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Adlai E. Stevenson School No. 29 Reviews

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I've been in this school for a 2 years. In 9th grade it was tough for me. Students were mean to me, but I found the right crowd to be around which made it easier for me. 10th grade got better I joined the track team which got my mind off the insanity of the other students. This year had to have been my best year because the students weren't as disturbing and we got a new principal. I feel like the new principal made this school have more structure. I wouldn't choose this school all over because I know how it is. The students continue to be incredibly disrespectful (only a handful of them) and I want something better for myself and this school isn't what I deserve.
It made me discover my identity.
They are so very helpful. they teach base on your level and guide you through it
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All of the school staffs give their services with respect and generosity
Our school have all king of tools that can us graduate with high averages.
Our school does not have a lot of clubs but its fine.
Our school is very safe because you have to go through scanning before entering the school.
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