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Adelanto High School is a very diverse school with teachers who care for education. The teaching staff is focused on having their students ready for college and being successful in life. If you are focused on your school work and a good student, you should do fine in this school! One thing I do wish AHS would improve themselves with is the office communication between student and counselors. Other then that it is a good school with only need of little improvements here and there!
I think Adelanto High School is a pretty good school. My experience at school is great. I do all my work and try to stay out of any trouble. I like how the teachers here actually explain their subjects in a way I can easily understand. Whenever I'm having any trouble they offer tutoring or take the time to help. The sports here are very good too, especially soccer. There's also a lot of student diversity and many different clubs to join.
My experience at Adelanto High School has been phenomenal! Everything that the school has to offer is amazing including their staff. The staff at Adelanto High always greet you with a smile and do not give you any attitude. Overall the teachers that I have had have done their job properly and I feel that they are actually preparing me for the future. The only problem with this amazing school is the food that they serve for lunch. Sure the have great dishes to offer, but usually you are in line to long that that particular dish is out and you are stuck with bland beans on some days.
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My experience at Adelanto High School has been satisfactory thus far. There are many clubs and sports to join so theres a niche for all students if they search.
My high school experience in Adelanto High School is good because the teachers add motivation. The teacher especially my math teacher helps me achieve my goals. Most kids there aren't as determined as most but the ones who are always pick it up and give a 100 percent and more. I like the sports and the coaches in high school because even though i wasn't on the team i see him always encouraging the players and students. The only change i'd like is nothing because it's just right on how it is.
What I like about Adelanto High School is the academics they have there...there is so many to choose from. Another is the sports and activties and clubs they have for us to do there so interesting and fun.What I like to see change is the students to be more spirited in the pep rallys.
Great experience for me in my four years there, playing basketball and being focused on Physics and Chemistry. Now I'm in San Jose State majoring in Applied Physics.
I liked that most teachers actually try to help you if you need help with academics. I feel that people can use more tutoring in the future.
Our school is in a poor environment, but does see a rather beautiful reimbursement in campus aspects. Although our campus is beautiful, our on-campus
excellent school, honor/ap programs and staff is great. it is very easy to ask for help, the school is brand new with awesome technology. the sports programs are great.
It's a good school, they offer good variety of classes and all that, but definitely hire more teachers, the classes are to the limit of full.
Lot's of security guards. Also, "Ice it"
If you look, its probably there.
When I think about it, its just school.
Never had any issues with anything but if I had to say anything about they get the job done pretty much
Usually our football games were the best to me that was pretty much the only extra curricular activity that I partipated in
It was awesome loved all my teachers and staff couldn't ask for a better school
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All of my teachers I enjoyed they all helped me when I needed assistance in work and every time they gave me a helping hand I couldnt ask for a better school :)
I think it just depends on what classes we take. If a student is taking advanced classes and appears to be struggling, most teachers wouldn't hesitate to help the student - when approached. If the student doesn't care about school, they might try to help but it's also up to the student to change.

Overall, I would say teachers are very willing to work with students.
After school activities are great and includes assisting in academic activities to sports.
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