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The teachers have good intentions of trying to help children succeed, but they don't do a very good job at it. The students are very nonchalant about their grades and life, for that matter. But the academics, when executed correctly can help further prepare the students for college
Stevenson has some pretty good teachers that teach there, but there are quite a few teachers that can't teach and won't teach. There are some teachers that aren't willing to work with the students on due dates and extensions, and there are also some teachers that are really poor teachers.
While attending this school, I was able to make a few life long friends. In addition, the curriculum is very adamant about preparing their students for college, which I am grateful for because it has helped me in my current college courses. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience from graduating from this school.
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Stevenson High School is a great place to learn and grow as a student and as a person. It has some of the greatest teachers in the world and has first class facilities and students.
My experience at Adlai Stevenson high school was challenging. It was my 9th grade so I was entering high school and the change was different and that's always a challenge but it was good. My teachers helped me get used to the school and how it functioned but overall I did love my school. If I had to change one thing about my high school it would be the interactions with other schools. It was a problem with students when I was there, and it made me feel like something was always going to happen in every courner of the school. Schools had problems with other schools.
The school was extremely diverse in subjects, people, and teachers. It was pretty cliquey but sometimes it was very included of the entire student body. I had some great teachers from that school, my favorite would definitely be Mr. Frazier. The two principals were really great too.
At Stevenson high school, I felt like we were all a family. No one was left behind and all of our students were very active in everything. The teachers were amazing in making sure we understood material and were also there to lend a hand when needed.
They didn't prepare me for college academically, but indirectly taught me how to manage my time better
Stevenson is a good school for you if you respond well to conventional teaching. Someone such as myself does not, and so I had to wait until senior year to finally take classes that will benefit me in my field.
Stevenson is quick to help out students pursuing science. For example, if you cannot fit a gym class into your schedule, you can; (as they say it,) "take a class you will find useful for your desired job field." What they don't tell you is that your job field has to be in science. If you end up being as fortunate as I was to find one teacher that you can respond well to and connect with, they may be able to help you.
What i like about Adlai Stevenson is how diverse the classes are. I attended Stevenson at the beginning of my sophomore year and I found it refreshing in a way that i could take more classes that weren't the standard math, English or history classes. i had more options such as psychology, sociology, marketing, small business, fiance and working in the school store, the titan shop.
If i could change anything about the school it would have to be how divided everyone is. For example if your a minority or any race besides Caucasian times can be uncomfortable at Stevenson. Another change would be more freedom for the students for exapmle students cant leave for lunch let alone leave the lunch room or go to the bathroom without a pass. And i wouldn't say its hard to get a pass but often times the teachers/ faculty wouldn't even consider writing a pass for the stud. ent
Stevenson is very strong in their academics and sports. They are always open to change. I would like to see more hands on learning and projects with the occasional lectures.
This was a great school. The teachers are passionate about the students' success and it is a very diverse and welcoming environment. There are many extracurriculars available for students to become involved with including dozens of clubs. I was on Student Council during my time at Stevenson and it made the experience unique and meaningful.
Overall my life at Stevenson has been really good! Many of my teacher have been very personal and helpful while the cirriculum is challenging but they are great at teaching it. Not only are the teachers great but the tutors in the informational learning center are extremely helpful. Also the school has a great way introduce high school to the incoming freshmen, called Fmp. Overall I am very happy with my experience and Stevenson.
Almost everyone says that they school every once in a while; even I have. Once it is gone, though, regret will be the only thing going through one's mind. Adlai E. Stevenson High School really helped me grow out of my comfort zone because of all the opportunities I had open to do whatever. The teachers that I have worked with really showed me how to prosper and be successful in whatever I am doing. For that, I am so thankful for being apart of the Stevenson community. I have met amazing people during my years there and I hope to extend our relationships even after graduation. I always say to myself, "Why did I not meet these people sooner?" They make my time at Stevenson worth loving because it is just so intriguing to be involved with activities that are appealing to me. All in all, my time at Adlai E. Stevenson High School will forever be memorable and something I will always enjoy talking about.
I've had such an amazing experience at Stevenson! I was on the volleyball team all four years of my high school career. I made so many amazing life long friends and so many outstanding teachers. When the time comes, I feel like everyone at Stevenson meshes as a family and always has each others back. I will miss Stevenson dearly once I graduate because I will definitely miss all the amazing times and memories I've had at school.
Quality teachers and faculty that care about your learning experience. They are willing to go the extra mile for you to learn.
I like some of the teachers, but dislike how unsanitary the school is sometimes! Also, the lunches are terrible. Another reason why I like this school is having all these scholarships and field trips offered to figure out what career you want in the future.
Review Adlai Stevenson High School
After school activities are everything to me. I love theater so much and being a part of an after school theater program gave me the drive I needed to be a major in this field.
I was a part of the theater department at my high school and it provided me with some of the greatest experiences I've ever had. I was a lead character in our competition show last week that won first in the state and it's my proudest moment to this day.
They are very knowledgeable in what they teach. They sometimes are not 100% engaging only because every topic can't always be interesting. But they still do the best that they can and they will always do what they can to give students everything they need to succeed.
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