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I feel very fortunate to be going to this school. It has given me so many opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise, and has a lot of resources. Although it sometimes feels frivolous to go there (like when they built a second coffee shop), and despite the constant pressure to succeed, I do believe going there has made me a better, well rounded person by allowing me to explore my interests and challenge myself in a safe environment
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Stevenson High School has prepared me for College and helped me become a mature responsible young adult. I have learned time management, care for others, and have pride in myself and the Stevenson.
I have enjoyed playing Ice hockey for the school and made some strong friendships
Overall I have had a positive High School Experience
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Overall a well rounded high school! The faculty is a big part of why this school is so great. They're incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they're teaching and it really shines through. The student population is very engaged and it is the norm for students to partake in multiple extracurricular activities alongside their studies. The school has so many option when it comes to getting involved whether it be through clubs, socities, or sports. There really is a niche for everyone.
Although I'm new to this school, I would still tell that this is the best school I've been to. As I entered the back entrance the back entrance of the school and walked through the Glass Commons I was amazed by the olympic size swimming pool, I kept walking and passed the link labs and was able to see the football stadium, all this while I was being greeted by people, they were all so kind. On the academic field, the school is very competitive but competitive in a way that every student is motivated to shine and thrive. The school is so diverse, its very hard for you to not have friends from the same race or religion. Me coming from India truly love this school, It's like a university than a school.
I absolutely love everything about the school. Having the opportunity to go to such a high ranking facility has opened many doors for me, and theres nothing that I would change about my experience.
I really liked how every teacher cares about you. They want to see you achieve in their classroom and other activities. When the school felt lunch needed to be changed, they went above and beyond. All staff members are friendly to the students and are there to help you. There are many activities and classes to explore, so take advantage.
The Stevenson experience was full of ups and downs, but ultimately, I was fortunate to attend such as excellent school. The school excels in every aspect whether it be academics, sports, or school events. The majority of the teachers are hard working professionals with credibility in their respective areas, although there are some teachers clearly better than others. Who you receive as a teacher does depend on the luck of the draw. Because of the giant class, there is always a community to join. Most of the students are active members of multiple communities. The culture of Stevenson is very work hard, play hard, but there isn't always a great balance. A culture of academic excellence is so prevalent that the students sometimes struggle with getting enough sleep or managing stress levels. Stevenson focuses heavily on preparing students for college and has so many resources and opportunities available. The food at Stevenson is great and the building has been remodeled gorgeously.
Even though Stevenson is a very large school, I felt at home. The teaching staff are very highly qualified persons that have helped me to get ready for the next chapter of my life. There are hundreds of clubs and sports so everyone can find their own place there and thrive.
I love the high standards the school is holding us to, which makes me feel very prepared for college next year.
Stevenson has a great art and tech department. They really value getting each student interested in something.
During my time at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, I felt like the school accepted students from all walks of life. With over 4000 students attending, even the most unusual student can find friends who hold similar values. Stevenson dismisses school on holidays, such as Casimir Pulaski and Yom Kippur, that reflect the diversity of the student body. Academically, Stevenson is strong, offering over 200 courses and over 20 AP classes. However, Stevenson recognizes that not every student can take 10 or more AP classes during their high school career. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor privately to discuss an appropriate course load. And with over 100 extracurricular clubs to choose from (Interests range from Anime to Superheroes to Helping Soldiers), students are guaranteed to find their place during their four years of high school.
Stevenson is a highly competitive school that offers lots of academic and extracurricular opportunities for students. The culture of the school is one that highly values academic achievement, making it a great school for preparing students for college. Since the school has a lot of money, they are constantly renovating and trying to make things better. The only drawback to this is that sometimes they don't spend money in the right places.
I am currently a senior at Stevenson High School, and I feel beyond privileged to go to school here. I am given so many opportunities such as joining some of over 100 clubs offered, joining any honor society you can imagine, and designing my schedule the way I want. However, this school is definitely a pressure cooker; I took 5 AP courses junior year and am taking 5 this year. Taking extremely difficult classes (and doing well in them) is a part of the culture at Stevenson, but I wish there wasn't so much pressure put on us as students to take all of these intense classes in the name of college readiness. I'm so glad I was able to go to such an amazing school, despite its drawbacks.
Stevenson is one of the best high schools in the nation and it definitely proved itself to be. I went there from 2008-2012 and can say now as a college student it prepared me very well if not better than most of the kids I go to college with now. It was an exceptional education and the teachers for the most part are very competent and caring for their students. It is a wonderful environment for learning and exposes kids to an array of different opinions.
Prominent high school devoted to preparing their students for college. Classes were challenging and additional help was always available.
The school has good teachers, a strong academic program, and many many extracurricular activities to participate in. You won't lack any opportunity and can easily be a well-rounded student in a school like this.
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The school itself was fantastic, however, the student population was extremely large and lacked diversity. Most of the teachers were very good and didn't hesitate to help a student in need.
Stevenson gave me a lot of freedom, and also the teachers were all amazing and had an impact on me in some way.
As a recent graduate, I am both relieved and sad that I will have to leave behind Stevenson and move on to college. The school is often rated as one of the top schools in the state and sometimes in the nation, and I believe it deserves that ranking in terms of academics. The academics can be rigorous, and at times that creates a competitive environment that can place too much stress on the students. On the other hand, the school does a very good job in preparing students for college because of the academics, and with resources like the Freshman Mentor Program to the College Career Center, students are guided through high school the entire way.
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