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Adel DeSoto Minburn (ADM) High School Reviews

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Most of the teachers are great, even though many of them are new and young. They will come in before or after school for as long as I need to help me. Unfortunately, there's a lot of bullying that goes on around the school and poor planning on the school's behalf.
Great School! I am a senior at Adel DeSoto Minburn highschool and the education and sports have been great.
I like the teachers and the small class sizes, but the teachers are being assigned different classes to teach than normal, and I think that some of the teachers are under qualified to teach certain classes.
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Adel is a good academic school however the administration does not take into account student or parent opinions. the administration does not like change or accept change. lastly the highschool has large bullying problems but the school does not seem to stop it they just look the other way. On the positive side the school does try to engage students in how they learn and the teachers are very friendly.
Terrible school, faculty do not care about students only their paycheck, 3 inches of snow on the roads and students still have school, no ethnic diversity, administrators are stuck up and hard to have a conversation with, bullying is a concurrent issue that is brushed off by the school.
I am at ADM currently and I would like to see a change in favortism among the students. I would change the dress code rules, also.
ADM is a small, friendly school. It has a small class size so you usually can get 1-on-1 time with the teacher. the atmosphere is great and the staff are friendly. You receive a great education and make great memories to go along with it.
Adel DeSoto Minburn was a great school district to attend. They worked hard on decreasing bullying in the school and also to increase our learning. I am glad I attened and thankful for the way Adel DeSoto Minburn prepared me for my classes today.
The sports are really great, and that's where most kids are involved.
I would never turn down an education, but like I explained before, there is much to be improved.
The teachers here aren't necessarily bad, but there is much than can be improved. Most try to be friends with students rather than trying to maintain a teacher-student relationship. More than half also use the easy way out of situations and do the bare minimum to get their students to the stage at graduation. The students have to keep themselves engaged and there is poor use of using technology here.
The resources for safety available at our school is high quality. Friendly staff members make personal safety a priority and many students appreciate the safety steps taken.
ADM High School is known for its academics and extracurriculars. While sports are sometimes the most popular activities in High School in Iowa, Clubs, Fine Arts, and Academics are also a large part of our High School experience. As a student, you are no way limited to one activity; students are actually encouraged to do more than one extracurricular while still being academically successful. The support from the teachers and coaches is amazing, and has a lot to do with the success of all activities. ADM wide variety of clubs and sports makes it easy for "everyone" to be a part of "something"!
I changed schools before I began High School, and it was one of the best decisions my family had ever made. The curriculum that was given to me was harder than I was used to, but the teachers made learning at a higher standard very possible. In High School, I was involved in both sports and fine arts while working at a hometown bank, and my academics were very important to me. It was very easy to balance my busy schedule because of the amazing support of the activity leaders. Everything that I have learned and done in High School has prepared me for College, Graduate School, and the rest of my life. I would choose to go back to High School if I could because the experiences and memories were so great, I could do it all again!
Throughout my last four years of High School, all of the staff has been working towards improvement of their teaching practices to better the learning for students. This improvement has shown dramatically! One of the greatest improvements is that the teachers offer special programs before and after school for many classes, as well as going the pace of the students who need extra assistance. Combined, the teachers make students feel appreciated, and it makes for a great learning environment. ADM High School has above and beyond the best staff in central Iowa.
This school is the perfect school for kids to achieve their education goals and success that they want too. What makes this school unique is our grading scale, focus on ACT tests, and the teachers focus to make sure their students understand everything they possibly need to.
Teachers at this school are super supportive and great teachers. They help any students who need it with literally anything.
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I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
there are a lot of factors that go into health and safty
i dont really participate in sports and fitness at my school
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