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Great for getting into college. Teachers are generally good at what they do. Most are involved with after school activities. You have a chance to meet kids from all over the world. The biggest downfall is they look the other way when kids get bullied.
AFA really gives you more than an education. It gives you a web of connections that you can call to at any point in your life.
I attended 9th-12th grade and it was a great experience. The school is really hands on and works with you to help you succeed.
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Alumni of Farragut. Had a great experience, met a lot of amazing people and friends. Good education, small classes, a lot of structure but fun too.
I am the parent of 2 graduates of Admiral Farragut Academy (AFA). This school has to be one of the biggest hoax in Tampa Bay. Admiral Farragut Academy poses as a military school emphasizing strong ethics, virtues and values. In reality, the school is a paid-off academy allowing derelicts and miscreants a way to subvert responsibility. It is a joke. Parents who volunteer or "work" at the school have full reign. Their children are given all of the awards and scholarships and opportunities despite their bad behavior. And, furthermore, have additional chances at being provided entrance to military academies. The rest of the students have their "family money" or "trusts" buy a ticket to the college. There is lots of drugs and alcohol, as well as, sexual misconduct. I would never recommend this school. It was a huge and expensive disappointment. If I could give a zero, I would.
So many different things to choose from, no one is left out.
You learn how to become a real leader
cultural diversity and excellent teachers; small classes
Extracurriculars at the school pretty much cover the main activities people want to do. Also if there is not a club or organization that fits the students needs, it's possible to create one.
The athletic teams are small and anyone can join, which is good. The coaches help the athletes out and can focus on the specific areas where they need help because of the small teams.
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