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I absolutely love the teachers at Addison Trail High School. Many of them have given me advice with hardships in my life and I maintain a very close, yet respectful and professional relationship with each. I appreciate the teachers on a daily basis for their wonderful commitment to make the school a better place both physically, educationally, and emotionally.
Teachers are very caring and helpful as well as other adults working there. They always provide us with as much as they can at all times.
Addison Trail high School has been my academic home for the past four years. I have learned a plethora of academic and life lessons here. I am involved in 8 clubs and one sport, which always keeps me busy. I am at Addison Trail most days of the week and many hours of the week also. I have grown from an innocent adolescent into a very well educated young adult.
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Its a good community with growing communities, they aren't perfect- no school is, but they're definitely never at a stand still, they are constantly growing and expanding opportunities for students
Addison trail high school great place for students to learn, trust on staff members and consider there home because it is a safe place for all of us including students, teachers, social workers, other facility members who make blazers feel proud. Our principal is magnificent person for all the blazers who knows that how to protect his family and community providing all the needs and wants we need in our school. Teachers always cooperate with students are there for us no matter how many times we go to them they are always there for us. We have great clubs and activities in our school that give our kids opportunity to get ready for collages, learn about long term commitments, bulid soild skills relationship skills e.t.c.
What I like about my school is how it is so diverse and how everyone has a chance to join any kind of activity at school. There are so many clubs students can join and sports. It really does help students with their resume and when applying to colleges. Also the teachers are very nice. They do their best to help us out with college applications, with homework assignments and many things. In Addison Trail I feel like everything is possible. The programs we have are very good and will help us with our future. There are so many activities anyone can join, like, dancing, band, best buddies, theater, etc. I love my school and I wouldn’t change anything about it.
The school was very nice and it had a great atmosphere. I loved going to football games and basketball games. the students were all very close and supportive of each other. The teachers did their best to give us the education we all deserved. the school offered plenty of clubs and sports to interact with others based on your interests. I wish this school had a lacrosse team however it was a spring sport and i was already involved in a spring sport.
I thought it was a good school with plenty of opportunities. However, the school has a lack of commitment to thing like clubs, and that means there is no thing in which it excels, and that limits the potential for growth.
Addison Trail High school was such as great high school and every teacher wanted to see you succeed throughout your life. The school has the resources to help you achieve your goals and great facilities that want the bad for you. The school has clubs and sports that keep you involved with the school. The school looks at the achievements throughout your school year and acknowledge your hard work. I would change the food from the cafeteria and encourage more student to get involve into our community.
This is an overall great school to attend being that there are so many opportunities available to students. There are a huge number of clubs, including the ability to create more, and the classes cover a decent scope of career interests for the future. The greatest part is possibly the amount of college visit trips made available to students, sometimes even covering colleges that are hours away. There are college fairs and various resources also. A bit more emphasis on areas in liberal arts would be cool for those who are interested in taking something on within that field. (Things such as art, media, entertainment, etc.)
I loved going to Addison Trail, compared to other schools, it is well kept and clean. Also I like how diverse it is, it has teachers who truly care about the success of their students. Also I appreciate that they care about their extracurricular activities other than sports. For the four years that I attended, I always felt safe and I valued that the counselors always motivating us, the students to attend college. We were always encouraged to take college visits to start thinking about our future. The beginning of my senior, I was completely lost and the thought of college frightened me but with the help of my counselor, I realized what I wanted to pursue and where I wanted to go. With all of that, thank Addison Trail for an amazing four years.
I always felt like everyone at Addison Trail was there to truly help me and my best interests for my future. There were hundreds of opportunities to get involved in anything imaginable and always teachers and staff that were welcome to help. I had nothing but great experiences with amazing friends, faculty, and atmosphere at Addison Trail.
My school is honestly the best school I've been in all my teachers were friendly and always want you to succeed and the school it self pushes students to do there very best
Overall most of the kids are very nice. Kids tend to stay in there own friend groups, which in my opinion is helpful for keeping the school's peace. As for teachers, alot of them are infact willing to help you go far and understand the materials. While some, just teach and they don't care if you fail, while the others are just plain crazy. In my opinion i don't see the point of gym class.. but every other class i find a way to make it enjoyable. overall scoring: decent.
Fantastic school! I have learned do much here with the fantastic staff & resources available to us students. I have been able to excel academically, as well as in extra curriculars.
I like how Addison Trial was big and different. When I moved there I knew I was going to meet new people and make great friends and so I did. The teachers help me so well, if I needed help there was always someone there to help me during school or after school.
Addison Trail is a great school. The teachers and staff are eager to help and ensure the academic success of the student. They also encourage students to work hard. The school has many clubs, sports, and events for all types of people. many students show great school pride. However, there are students who are unaware of the events that are held. The school should do a better job announcing them.
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Addison Trail has been the best 4 years of my life thus far. It has developed me into the person that I am today. The teachers, coaches and staff have allowed me to experience life long lessons. My dean has stood beside me throughout the years and has guided me to make the best educated decisions. I will be forever grateful to Addison Trail for allowing me to become a well rounded individual.
Quite your ordinary suburban high school in terms of academics and extracurricular. Recent renovations give the school a modern feel and there is a lot of cultural diversity too.
I really like the diversity of the school and the resources they offer us. There's a ton of ways you can stay involved in.
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