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Adelanto High was established in 2012. Although it was a rather newer school, it placed CIF a few times. The teachers were sweet and academically challenged, the students were always gathered in a school event. This high school is technologically advanced. Despite what others perceive this high school to be, I had a rather great four years.
My experience was great.There are good teachers that help you with what you need.The environment is great.Very resourceful school.
It had so many great opportunities that helped me grow academically and personally. I had the chance to create my own club with the help of teachers and students.
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The school spirit/community is not existent. I'd like there to be an increase of school spirit and more staff members who actually care.
I was transferred to Adelanto my junior year, had a very good experience welcomed me from a private school to a whole new world. I was very happy transferring, it didn't take me a long time to adapt. There was multiple programs and teachers looking for the best opportunities for you and if you slacked off they were there to put you back on the right track.
My experience st Adelanto High School has been wild it’s had its ups and downs but i feel like it’s a school that can help you it’s not the best but it’s a great start I want to be honest there are teachers that care about there students grades like they want to help then there are teacher that are disrespectful and don’t care at all and don’t even teach but college prep is great I take AVID classes and it helped me so much more and it helped expand my options for colleges and what I would like to be.
If you're expecting an academic venture for your kids, this is the place that you may want to reconsider. Adelanto High school has a fair range of AP classes, but not enough to be considered a real contender for more academic schools. It's a public high school that only serves to be the intermediary between an education and career.
There are so many resources and faculty members that are always willing to help and achieve the students goal which is to graduate from high school and go to college.
Teaching at this school is decent but some of the students in the school are troublemakers. They ruin the school and the security guards need to do a better job of catching those people. More communication with the students about school related problems is needed. One problem would be the security not letting students go inside the building even though they have permission or proof that they are allowed to go in. Other students who have no purpose to go in the building other than to mess around are obviously not allowed to go in.
I like that our school is new. I do not like the food, there’a a lot of fights, we don’t have good activities, our teachers don’t know how to teach, we don’t have the resources we need, and we don’t have clubs that we should have.
Adelanto High is a school run by a rather.. lazy administration? The security guards here do not really do their job, other than a few that I can name off easily. They do not respond to fights quick ( which happen every other day here ) and they seem to stand around in little groups rather than actual 'patrol'. I love the school here, I love most of the staff, but the little things that I seem to have seen are different. Teachers here are AMAZING though. This is simply MY opinion.

Another thing are the restrooms. There are two sides of the school, it takes 5 minutes to get to each side. Crazy thing is, out of the two restrooms they only open one side at a time. Imagine having to go to the restroom during passing period, only to have to go to the whole other side of the school and come back, only to be late? That's one thing I have a gripe on, and that's perhaps the breaking point on why I'm writing this review. Other then that teachers here are simply amazing.
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I like Adelanto High School's vibe the energy you get when you walk on the campus in the morning and even at lunch the laughter and smiles but I think it could improve on how they treat their Class Of 2018 WE DEMAND SENIOR QUOTES WE DESERVE THEM...
My experience in adelanto weren’t the best but after all it was a great school i enjoy my senior year and the teacher were the best
Adelanto High School is your run-of-the-mill high school. Nothing too special about it. The only thing really worth noting is that the only reason you would end up going here is because you live in the area.
I really love the teachers at adelanto. They give alot of support and are always there for us. The basketball team which is a big to me is really fun.The school size is small but we still feel at home. The biggest problem of adelanto is the food. Its not tastee. Also to get more high classes to take. To bring in more subjects as well.I know that some day adelanto will be the best place of all time and it will grow. People may not truly know our school but it is the best place. Our principal is alwalys try as hard to makeeverything better for everyone.
Adelanto High School is a very diverse school with teachers who care for education. The teaching staff is focused on having their students ready for college and being successful in life. If you are focused on your school work and a good student, you should do fine in this school! One thing I do wish AHS would improve themselves with is the office communication between student and counselors. Other then that it is a good school with only need of little improvements here and there!
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I think Adelanto High School is a pretty good school. My experience at school is great. I do all my work and try to stay out of any trouble. I like how the teachers here actually explain their subjects in a way I can easily understand. Whenever I'm having any trouble they offer tutoring or take the time to help. The sports here are very good too, especially soccer. There's also a lot of student diversity and many different clubs to join.
My experience at Adelanto High School has been phenomenal! Everything that the school has to offer is amazing including their staff. The staff at Adelanto High always greet you with a smile and do not give you any attitude. Overall the teachers that I have had have done their job properly and I feel that they are actually preparing me for the future. The only problem with this amazing school is the food that they serve for lunch. Sure the have great dishes to offer, but usually you are in line to long that that particular dish is out and you are stuck with bland beans on some days.
My experience at Adelanto High School has been satisfactory thus far. There are many clubs and sports to join so theres a niche for all students if they search.
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