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Administration very rude, especially those involved with students with disabilities. They are very ableist.
I am grateful for all of the resources that were made available to me at Stevenson, from computers to tutors. I would like to see improvements in the grading system.
Good school primarily focused on highly successful students or those with special needs. Good sports teams
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Best four years of my life. One of the best institutions in the country that I was so privileged to attend. Resources all around me to help me and my peers succeed. There is a sense of community despite having approximately 4,000 students attending. The teachers are insightful and personal, creating an important relationship between students and faculty. I am so grateful to attend Stevenson and I will forever take away the lessons and experiences that I have endured there.
My experience at Adlai E. Stevenson has been good. The school allows for students to find many opportunities and gain the skills necessary for college. Even though many of the classes are very challenging and it can get competitive, the school prepares students well for the future. The teachers and students there are willing to help out when needed.
I had a very good experience at Adlai E. Stevenson High School. The faculty, the students, and all the staff work to prosper the academic integrity, diversity, and strive for excellence. They have helped me make the transition from high school to college seamlessly and I know that they have prepared me for future success.
This school allowed me to learn and be involved in a variety of different cultural activities. I also was able to grow as a person, and was challenged in many ways, helping me reach my full potential.
I wish Adlai E. Stevenson would include students in more such as in sports. Overall the atmosphere in Stevenson is competitive and only students who are really good at certain sports can be involved in sports. Adlai E. Stevenson is known to be a high ranked high school; however, I don't think that is the case. The teachers weren't really encouraging and when I went to college I was not prepared.
Stevenson prepared me for the college world by pushing me to my limits. The teachers worked hard to have lessons prepared to help the students learn material fast and efficiently. The staff was always available for academic or personal reasons. Students were asked to do their best and the staff was great in motivating us. Class schedules could differ and be more like a college experience. The food could be a lot better as well.
Adlai E. Stevenson High School provides an excellent education for students. I feel so prepared for college due to the rigor of the classes available to take.
Going to Stevenson is definitely a privilege. Although the culture of Stevenson can often be competitive and stressful, the teachers and students are extremely supportive and Stevenson provides the resources to be successful in the future.
Going to a school like Stevenson is truly a privilege. Great academics and staff with plenty of resources, and never-ending opportunities outside of the classroom. Unfortunately this privilege comes with a price. The competitiveness and stress created by the school culture affects many kids.
Stevenson is filled with wonderful teachers who genuinely love what they do. They try to help you achieve not only in school, but help build essential skills for life even after college. Along with the outstanding teachers, the student services team is very beneficial and they create a very welcoming and warm environment. The copious opportunities at Stevenson ensures that you won't feel left out of any group.
Stevenson High School has incredible resources-- the teachers are great, the funding is generous, there are countless clubs, and the curriculum is challenging.

That being said, should you choose to take the most challenging curriculum and surround yourself with Stevenson's brightest...

The highly successful students at this school have created a toxic environment, likely because there are so many astoundingly accomplished individuals. In a big school, it's hard not to have a particularly competitive student body. However, it is important to note that college admissions and the overall environment are much more competitive here than any other high school in the area.
Adlai E Stevenson is a great school.There are so many people from different cultural backgrounds that it is so easy to learn more about other countries. The teachers are amazing and there are so many opportunities to get involved with activities and challenging classes.
It's a nice large school with great staff, faculty, and resources. It would s also very diverse offering a lot to students, however it may be too big for someone's liking.
Stevenson is a very high caliber high school, preparing students for college and beyond. However, the change in the cafeteria was a waste of resources because the food did not become that much better.
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Adlai E. Stevenson High School is unlike any other. What sets it apart is the sheer amount of opportunities and the great academics. Academia is the core of this school. The students want to learn and better themselves as intellectuals, and the teachers do everything in their power to allow the students to achieve this goal. Teachers are very flexible, but have a sturdy curriculum intended to push students to the next level. Also, the clubs at Stevenson make it possible to become involved in any part of the community that a student wants to be part of. Because there are over 100 clubs offered at this school, every student can find their own role within the school. It's so great to be a part of such an accepting yet academically demanding institution!
Stevenson High School gives countless opportunities to its students, the agglomeration of extracurriculars and sports offered are countless; students often have a hard time choosing which to delve into.
I love the opportunities Adlai E. Stevenson offers to their students. Yes, it's a large school but there are so many clubs and activities that everyone is sure to find their special interests and passions.
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