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I have loved my experience at Addison Trail. I didn’t think I would like it at first but I was truly wrong. All my teachers have been supportive. There’s so many clubs to learn new people and everyone is welcoming. Theater is a big thing at our school and i’m so glad it is because it is such an amazing experience.
The school is good, teachers are mostly always attentive to the students. Their sports are also very good at keeping your children active. Many clubs are also available.
I love my friends here and the teacher that work here are very helpful, the staff is wonderful and are very close to the students. They have a lot of club activites and the teachers that work with the clubs, are amazing.
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I was a student back in 2013 to 2017. It was an excellent high school had great time during my education year because they had great teachers and professors. Often times when i had a hard time during school i would go to my counselor, every student was assigned a counselor for school or personal related problems to talk to them about. The percentage of school violence related was low and we had great deans to go to if anyone was bothering us. I wouldn't say i would change anything about my high school but the lunch meals! The lunch meals where not the greatest, salads was the more "nutritious" choice i would go for. Anyhow, I wouldn't of changed anything other than the food. The teachers are great there even my sister has said so, she is going to her junior year this year and she takes honors classes and she has been doing great ever since she started in Addison Trail HS. I would pick for my child the same high school for his education just because everything meets my expectations.
This fall, I will begin my third year at Addison Trail High School. I have ultimately enjoyed my experience here greatly. The academics and teachers alike do a wonderful job of providing students with useful knowledge. I feel challenged accepted, and able to ask for help each day. Outside of school, Addison Trail's abundance of clubs and activities has given me several opportunities to explore new things and create fun memories. Although our sports teams are not the best, I have shared so many fun experiences going to games with friends and cheering on our teams. There are so many great opportunities for students here and from the food, the focus, and everything between, this is a wonderful place to be for all students.
Addison Trail was my home for three and a half years till it was interrupted by COVID-19. It was a place that was accepting to all kinds of people no matter what. It felt to most, like it did to me, a home. This was a place that helped form us into what we would be becoming in the future. To me, it allowed me not only to discover what it is I would like to do with my career but it allowed me to form relationships that I will never ever take for granted. It gave me one on one relationships with teachers that I will soon realize I took for granted once I get to my first semester of college. Here, I formed relationships with some of my best friends and I was allowed to see them everyday. This school though, isn't all as good as I am making it seem. This school could fix a lot. For one even though the relationships with teachers was there, not all the time was the education half of it there. Sometimes what was more important than education was the relationships with students.
Addison Trail was a very good high school in terms of academics and atmosphere. I felt that the teachers really cared about us and did their best with teaching, and they were some of the best teachers I have ever had. I never had a bad experience with a teacher at Addison Trail! The atmosphere was also always generally friendly, and it was easy to get involved. Something I would change is not pushing kids into AP classes when they don't feel ready. Schools do it to boost their stats, but it's detrimental to student growth. Also, some of the guidance counselors aren't available enough, and it would be good to change that. Overall, Addison Trail was a great high school and I really value my experiences there!
I liked Addison Trail because of their staff. They are extremely genuine, hard working, and involved. If you get involved in clubs and sports it’s super fun and rewarding. Their teaching is good. The kids are kind of segregated between Hispanics and Whites/Italians which bothered me a lot. If you find a group that truly accepts you for who you are, it will be great. However, like any other high school, there will be ups and downs. There is a ton of resources to help students which I loved and there is a lot of Hispanic teachers to represent the student population. You won’t get top notch, perfect, straight A students coming out of Addison Trail but you will get students that are diverse, treated equally by staff, and hard working.
I really love Addison Trail High school. The classes are great and the staff is amazing! The teachers at Addison trail are all kind and unique, they really care about the future of their students. The staff at Addison trail give us the ability to grow as individuals, but they are also always there for us when we need them. The classes are all helpful to kids who wan to go to college. I believe the classes are all vigorous and extremely helpful.
I am currently a senior who graduated and I can say that my favorite things about this school is how much the teachers care about their students. Also the diversity here is something I enjoy. Everyone treats each other with respect and teachers really encourage their students to do better in school and in their actual lives.
The high school experience here so far has been phenomenal. Every staff member in the building is dedicated to see students succeed. The school counselors also do a great job of preparing its students by starting to build a road map since freshman year. Overall, Addison Trail is a great school academically as well as its sports and activities.
All of the teachers seemed to love their job and were always willing to help. The students were super kind and events were always fun!
Addison Trail was a great school. They were very interactive and made sure all their students were offered opportunities that could help them in their future endeavors!
Addison Trail offers so much to its teachers and students, there are so many resources available and many extracurricular activities. I love that whenever you need help there is always somewhere you can go to or somewhere you can go. There are many activities the school does as a way to provide students with the best experience. I really appreciate all the opportunities given to give back to the community and make new friendships.
Addison Trail High School is a school about and for their students. From the teachers to the administration they all work together to help each child succeed after they are done with their high school career.
The teachers here are truly invested in who they are helping and take the time to go over necessary materials for students. From my experience, most are willing to set aside time to reteach lessons or allow test retakes and do whatever they can to a student's grade go up.
I would not like to attend Addison Trail High School again if I was to re-live my 4 years of college. My freshman year I felt my teachers were not very forgiving in the classroom as it was my first year of high school and I was still trying to adjust. The food in the lunch room tasted very bitter and there always lots of commotion in the lunch room such as a fight or a group of kids being absurdley obnoxious and no staff member said anything. Also our sports programs do not exceed any expectations. I played both football and baseball and did not have a good or fun time playing either of those sports because of the bad coaching staff ruining our season.
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At Addison Trail, students are encouraged by their teachers to be involved in school and to take rigorous courses to become better students. Addison Trail taught me that, in order for one to succeed you have to become involved in clubs and challenge yourself. The school provides various clubs and after school academic help to provide aid to it's students. In addition, the school has a diverse population which allows the students to expand their ideas in life.
Addison Trail provides great knowledge for students while getting them ready for college. The counselors, teachers, and students have helped me get prepared for college as well and life after college. They led me to a path I am confident in going to. I hope every other school has an experience like mine. Addison Trail will forever hold a place in my heart, allowing me to grow up.
I've very much enjoyed my years at Addison Trail. I participated in the wrestling program where I was able to make a good family of guys that do a lot together. However, the education provided at Addison Trail is not top of the line to say the least. I went to a school in California for my junior year and I can clearly see how much less rigorous the courses at Addison Trail are than the courses at my other school. Besides that, there's a good sense of community in the school and I enjoy it.
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