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This school sucks. Some teachers cannot even teach at all. The food sucks and there is a lot of bullying.
The teachers are good and try to give the students all they can. The food could be a little better but people eat it so it can't be too horrible. Workers there try to have school spirit but some of the clubs favor those whose parents are involved with the district.
I grew up in this district and spent my whole life in Boonville. I’m quiet and have been bullied a lot, the school has been no help with that. School counselors are never there and the office is no help. The school is awful for special needs children, as my family member with autism is treated with little to no respect. There is very little diversity within both the students and the staff. The food is bad and most days I go without lunch because of this. This school is all about last names and the loud obnoxious kids. There are very little clubs and extracurricular options. The only reason why I will give this school 2 stars is because there some teachers who actually care, like the foreign language department. Other than that, I am more than happy to leave.
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I wish there was more food options. There are some days where I won't eat lunch. They are very repetitive with what they serve for food.
Adirondack High School has many nice and supportive teachers who are ready to help their students in any way they can and will work hard to inspire their students. There are a couple poor teachers, but in this case the good outweigh the bad. However, the school is very slow when it comes to making changes within the school.
I have always loved coming to this school district ever since I was little. I like the teachers, and my coaches. They all do their best so that we all get a good education, and we do our best. The school has all the activities I enjoy participating in like band, chorus, yearbook, track, soccer, and xc skiing.
Adirondack has played a big role in my life, not only academically but also socially. I have never had a solid ground to stand on, people to trust, and teachers and other faculty members care about my well-being, and also my academics. Our school environment is very different compared to others, such as; we get along with each other, support and love another. I am sure that I can vouch as a majority of our school members (students and faculty) there is nothing more proud of say than, "I am a wildcat."
Over all, Adirondack Central School District has never let me down. I will always be proud to call myself an Adirondack Wildcat. To me being a wildcat is more than just a stupid school mascot, it's painting our faces green and white, and dressing in our school colors on Homecoming night to support our fellow football players. It's creating that bond with teachers and students that will never be broken.
Overall highschool has been a good experience. The teachers I've had have been good in helping learn the subject and will let you come in for extra help if you don't understand. There are a variety of sports programs and extra curriculum activities and most of the coaches and instructors are great. They are very dedicated in what they are doing and it really comes across at practice. There is something for every type of student to choose from. The common core program started when I was in Kindergarden and some of the wording of the questions is confusing or misleading. I think that this and maybe the lunches "whole wheat" menu would be the only things I would change.
My Adirondack schooling experience was overall a positive one. The school had little to no bullying and the education I received was very fair. The one thing the school itself lacked ranged from diversity in race, to diversity in sexuality, and ethnicity. Aside from that, the teachers were both knowledgeable and personable with the students; genuinely caring for their learning and overall well-being.
I have nothing but praise for the music department. We're a small school, and our music events exceed almost every school in the area, especially the annual musical. SkillsUSA is very active in our school, with state and national level teams. Aside from that, there isn't much, and quite a few students aren't part of any.
The parents that are involved are very involved. The ones that aren't aren't. There is a ton of involvement in the music department, the annual musical relies a lot on parent support. The athletics department also has consistent support.
The vast majority of the teachers make a real effort to get to know and engage the students on a personal level. They know their subjects, and work to the best of their ability. Each department has one or more teachers that go far beyond what they are required.
The teachers and other staff are very good about the safety of the students at my school. We have many security cameras within the hallways, and there are teachers who monitor the hallways between every period. The teachers are very open with us and most students are close enough to at least one of their teachers were they would be comfortable talking to them if they have any problems.
Sports are the biggest after school activity at my school. We have six varsity sport teams in the fall, five winter varsity sport teams and four spring varsity sport teams. Many of the students who participate in one of these sports will also do something related to their sport in the summer whether it be at a camp or through a school program. The student athletes are very dedicated to their sports and have to keep their grades up to participate, so they still have to make their school work a priority.
I love this school. There are so many different activities that the students as a whole get to participate in. Throughout the school year, especially as a senior, there is so many things to do. We have spirit week, where for a week before the homecoming game students can participate in the daily activity. In the past we have done things such as twin day, crazy sock day, dress to impress, favorite sports day, and many others. We also have a winter Olympic day, where each grade is a team and the teams compete in fun activities in the gymnasium trying to score the most points.
The teachers are very friendly, easy to approach and helpful. They are willing to stay after school on days that they normally wouldn't if a student asks for help, and some even will give up their lunch periods to help students. The teachers are very helpful especially if you've missed a day and are behind. They are very good about helping their student who are behind to catch up whether they didn't understand the lesion or have missed a day.
Most teachers are excellent, they make class fun and can teach the material in a way that is easy to learn. Some teachers are very strict or overbearing, and there are a couple of teachers where you essentially have to teach yourself.
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There seems to be enough for students, i don't participate in any clubs or organizations through the school.
Personally i dont have much interaction with the Principal/ Vice Principle, but policies introduced by Vice principle have been seen as harsh and ineffective. She introduced a policy that stated if a phone is seen, it is immediately taken and has to be picked up by parents. Sometimes this leads to a phone being taken because it simply fell out of a bag or pocket. Generally the teachers are understanding and will give warnings but others will take it at smallest excuse. Guidance, while helpful, can be hard to see. Many times when i try to see my counselor I am told he is in a meeting or otherwise busy. Students have the most free time in the morning before classes start, yet counselors don't arrive until classes have already begun.
Either the kids don't get involved or there are very few.
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