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I would like to see AC units installed and staff changes in the science department. The school is distractingly hot during the school day, it makes it hard to concentrate on school work. I have yet to have a competent science teacher.
My experience at Admiral. Arthur W. Radford High School began my 2nd semester of my freshmen year. I had transferred to a new school & anyone who knows me can say meeting me is someone extremely shy person. Students there were nice to me, after awhile I met some of my closest best friends who I consider brothers & sisters. Athletics has been fun with coaches who take time to make sure their players understand the sport played. The teachers became people to me with similarities. Ms. Miles & Ms. Polo who are hispanic made it easy for me to learn while get my work done. Also teachers like Ms. Lum, Mrs. Christie & Mr. Freitas, I've grown to be friends with to never have a problem going to them for advice. Friendly & kind security guard who interacts with students. Noticed students will confide in one of the guards a lot having inside jokes (including me) & even playing games.
The diversity of students around campus was nice. I'm born and raised on the island of Oahu so it was nice experiencing a culture pot . The staff was really considerate and cared about our education and to some our personal life. The vice principles always checked up on my grades and asked me how my classes were going and if there was any problems.
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There are a lot of things that I like about Radford High School such as the terrific teachers, academics and the classes, opportunities offered, the involvement with students being in clubs or sports, and the experience you get out of the big events such as homecoming.
Like many other schools Radford High has a range of teachers, very few actually have a passion for teaching. Many just teach what’s in the textbook word for word which can be frustrating. I found that by taking higher level classes (honors and AP) you tend to have better teachers.
At Radford, clubs and the community are inclusive and active, and especially welcome to new students in the military community. It is unique in this way of being more than just a school or an extension of the learning environment, but a gateway to the future and to making lifelong friendships. Everyone is nice and the culture is unique, with many days off in the school year for Hawaiian holidays and events like May Day where different cultures present and dance on stage to celebrate ddifferent experiences around t our community. Rather than just another station, it became a special place, my home, to be in Hawaii with all of the friends that I have made. If not for them, I would not feel like I belong here. By having an officer who understands how hard becoming part of a new school can be, but equally if not more so how rewarding and special it is, I hope to make this chapter, this school, and Hawaii as a whole a better place
Radford High is very diverse and has a great system to keep you on track. With the right teachers and counclers anything is possible but you have to choose wisely. If you attend here or if you are thinking about attending make sure you can balance your work with your social life. It's Hawaii, it going to be fun. Yeah, I know. Radford is just a well surrounded area with a lot of possibles and hope, so yes, my overall experience has been great.
Great school and experience. Always felt safe and teachers were eager to teach. We were also a very diverse school. No one group was a minority and no one felt excluded. Radford High had a great athletic program that was built on: Discipline, respect, and responsibility. The administration was easy to approach and respectful. I created relationships there that will last me a lifetime.
Radford is a decent school, nothing really crazy about it. Small camps plus, sports are good, and a variety of people go to this school. Being that the campus is so small, you’ll be able to learn with kind of close counters with your pier, since the size of the school is at 1,200. Plus radford has a welcoming attitude to military and local kids. Academics are great and makes me challenge myself.
Radford was a pretty good school. It is about 50/50 local kids and military kids. There are a lot of programs and extra curricular programs. I played baseball and it was the best part of school for me. Outstanding coach, great team too. Teachers were encouraging. There are a lot of AP choices too.
Radford High school is an diverse high school, where many students are able to meet students from different places. Also, Radford prepares students for college from their freshmen year to senior year.
Radford High School has taught me a lot, but experiencing it has made me seen the improvement. Redford only accommodates to STEM majors which is not the only interest students have. There are many other public high schools that have academies for students with certain interests. Which I think Radford could catch up on.
I attended Radford High my freshman year for a few months, and academically, it was a great school. I have been to four high schools, and this was by far my favorite. I loved my teachers, my classmates, and the diversity, but I do wish there was more opportunities for students to be more involved in clubs and organizations.
I attended here all years of my high school career. I loved this school and I learned so much. I had a lot of teachers that supported me and helped me to accomplish many goals. The faculty and staff all have contributed to my success in one way or another and they all have had their own impact on me significantly. I learned a lot from each person.
The thing that I love about going to my school is that everyone around you is unique in their own way. Culturally speaking, Radford High School is one of the most ethnically diverse schools in Hawai'i, due to it being the most easily accessible from our surrounding military bases near Pearl Harbor. There's nothing a High School student can't do while attending Radford. We offer world languages, several AP classes, and many clubs! Student involvement in sports & extracurricular activities also plays a big role for students here at Radford.

One facet I'd like to see change is our classroom conditions. Throughout my 4 years as a student at Radford, none of my classes have been supplied with air conditioning. Being pestered by the heat I think contributes largely to our learning & focus in each of our 7 periods, and without funding by the state of Hawai'i to receive installation of air conditioning, each classroom has 1 or 2 oscillating fans with a ratio of 30 students per class.
Radford High School had very outdated technology which limited the students ability to learn. The school was very unorganized when it came to assemblies and school events.
My son is a military dependent with ASD. Being a “haole” student is hard enough in Hawaii, but adding his Autism to the equation was even more difficult. He started his Freshman year at Kalaheo HS on the Windward side of the island and had a very hard time socially. The administration was very good to him but the social aspect was rough. Once we moved to Radford HS that changed a lot. He hasn’t been harassed in that way.
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Adm. Authur W. Radford High School for mas an overall great experience. There is 65%-70% population of military dependents attending the high school each year. With the fluctuating population of students throughout the year, there is a caring community environment in the majority of the students. As for the teachers, a majority of them teach for the test they have prepared while others have a more relaxed
I liked the diversity of the students and staff and it was nice to go to a school like that. I wish that had more oppunitities for students such as more clubs, foreign language and study abroad programs.
My overall experience at Adm. Arthur W. Radford High School was pretty good. The teachers there are all nice, caring, and very helpful. When entering in their classrooms, they are all very welcoming and understanding. The staffs and custodians are all nice and they work really hard to make our campus look nice. Even if I didn't have the other teachers they would still be very nice to me and I could say hi to them as I see them around the campus. Radford has a college and career center, where there are two kind staffs who will help you figure out what colleges you may like, sign up for scholarships or grants, and make sure you fill out things on time and turn them in. So overall, Radford High School is a really good school.
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