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The teachers here always want the best for you. The teachers come in early if you ever want help or guidance. The students are friendly and there are endless amount of clubs for any interests.
It has a good community and helpful peers. The faculty and teachers are always willing to drop whatever they are doing in order to help the students. Their goal is to create a safe environment for all students.
Addison Trail High School has greatly shaped me into the person I am today. The teachers are excellent and want all their students to succeed. Currently, I am a university student and I am grateful for how Addison Trail has prepared me for college level course work and guided me to the career I want to pursue.
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ATHS is a pretty good school. When it came to open mindedness everyone was accepted. Academic wise we were pretty good. The teachers were really helpful and many cared about our education. One thing this school does need is more chem teachers.
Addison Trail High School was a school where something new happened each day. Some days it was very quiet with no students roaming the halls while on other days there were many fights. The staff was friendly, but in four years a lot of my teachers never had the same lunch break as me causing me to have a difficult time getting help. When they did have a break, there would me a lot of other students getting help as well. Although, I am proud to be called a Blazer!
I liked how there was club for everyones interest, and you were never limited to any ideas that you had.
This school was great to me and really got me ready for college they have great programs as well as teachers that care and want to help all the teachers are also very down to earth.
What I liked about Addison Trail High School is that everyone is very welcoming, it is very easy to seek for help when needed, and this school also has many clubs and activities.
For my overall school experience, I would like to say it has been pretty good. There was two things that made my experience nice and that was my choir class and the friends that I made throughout the years. I have been in choir for all four years of high school and it has been a blessing in my life especially since I like to sing a lot. I was able to make a lot of friends because of this class and they would make school a lot more fun for me especially when we get too much into a song and we would start to sing and have so much fun. But the other reason that my years at the school were a blessing were because of my friends. Senior year was really hard for me and just being able to have such awesome friends that I have had made me realize that I am not alone and that I can be an impact on other people's life as well.
Addison Trail is an inviting and diverse school with plenty of options for involvement. The teachers are supportive and nice. The students are somewhat of a problem with the widespread drug involvement and the contrast between high achieving and low achieving students.
The teachers at Addison Trail are the reason high school was so much fun for me. I never had a bad teacher, I developed some type of relationship with each one. They were always there if I needed help and took the time to make sure I was where I needed to be. They always put their students first and make sure we're on top of things. Throughout the years I've had exceptional teachers who I owe most of my success to. They stood out from everyone else and made class so enjoyable and clearly love what they do. I've become so close to some of my teachers that I was able to go to them with my problems and they would help me and even give me advice. Another thing that I really love about my school is the school spirit. Spirit weeks are always my favorite and it brings people together, especially at school events. Football games are the highlight of some of my best memories at AT. Going with my friends to support my friends on the team was something I always looked forward to.
It was great. All teachers worked hard with me and did everything they could to help out. As for sports all the athletes were super kind and open to accepting new people. Also the coaches and trainers made sure you were always fine. Yes, sometimes they did push us to our limits but that was just because they knew we could do better and wanted us to succeed.
I loved being at Addison Trail High School for my four years of high school. Literally made so many connections with teachers and staff. Was involved with multiple things in school such as sports and activities/clubs. My teachers would always nominate me to do things for the school which I feel honored since they see how hard working I am. Not going to lie, I miss being in high school ever since I graduated in 2017.
A jack of all trades type of school. The biggest complaint I would have is it struggles to allow students to try and expand their knowledge in the fields of their choice.
As a graduating senior, I have experienced much- if not all, of what my high school, Addison Trail has to offer. The students make the place a wonderful facility- we are all part of a community- we help and support each other so that we can all prosper. Yet, I believe most of the faculty is appalling. From a students point of view, a plethora of teachers are condescending toward the student body- truth be told, some of these people have no business teaching, and are hiding behind the safety wall of what we call a "tenure". I wish the district employed less tenured teachers. Most high school teachers don't become better after 10 years- they just grow accustomed to their routine and can anticipate students' questions and are genuinely confounded when approached with new questions.
All in all, Addison Trail gave me "The High School Experience" and that is all any senior graduating a public school can ask for.
At Addison Trail High School, I feel secure. They organised a lot fun activities where students are always involved and of course, they learn from this activities. It has good teacher. Some of them are excellent teachers. They inspired me. There you can find students from Central America, Europe and U.S.A. but sometimes students from Central America and U.S.A don't interact with each other. Another thing that I don't like, is the food. It has different kinds of food, but those aren't on the best quality and are a little bit unhealthy. For me, everything else is so good, especially clubs & activities; sports; facilities; administration etc. I would totally recommend this school.
Addison Trail High school had a lot of diversity which was nice to see because it made me more culturally aware. I was able to meet a lot of students who were in my AP classes and their motivation and drive motivated me as well. One thing I would like to have see improve is the college resources, especially for the SAT and ACT. I wish their were more programs available and better in class prep as well.
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The school overall is a good education. But would like to see the school do more about helping the students get ready for college.
I love the way the teachers have different methods to teach and actually care about their students. The school offers a lot of classes and that gives one a wide variety of options.
I loved how involved my teachers were with getting my grades to where they needed. After school activities are very entertaining including the plays, sporting events, and also the dances, The prom my school had junior year was very interesting due to the fact it was at navy pier. I had a wonderful time with my friends. Also the football games are like no other. Everyone is excited to keep the winning streak and make it to state. The people at school are very diverse. Everyone has their own group, but when it comes to a class planning event, not a single person is left out. I loved A.T. and would not have wanted to attend any other highschool.
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