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Overall Adena is a good school with a good staff and nice students. There are some small things that every school has which are bullies. The faculty does not really do much to help bullied students, but I have noticed no school has actually ever been very good at helping students with their bullying problems. The teachers will help academically in every way possible to make sure you pass your classes
I have been going to Adena for 12 years Adena is a K- 12 building, I have known almost all of my classmates since preschool and my graduating class is around 80 and of that about 20 of them have an opportunity to go to Pickway- Ross a technical school or to take College Classes at Ohio University- Chillicothe.
Adena has have me opened me up to experiences that I don't think I could get anywhere else we have a small town feel because thats what we are, walking into our school you feel right at home, everyone knows you and how your doing and I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything. Adena is my home and I hope to return one day and give back to the school that made me who I am.
The staff at this school go out of their way to make you feel safe and comfortable while attending school.
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They're pretty popular. A lot of students are either in sports, or in the music side of things (band, choir, or play). I almost think everyone is involved in SOME type of extracurricular activity, and most are involved in more than one.
I wouldn't change anything. It's great growing up in a small community where you know everyone.
Most of the teachers at my school are average. But there are a handful that go above and beyond the standards, helping every student along the way.
Everyone at this particular school is very welcoming and friendly. I had many friends with various groups of teens. My favorite experience at Adena, would be when my choir made it to the national competition. It was an enormous achievement. Just being apart of the atmosphere was a great feeling, and if I had the chance to attend to Adena again I would do it in a heartbeat.
At Adena, the teachers all vary. Some of them are very engaging and are very fun to learn from. There is also some teachers that just sit at their desks and let the students do whatever they want to. But to be fair, I would have to say there is an equal balance of excellent teachers and lazy ones. Overall, I believe that it is a typical high school. I did enjoy attending there, everyone was very friendly.
I like this school for its location and educators, however students there have other things they choose before school like drugs.
We only have one police officer that comes and patrols the school. The school nurse is only good for giving peppermints, and maybe taking your temperature.
Our sport teams have many students that like to come and enjoy watching the event. Although the teams performance may not end how we would of liked it too, there is always interest in all of the games.
The dress code may not have many restrictions, but the teachers are very strict about the ones we do have. Having a well maintained attendance is very important at Adena, they will not let you get away with missing over your allowance.
All of the teachers are very intelligent, and are always willing to help if you are struggling.
There are cliques like most schools. But the students are also very accepting. I have never seen anyone being peer pressured into anything at my school but that doesn't mean it doesn't go on. There are not challenges to race or anything like that. Everyone is very accepting of others.
The schools safety is very good. After 8:00 AM the doors to the school lock. If you are late to school and need to get in the school you much push the call button that calls the office. Once they pick up you have to tell them your name and then they will let you in once you they see you on the camera. After that the doors automatically lock back up and the next person must go through the same procedure. The school nurse is great. She is there to help if you need help. Bullying is not a huge problem here but there definitely isn't none of it going on.
At Adena High School the sport that are offered are football, soccer, volleyball, basketball,wrestling, softball, baseball, and track. We don't have as much as a selection as I would like but I think that it is pretty average. When we go up against the school rivalry the school spirt is through the roof but other than that it is pretty average.
The academics at this school fit what most of te student want/need to take for what they think that they want to study in college. There is not a huge variety of classes but there is enough to choose from.
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The teachers at Adena High School are great. I have enjoyed almost all of my teachers. I feel that they really do care about the student & whether they are doing well in the class. If they notice that a student is struggling in class they will go out of their way to help them so that they know they understand what is being taugh to the the class.
There are many different clubs that students can be involved in. Key-club helps organize a food drive. FCCLA does many different activities throughout the year such as hosting a thanksgiving, Christmas, & valentines day dinner for the elderly. FCCLA and Key Club are just a couple of the clubs that student can be involved in.
The computers at Adena High School are fairly new. The schools building is also fairly new. Construction is going on outside but the inside is good. Busing is fine. The guidance counselor is very helpful. If you need help with classes or anything to do with classes or colleges, she knows how to help.
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