liked the teachers and the whole school environment. The campus is pretty cool and i feel like i am in a safe environment. The supervisors are really nice and i personally like the staff at the front even though many people complain. Also the only thing that i dont like is the hat rule but everything else is p resonable
Adolfo Camarillo High School has many kind and helpful teachers for the most part. The outdoor campus is pleasant to walk around but is dreadful to be at when it rains.
Adolfo Camarillo High School is very accepting towards people of many different ethnicities. There's lots of school spirit that is celebrated among the students and teachers and staff care a lot about the welfare of the school, and the safety for the students. The only thing that upsets me about this school is the schedule. I feel as though I would not be as stressful during the school year if the system had a block schedule. I wouldn't feel as rushed throughout the school day and I would feel less stressed to come home with only three homework assignments per day.
Adolfo Camarillo High School is an average school. It has provided me with opportunities to expand my educational career with also given me a chance to try new extra-curricular activities. However, the school is a bit outdated. For example, some of the books should be changed and also the classrooms don’t have air conditioning for the hotter seasons that happen in Camarillo. The teachers are good, however some of them won’t get you ready for college. All in all, Camarillo High School is an average school with its pros and cons.
Review Adolfo Camarillo High School
I had a few great teachers but many poor teachers. School is old and the facilities are out dated. Administration is not approachable.
Adolfo Camarillo High School has great sports teams. The teachers are generally likable and are good at their jobs. I've never experienced bullying and we have a pretty calm campus.
I love the Honors and Advanced Placement Systems at my school, most of my teachers keep me well informed and engaged in class assignments and activities. I feel adequately prepared to attend a 4-year university after I graduate high school.
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