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Something I enjoy about Adna Middle High School is how everyone is so close and treats each other like family.
The small town of Adna has been nothing but a great community to grow up in. The campus itself is full of supportive teachers and staff willing to go the extra mile for the good of their students. There are many clubs, sports teams, and advanced classes available to take through out the year and everyone is like family.
Adna Middle/High School does not have many academic options or after school tutoring help.
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Adna Middle/High School's school nursing is awesome and has never been a problem. The nurses have seen quite a range of health issues and they always care for them in a calm and professional manner. Adna's security measures is another subject though. We have barely to no security or safety services, although I am not sure if they are considered needed for a school of our size.
Adna Middle/Highschool doesn't offer many extracurricular opportunities. We have an after school drama program, but not many people attend. Adna is definitely a town revolved around sports, and most of our funding goes to support that. I believe if Adna had the funding to have other extracurricular activities we would, but not many of the students would attend. I do wish he had other opportunities for the students that aren't involved in sports though!
Adna Middle/High School is a wonderful school. We are a very small school, and that can be a great thing, as well as a not so great thing. I personally have loved attending this school, and I would not change any of these past twelve years for anything. Adna Middle/High School has given me so many great memories, experiences, and opportunities that I will forever treasurer. I've met my best friends on these grounds, bonded with the staff, teachers, and community, I've been involved with once in a life time experiences, but most importantly, I've learned the importance of having a strong and loving community. Our town has gone through some very severe and life changing events including the great flood of 2006, that swept many of our families, friends, and community member's homes away. As a community, we got through it and came out even stronger. That's by far my most cherishable moment from my days attending school here. I'll always have a spot in my heart for small town's and all of the people that have forever impacted my life.
The teachers at Adna Middle/High School are overall great people. But great people don't always make great teachers. Since we are such a small town, we aren't as diverse and open as other towns and cities, and some of the teachers definitely reflect that. It's hard to review the teachers at Adna Middle/High School as a whole, because some of them do truly care and go above and beyond with their students and teachings. But other teachers, not so much. I love my school, and all of the staff and teachers included. A small school has allowed me to bond and build trust with many of them, but I do wish we had more knowledgeable teachers that deeply feel that an education is the most important lesson to be learned in school.
the teachers teach you life lessons.
There is little to do if you are not athletic.
The teachers claim that they will offer afterschool and before school, one on one help but as soon as you try they say that they are unable and we can find the information in our textbooks. There are some teachers that do help but they are rare. They offer the basic sports such as football, baseball/fast pitch, and soccer but they are not open to widening their options for sports. Also they don't offer a variety of class choices. They do the bare minimum. Overall the students are mostly stuck up jocks or super nice. If you're looking for a tin,confined, baremimimum school, this is the school for you!
it is a great school. A downside of this school is their last of educational options due to the small size of school.
There aren't a lot of rules regarding safety and there is nothing advertising health. We don't have a school nurse that I know of.
Most of them are good. There are exceptions where they just care and don't put students as a priority. Sometimes these teachers pick favorites and talk about other students with the favorite students. Other than that, the teachers are great and helpful.
I can't really say anything about this service. When I had it, it was the most unappetizing meal I've ever had.
Everyone loves the sports and clubs. Adna has the basic sports: Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross-Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball/Softball, and Track. Adna's clubs include Drama, Robotics, knowledge bowl, spelling team, yearbook and band. There are many bands to be in. You can be in Concert, Jazz, and Pep band. The pep band goes to all home and district football and basketball games and supports the team. Adna has some of the best sports teams and The Best Band in the District!
Adna offers math up to Calculus 1. They offer Spanish I and II. There is one teacher for both Spanish classes and there are three math teachers. The Spanish classes are not recommended by most students, because of the atmosphere of the class. Students say that the teacher doesn't know what she is doing and says the class is always wrong. If only two students in the class pass a test that they learned about two days ago, the teacher says they didn't study enough. Oh, well. The workloads are light and are often given extra time for the slower people who choose not to do the work as homework. Popular classes are the easier classes such as art and leadership. Most students only study through the Algebra II class.
Sports is great! There is lots competitive students and other schools to compete against. The coaches are tough, but that makes great teams. With the tough coaches and competitive sports teams, we have a great student section. We have a great band too that attends most games and plays great music! Physical Fitness is great too. The new teacher understands the students better than the old one and understands that using the weight room every day of the week is unhealthy and tries to incorporate fun games into each week.
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The resources aren't that great. Facilities are adequate. For tutoring, there is pretty much nothing, even though teachers claim to have it available, it is very inconvenient. The math help is okay. They have about two periods where lower math students can come in and get help. Other than that, nothing really. The facilities at Adna is a gym, a stadium with an asphalt track (no rubber), and baseball fields. They aren't encouraging.
It's a great school altogether. There are some ups and downs with bad and careless teachers, but there are many great teachers that are willing to help students with work, even they are in a different class. I would recommend going to this school if you move in the Adna are, because even though the school is small and doesn't offer every activity imaginable is okay. No one has everything. Just deal with the bad teachers, because it is a part of life. Your children will run into people like that eventually. It's sometimes better to start early, too late. If your child goes to Adna, they will have a great time, because of the Amazing school spirit, sports and band. There is plenty to do, even though there isn't a mile long list of activities.
The administration is adequate. The policies are there, but aren't enforced much. Teachers have their favorite students and those students seem a little more exempt for getting in trouble. Some teachers refuse to help students when they need help, because that teacher is "busy." Other teachers are great at helping. One math teacher will help students that aren't even in his class. He is always happy to help. There are good and bad teachers. Mostly good and the principal is great this year.
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