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Adolfo Camarillo High School Reviews

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I had a great experience going to high school here. Teachers and administrative is good. Many clubs and extracurriculars offered. Sports teams are awesome.
The teachers are mostly all very welcoming and are willing to spend extra time with you when you have a specific problem or question about an assignment or lesson. Some of the staff can be rude at times but I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and just assume that they're having a bad day and try to just brush it off.
My personal experience at ACHS was a lot difference than most students. Then again everyone's experience is different. This school accommodates all types of students and backgrounds. I enjoyed my stay at this school and recommend it to others.
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At Adolfo Camarillo High School they did not care about students needs and worries more about attendance, grades, and test scores so that they would look good. They would force students to stay in 80+ degree classrooms when it is illegal to do so. There was limited parking for students since they took parking away to build a pool on campus and when students would park across the street since there was no parking the school had the police give students parking tickets. Many teachers would give little assistance to their students resulting in students struggling especially in math at Adolfo Camarillo High School, in one of my classes the teacher did nothing while students threw pencils in the ceiling and all would be talking and not paying attention. So my experience with this school was pretty much awful and could not wait to graduate and get out of there.
My time at ACHS was average. Though the academics were excellent, there was a lot that ACHS could've done for their students in regards to prepare them for college. Though, it seems that ACHS has instituted a program (AVID) that does help students prepare for college; I've heard excellent things of the program - so that's a plus.
Overall, ACHS is a great school they are very involved community and are fantastic in sports. I enjoy being with friends and most teachers are friendly. Something I would like to see change making lunch longer, I always felt it being to short. We have to spend almost an hour in class and our lunch is shorter than the classes. Also the dances are very fun, but I recommend a new DJ because the one we had for homecoming (2018) was not good at all.
Wonderful students, teachers, and curriculum. The school buildings are old and are currently undergoing renovation.
Adolfo Camarillo High School is one of the best high schools I’ve heard of. There’s so much diversity and opportunities offered here. It’s rated among the top high schools in the nation, and there’s no wonder why.
I am very appreciative of my teachers at ACHS. They have been excellent in pushing us hard to prepare us for AP tests, college, and at the same time, ensuring that our school experience is still enjoyable. I am thrilled to go to ACHS because it has been a terrific experience, and I (almost) wish that I wasn't already a senior so that I would be able to go there longer.
I had an average experience. High school here isn’t what you see portrayed in the movies. It’s kind of boring actually. The parties are lame because the same people show up and in my opinion, the whole point of parties are to meet new people and have fun. The teachers I’ve had are mostly bad, with some exceptions of course. I wish we had AC in more classrooms and that we had a turf football field.
Good academics for honors students, good athletic program, great performing arts, good school spirit...however the social scene was too ASB heavy with the dances/ student activities being too expensive and the actual School facilities were extremely outdated and did not have adequate parking.
The school is the second high school that I have attended. Some of the teachers there really care about their students. There are varius ways to become involved with the school. The students their are very nice.
It was a fun experience because there were always clubs and sports available for me to join if I wished. I was also always able to get help with my classes if needed and had a wide variety of class selection options.
It was a very easy-going, non-judgement environment. Majority of classes I was a part of was in-depth with preparing students for college and beyond. Not only were the classes an eccentric part of the school atmosphere, but so were the students, faculty, and extracurriculars. My fellow students treated their fellow students with utmost respect and kindness. Yes, there were incidents involving administration that had to be dealt with, including some fights; however, those few flaws only strengthened the connection each student had with one another. Every Friday, us students used to always hang out in the parking lot before a football game. Once the game began, we all sat together, watched the game, and talked about exciting things that happened at school, outside of school, and miscellaneous subjects. We all had a connection, a bond that the school created for us. I appreciate this school for how it readied me for life beyond grade school and allowed me to make lifelong friends.
Being a student at Adolfo Camarillo High School has been an overall good experience.The teachers I had all four years were all very different and had unique styles and methods of teaching.

I believe that the math department needs to improve. Teachers feel as if they are setting student of for success when in reality they are not. Some teacher’s lessons have no correlation to the homework assigned; hence, leaving us students confused.

The campus tends to become very hot; however, we do not have air conditioning! It gets so hot sometimes to the point of having to take ‘heat days.’ If this school had air conditioning there would be no need to lose time to the heat!

I really appreciate those teachers who genuinely care about their students success! I enjoyed my time at ACHS because the environment is very nice, safe, and unifying. A good majority of the seniors in my graduating class were hard workers and cared about their education; hence, influencing others to care and try.
The school is great and has a lot of good advancement placement class opportunities but also doesn’t get a lot of funding. The music program is growing and has made my high school experience very special.
in Adolfo Camarillo High School I like the fact that there was a program named Advacement Via Individual Determination where it taught us how to be college ready. I like that some teachers would help student out a lot. I just think that the school should spend money less in sports and more on other things that’s beneficial for everyone not just the athletes.
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There are a wide variety of honors and AP courses that I believe helped prepare me for college. My issue with the school isn't with the classes I took; instead, it is with the teachers, administration, and office staff. Many of the aforementioned people treat students like we're ill-educated or lack common sense, and many are just rude. There are of course some amazing AP teachers, and again the variety of classes and clubs are great, but my experience has been tarnished by how most of the staff treat the students and how they choose to "solve" issues.
I like the business academy. The academy has pretty good teachers and allows for one to learn about business and get involved in technology classes such as computer science
Cam High is an alright school. There is nothing extremely good or bad about this facility. It simply exists and functions as one would expect. There are few events and the sports teams are mediocre. My overall experience was bland and unexciting.
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