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I joined Stevenson in 10th grade as a transfer student. I was immediately welcomed into the Stevenson community by both students and faculty. I love the student-athlete community at Stevenson and love playing sports for my school. Stevenson has made my high school years so far very enjoyable, which would not have been the case if I would have stayed at my old high school. I highly recommend Stevenson to anyone looking for a great school community.
Stevenson High School is a great place to receive a Diploma from. The teaching staff are great with the students and they put in 120% of effort to teach their students.
The school is under funded and very over crowded. Most of the teachers are so underpaid that they don’t care about their students enough to remember their names. There are a few teachers that genuinely care about their students and their educations, but they’re extremely overworked by the overcrowded classrooms. Students’ safety is threatened by other students and the administration does nothing. The academic “councilors” decide who to help based on personal preference and then academics. If a student is struggling and seeks help, the “councilors” have an attitude that because they are struggling currently that they won’t be able to succeed in the future.
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Amazing school! Most of the students who attended lived in the Vineyards, Pond View and Forest View Subdivisions, the students were all very good, everyone made sure to pass all their classes and look good everyday! Majority of the students are Chaldean teens who were born here and/or their parents were born here too and are more established in terms of wealth compared to other minorities, the Chaldeans at this school were very kind and amazing and most live in the Vineyards/Pond view home subdivision area, great diversity, love this school!
Adlai Stevenson High School has great teachers that are more than willing to assist you in your journey to become the best that you can be and they offer excellent resources that will aid you in getting there. The school is diverse and the administration is very helpful. There are plenty of sports and a rich school culture that is readily available to every and all students if they wish to partake in it.
I really appreciated the diversity within the school and how you did not feel like at any point you were being discriminated against. I would like to see the school itself change by equality within the departments. Like any major school the athletic department is treated better than the arts and I do not feel the is fair to the students.
Attending Stevenson High school over the past 4 years of my life has been a amazing opportunity. I have made countless memories, friends, and learned valuable life lessons. Something I am fond of about my school is the unity of the students and teachers. Sense freshmen year my peers and I have formed a strong bond within in each other. The relationships I find that students share with the staff members goes deeper than a simple "hello" or "how was your day?", they are more personal and genuine. This makes our learning and growing experience way less stressful and more effective because the environment is enjoyable and loving. One thing that I wish could improve although is the use of clubs and activities. With a wide variety of students I feel as if there should be more involvement of all the different voices and what they have to say. This is important because it allows the students to engage themselves into other things than just reading a book or solving a math problem.
I liked the types of classes Adlai Stevenson High School had. However, I would like to be offered more forms of learning that deal with computers.
Stevenson is an average high school. There are many AP classes to take. With AP classes you are able to get college credit by taking the AP tests for those courses.
All in all it was a pretty great experience; sports are huge, there is a diverse group of students, and you get a great education. This high school also does not include freshmen, which I really liked. The clubs and after-school activities are numerous and you'll find what you like. The school is right next to city hall, the police station, and the library, which is really nice to be next to. Dodge park is right down the street as well and many sports teams go there to run and train on the trails.
I like the school because I get to see my friends and learn new things everyday. The classes are awesome because you get to meet new people and see how they like the school. My favorite thing to learn in school is math because it is very important in the future and even though the school is very crowded in the halls you can always meet new people.
Stevenson High School is an enjoyable school. There are many factors that made it as such. The staff at Stevenson High School are overall rather good. There are some teachers, however, that are amazing. These teachers really make the experience, they create a bond with the students. They really care. The environment of the school is very peaceful for the most part. In comparison to other schools in the area, the students get along well. It is quiet, in terms of fighting and trouble, there are rarely any fights. My personal experience with the administration and counseling of Stevenson High School has been exceptional. Anytime I needed an opinion or someone to talk to during school when things were rough I could count on my counselor. On top of that, she was very good at getting the things I needed done very quickly. Overall, my experience with Stevenson High School has been a 'Very Good' one.
My High School is a welcoming community of hands-on students. Our teachers do their best to keep the learning environment fun and fresh. I hope to see this continue in the future, and see the teachers making a stronger effort to connect with the students to help them become the best they can be.
I really enjoyed learning and opening up to new studies. The teacher were mostly always helpful when it came to success. I love to learn, but in all honestly people are brutal in High School. Hormones are changing and people are beginning to grow up, students either go down the right track or the wrong track.
The teachers I've seen at Stevenson have been the greatest. I was scared for high school once I was getting out of Junior High but it ended up being really okay! There were maps around the school to help you find yourself and most people are okay with helping point you in the right direction. The only thing I've had a problem with at the school are students themselves. The hallways get really cluttered and hard to get through and people are often loud. My friends were always involved in activities like band, but the most afterschool-activity I did was enjoy a calm art club every Tuesday. I would say I've enjoyed being at Stevenson for my high school.
The teachers have good intentions of trying to help children succeed, but they don't do a very good job at it. The students are very nonchalant about their grades and life, for that matter. But the academics, when executed correctly can help further prepare the students for college
Stevenson has some pretty good teachers that teach there, but there are quite a few teachers that can't teach and won't teach. There are some teachers that aren't willing to work with the students on due dates and extensions, and there are also some teachers that are really poor teachers.
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While attending this school, I was able to make a few life long friends. In addition, the curriculum is very adamant about preparing their students for college, which I am grateful for because it has helped me in my current college courses. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience from graduating from this school.
Stevenson High School is a great place to learn and grow as a student and as a person. It has some of the greatest teachers in the world and has first class facilities and students.
My experience at Adlai Stevenson high school was challenging. It was my 9th grade so I was entering high school and the change was different and that's always a challenge but it was good. My teachers helped me get used to the school and how it functioned but overall I did love my school. If I had to change one thing about my high school it would be the interactions with other schools. It was a problem with students when I was there, and it made me feel like something was always going to happen in every courner of the school. Schools had problems with other schools.
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