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good school with caring teachers. not as hard as a DOD school. facilties are not great. no AC. very diverse and you will make alot of friends.
The environment at the school was always friendly and everyone carries the Aloha Spirit. I completed my entire freshman year here and I was able to meet many great people and obtain a quality education. School activities such as clubs and after school sports were a must if you want to obtain the full experience. This was an exceptional school and I gain lots of knowledge and a quality education.
I love being able to walk down the halls in between classes and see the diversity within the school's population.
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I liked the diversity within the school. I learned a lot from all of my past teachers. There is a lot of school involvement with clubs, activities and college readiness. AVID should be a requirement for seniors in the future.
Radford High School is very diverse. There are a lot of military families that go there, so students come and go. Most of the teachers were nice & always willing to help. I would send my children there.
I love that Radford High School has so much diversity. There are so many different races, beliefs, opinions, and personalities. This is what makes this school special because we all come together despite our contrasting beliefs.
I enjoyed my time at Radford High school. It is a very diverse school, but mostly occupied by Asian students. I have never experienced mental, cyber or physical bullying. Although that may be the result of the school being in Hawaii, where everything and everyone is calm and nice.
The staff at the school have high morale and care very much about the students and their future. If a student is not looking into a post secondary education the teachers and staff are still there to guide them in the right way.
Radford is a school.......................................................................................................................................................
Adm. Arthur W. Radford High School is the best high school I have ever attened. I am a senior in high school and as a military kid ,I am always moving schools. I have attened a total of four high schools and Radford has the most diverse cultures, and many actitivites to partipate in. There I joined JROTC which I am currently still apart of, INSPIRE youth club to motivate young christian believers to have faith in our Lord , Rotary Youth Club that helped out in the community,Leadership for sophmore and junior year then I created a Make a Wish Hawaii Fundraiser that raised over $300 for local children with life threatening illnesses. All in all ,Radford High School is the beat high school I have ever attened.
This high school's diversity can rival most college campuses. As with anything, you get what you put into the school. I had a wonderful 3 years and I'm starting my 4th..... Can't wait
I attended Radford High School for 2 years, it was my third High School. Compared to my other two, it was better than one but not as good as another. The school is diverse due to military family's all around the area, friendly environment, good teaching staff for the most part. Biggest thing, the school could use some cosmetic updates.
I really enjoyed my time at Radford. Its a hidden gem and I believe its the most diverse school that you can attend. Your mixed with locals and military influences, this is a place where you can be who you are without any judgement - everyone is family. The teacher were well prepared and went out of their ways to help me as a student. Would definitely recommend, and plan to send my own children there when the time comes.
What I like about Radford High School is that the campus offers a wide variety of classes and clubs that many may be interested in such as team sports, which is a class where you get involved with several sports like basketball and volleyball. What I'd like to see changed is the schedule, it kind of throws me off whenever I have one class then I dont have it the next day.
I thought Rafdord was an amazing high school for the years I attended. The school is very diverse and also feels very homey for new students moving into the district.
Radford high school is very diverse. Everyone is from everywhere. Their are so many different cultures, yet we are still one family. Everyone is open hearted and ready to help.
Coming from a school in Puerto Rico, Radford High School was a great experience. I was exposed to so many different tools that helped me succeed in the college application and understanding process. Not just that but overall it's a great school. Various AP courses, diverse electives, and a great environment. Because of the great military population at the school, it makes it more of an accepting place. We all come from different places and everyone makes you feel welcomed, no matter how awkward the situation may be.
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It's been over 15 years since I graduated from there, but I still remember it as one the best schools I went to. Their academic we're very good. And their school pride was one of the best in Hawaii.
Radford High School is often subject to criticism in the every going competition between them and other high schools on who is the best. Every school has its flaws but overall I am very pleased with my experiences at Radford. I got a good education and with the help of the College Resource center and faculty I was accepted into a prestigious university where I am now continuing my education.
Was a good school to attend. People who work there care about the kids and a very fun school to go to.
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