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Adm. Arthur W. Radford High School Reviews

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Radford was a pretty good school. It is about 50/50 local kids and military kids. There are a lot of programs and extra curricular programs. I played baseball and it was the best part of school for me. Outstanding coach, great team too. Teachers were encouraging. There are a lot of AP choices too.
Radford High school is an diverse high school, where many students are able to meet students from different places. Also, Radford prepares students for college from their freshmen year to senior year.
Radford High School has taught me a lot, but experiencing it has made me seen the improvement. Redford only accommodates to STEM majors which is not the only interest students have. There are many other public high schools that have academies for students with certain interests. Which I think Radford could catch up on.
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I attended Radford High my freshman year for a few months, and academically, it was a great school. I have been to four high schools, and this was by far my favorite. I loved my teachers, my classmates, and the diversity, but I do wish there was more opportunities for students to be more involved in clubs and organizations.
I attended here all years of my high school career. I loved this school and I learned so much. I had a lot of teachers that supported me and helped me to accomplish many goals. The faculty and staff all have contributed to my success in one way or another and they all have had their own impact on me significantly. I learned a lot from each person.
The thing that I love about going to my school is that everyone around you is unique in their own way. Culturally speaking, Radford High School is one of the most ethnically diverse schools in Hawai'i, due to it being the most easily accessible from our surrounding military bases near Pearl Harbor. There's nothing a High School student can't do while attending Radford. We offer world languages, several AP classes, and many clubs! Student involvement in sports & extracurricular activities also plays a big role for students here at Radford.

One facet I'd like to see change is our classroom conditions. Throughout my 4 years as a student at Radford, none of my classes have been supplied with air conditioning. Being pestered by the heat I think contributes largely to our learning & focus in each of our 7 periods, and without funding by the state of Hawai'i to receive installation of air conditioning, each classroom has 1 or 2 oscillating fans with a ratio of 30 students per class.
Radford High School had very outdated technology which limited the students ability to learn. The school was very unorganized when it came to assemblies and school events.
My son is a military dependent with ASD. Being a “haole” student is hard enough in Hawaii, but adding his Autism to the equation was even more difficult. He started his Freshman year at Kalaheo HS on the Windward side of the island and had a very hard time socially. The administration was very good to him but the social aspect was rough. Once we moved to Radford HS that changed a lot. He hasn’t been harassed in that way.
Adm. Authur W. Radford High School for mas an overall great experience. There is 65%-70% population of military dependents attending the high school each year. With the fluctuating population of students throughout the year, there is a caring community environment in the majority of the students. As for the teachers, a majority of them teach for the test they have prepared while others have a more relaxed
I liked the diversity of the students and staff and it was nice to go to a school like that. I wish that had more oppunitities for students such as more clubs, foreign language and study abroad programs.
My overall experience at Adm. Arthur W. Radford High School was pretty good. The teachers there are all nice, caring, and very helpful. When entering in their classrooms, they are all very welcoming and understanding. The staffs and custodians are all nice and they work really hard to make our campus look nice. Even if I didn't have the other teachers they would still be very nice to me and I could say hi to them as I see them around the campus. Radford has a college and career center, where there are two kind staffs who will help you figure out what colleges you may like, sign up for scholarships or grants, and make sure you fill out things on time and turn them in. So overall, Radford High School is a really good school.
Radford High School has provided me with several opportunities to learn. These lessons came in a multitude of paths. One of which would be my extracurriculars, in which I’d devoted a vast majority of my time over these past two years. I’d learned that sometimes, it’s important that you say no to an obligation. My first year of high school I found myself pouring all of my energy into a sport, a play, a club, or some other school activity instead of my family or myself. Secondly, I learned to push myself academically. To compete I’d need to take advanced courses and do well in them. The teachers I had been fortunate enough to have over these two years; namely Mrs. Pattison, CPO Belk (USN ret.), Mr. Armstrong, and Mr. Baba, all made a significant influence over my development as a student. I appreciate these men and women who dedicate their lives to help the growth of the future and are forced to deal with little to no financial reward for there efforts.
Listen I'm going to be real honest with you guys. Radford High School has made my high school experience not so fun. I'm a military dependent like you would've guessed as the student body is majority military dependent. I came into the school my sophomore year. I did take AP classes as I wanted to earn a few college credits and the program is okay. It could definitely use some improvement as well as the teachers such as more training so that they understand the material they're teaching better. But anyways before I make this super long like an essay I've been to 10 schools throughout my educational career and I would rate Radford a 4.5/10. If you happen to go to this school in feature remember its ONLY four year and you WILL make it through
My experience was memorable. I had something to remember every year and was able to keep up with previous teachers I had when I moved up to the next grade. There is always something going on at the school. I appreciated the environment I came into freshmen year, it helped for the rest of my high school journey.
What I liked about this school was some of the students. They were really nice and easy to get a long with even though their are cliques. The problem with this school I would say would be there is not much to do. If they were to have more events where we can all connect as a school that would be great. If the teachers tried to have a really good connection with the students that would be great too. I would like for the administrators to be more considering and really try to listen to the child as well. I feel as if sometimes they need to really try to understand from the child's point of view as well.
My experience at Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School was great. I have a lot of found memories of my time there and I do not regret any part of the time I spent there.
My family moved to Hawaii my junior year and when we enrolled in school we were shocked. I have never been to a school that has so many fees for things you don't even use i.e. the Springboard textbook. On top of the lack of supplies to provide the students the teaching staff isn't that well. Instead of actually instructing the class they assign busy work and give tests on subjects never taught in class. The sports program at Radford also is terrible. The coaches don't seem to be qualified and don't focus on everyone. You also have to pay a $100 athletic fee that practically covers nothing because you still end up paying for uniforms and other gear. despite paying the fee you still have to fundraise.
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I have attended Radford High School for 3 years, and the 3 years that I've attended this school have been great. I've made friends since my first day here. I continue to meet new people to this day. The school also has a great testing system, and payed for my first time taking the ACT. This helped me get into the college of my dreams and I know that it will help me get even further beyond that. With the help of Radford administrators, I know that I'm as prepared for college as I possibly can be. The teachers interact great with the students, and help whenever they can. I am proud to say that I will be graduating from Radford this year.
To be honest, my school could use a lot of work with pretty much everything. I would like to see improvement in teachers showing the willingness to prepare their students for the adult life as well as the fair treatment amongst students.
good school with caring teachers. not as hard as a DOD school. facilties are not great. no AC. very diverse and you will make alot of friends.
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