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Adm. W.F. Halsey Leadership Academy Reviews

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My experience at admiral.W.F. halsey Leadership Academy has been really good. One of the things I like about Halsey is how well organized things are
The school is very sub-par with very few real educators employed as faculty. The recent change in School Administration has however greatly improved the atmosphere and image of the school. Although this is a step in the right direction more must be done especially in terms of funding for the school.
At school you want to feel safe, you want to be able to learn peacefully. But I don’t feel that way at Halsey at all. No one cares about you. Half the teachers are just there for their paychecks. You can be so terribly depressed in that school, & no one would care. The school is crazy, but if you want to go to school just for “fun” & to take nothing seriously. I seriously recommend Admiral William F. Halsey Health & Public Saftey Academy to you.
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I originally began Halsey Academy wanting to become a marine because of their MJROTC program. The First sergeant at the time was an incredible guy! But after a year into the program, it seemed like it wasnt what i wanted to do with my life so i went off to join the nursing program and began volunteering at my local hospital! Little did i know that my science and math teachers at the time would motivate me to go into a STEM related field since i enjoyed those classes so much. Halsey Academy has been so great to me! I am honor to be the Senior class president and represent the diversity and how good the school has become.
The teachers work as hard as they can given the students that attend that school. The students are very aggressive and have attitude like you wouldn't believe.
Adm. W.F. Halsey Leadership Academy has helped me learn about several life situations and how to handle them in rough times. The school has been a multicultural atmosphere that has helped me shape myself into who I am today.
However, what I would like to change would be the motivation of many of the students, make them want to come to the school and have a peaceful and educational school system.
I was apart of the MCJROTC program which i did enjoy, the school was a great start for my academic career. It's the just the student environment wasn't really the best. The teachers were great and the academics were interesting.
My overall experience in Halsey Academy was the best. I liked lot of things about it. The teachers are very good and are were always there for me when I need help.
I came to this school last year and my experience here have been rough for so many reasons. Some things have to be change.
What I like is that their are students that communicate with each other and have a good connection. I would like to see activity in my school.
My experience at halsey is different because our school is very different from others in good and bad ways. First of all halsey can be a safe school but many times we can be considered the worst. The way we learn is great we learn mostly something new every single day and the teachers will sit with us to help us out with anything we have trouble with. Halsey is a very diverse school that I don't regret going to whatsoever.
This school has many issues but there are many teacher who are willing to help you and help you in your future but many other that are not . Sometimes I don't feel safe in the school because of the incident that happens. I would like for the school to change the teachers to other teachers that advocated to their children's education and there will be more safety.
I mean it's okay but could be better, the nurse don't take care of you all they do is give you ice for something. And the security guards does there job. They always checking your bag, and make sure your in uniform. Also make sure no one from different schools come in. The health programs comes to my class every Thursday to talk about our health and have events for us and bring in health smoothies. The school is safe but sometimes I feel unsafe when someone makes a bomb threat or something, but other than that I feel safe.
When it comes to extracurricular activities it fun. Everyone love the extracurricular, from the sports to the different clubs, and to the different outside activities.
At Halsey, I learned to become a better person, and that not everything needs a reaction to it. My favorite experience at this school is that whenever I was going through something I could always go talk to Mr. V and Mr. M. They always things in a perspective where you could understand both sides, and they'll always keep it real with. They tell you the truth because they know no one else will. The unique thing about the school is the teachers, because when you go to Halsey people always think were a bad school but in reality were not, we just be going through somethings that we can fix by just talking to someone, like your favorite teacher. This is the reason I'll go back to Halsey if i could, I just wish i had these teachers earlier.
There are many teachers who actually care and want to see you make it in life. But on the other hand there are teachers who come for the pay check, and no care what happens to you. The teachers who does care will constantly be on your case about your grades, attitude, colleges essay's and all. They make sure your good, they talk to you with respect, and teach you things that will him you in real life. Like how to do tax's, your credit scores and etc. But that's only a handful of teachers, the rest just don't pay use no mind.
Everyone is open to new people. They are willing to talk to new students and show them around the school or introduce them to the community
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The school has a good safety policy but health is not really great. The food that is given is not that healthy
There were few club activities and I did not hear a lot about some club activities in the school. I joined the Poem and Debate club, which started off great until after the semester. I was not able to find out where their meeting was held anymore. The activities in the school is fun but there are less information about them.
When it comes to education, the school is great at helping every student achieve the best. Apart from that, there are not many events or activities entertains the students. Students have to find out for themselves whether there is a club or activities they would like to participate in.
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