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Adolfo Camarillo High School is a very good school for excellent academics, but has inadequate facilities and administration.
I had a great high school experience here at ACHS. The sports teams are great and all the teachers are so amazing and caring. I played basketball and was in many clubs. I was ASB VP and I made many life long friends!
I enjoyed being involved with the music department and various clubs around campus. Teachers were helpful and made a difference over the years. The facilities could be improved in various areas, such as a campus gathering area or air conditioning.
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I enjoyed having my friends in high school and the location of the school. However, there was a lot of disorganization in the administration and it caused a lot of problems for students.
Adolfo Camarillo High School has a few issues I would like to see change. I see administration not listening to our student body, teachers not putting in much effort for their students and money unfairly divided among sports. However I see a very dedicated student body who is ready to learn.
I liked the teachers and staff and the atmosphere they provided me. I also enjoyed the general student population as they always made me feel comfortable. I would like to see the school go back to two color gowns for graduation.
I came in as a new student in the middle of my junior year and the students were very nice. It is a great school, however there isn't much sense of school pride. At least not as much that I was used to.
I like Adolfo Camarillo high school because it is a very safe and comfortable learning environment. I enjoy most of the people and teachers there and had a decent experience overall. Something they can improve on would be listening to what the student body wants versus just the people in charge making all the calls for what we do as a school. But overall my high school experience here has been enjoyable and nothing crazy has occurred.
Adolfo Camarillo High School has been a great experience since freshman year. Everyone, staff and students, seem to genuinely care for one other and strive to let others succeed.
Parking may have sucked when I went here and the principal probably care more about the football team than mock trial team and the yearbook team definitely cut out other club photos for themselves, but high school could have been worse.
Adolfo Camarillo High School is a great school. The learning environment accommodates every student. Teachers try their best to help all. I feel I am prepared for college because of my school.
The teachers at ACHS generally care for the progress and well being of their students and will often go beyond what you expect if you just ask. The school is a bit older, so without AC classes can get a bit hot, and doesn't look up to date. But overall, students work together to create really great clubs and organizations that you can get in involved in for any number of things. A majority of students are involved in clubs that relate to community service and sports, especially track, cross country, and swim, and most kids take AP classes. There is also a great music program that is constantly being worked on and becoming larger. The language department also has one of the best German classes in SoCal and is part of an exchange program that you can get involved in. Finding something to get involved in isn't too difficult and students are really welcoming, and big on school spirit.
I wouldn't say that Adolfo Camarillo High is a bad school, but its available courses are limited and I definitely wouldn't rank it as high as the last school I was at. It seems like an athletics-oriented school rather than academics-oriented, which I don't appreciate. It also has no IB program, which is a definite downfall. It's nice enough, I guess, but nothing special.
Camarillo High School has a very good sense of unity. People are fairly welcoming and accepting, both students and teachers, and most of the teachers are very good at what they do. Learning is valued very highly.
After leaving, I realized this school prepared me more than I thought. However, struggling kids can get lost in the shuffle, and the administration doesn't prioritize students or teachers, but rather numbers. Beautiful campus.
Its a good school to attend. We have some teachers who are amazing at what they do but there also others who arent so great. I enjoy the overall enviorment at our school.
I loved the environment and the majority of the teachers. I would have liked more AC in more buildings and cleaner bathrooms.
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The school is pretty good. It's probably the best in the district. Teachers are good. I wish the school cared about ALL of its sports programs, not just football. It needs a new track and a turf field. The dress code there sucks. The school lacks diversity and isn't all that accepting. No one gets bullied for being different, but people still make jokes about being gay or of a certain race.
ACHS is a great school for many reasons. For the most part I think that we have a staff that genuinely cares about their students and their success. I will say, that you should be in the honors or AP classes if you really want the best teachers, especially in Math. CP math teachers for the most part tell you to do your work with little to no direction on how and then expect you to know it by the test.
Adolfo Camarillo staff are always hard at work trying to make the students feel as though they have the resources and the potential to make the jump to college or a four year university. They provide us with healthy options in the cafeteria, and have allowed the student body to organize many different clubs to cater to such varying tastes among the students. There is something here for absolutely everyone.
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