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Addison Middle/High School Reviews

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i like Addison middle high school because its not a very big town and everyone knows everyone, but we all work well with each other. ive been going here all my life and im not ashamed Im proud to be a Addison knight and with our sports we have been doing very well. i have took down a old record on our pool with three others. everyone here tries to do their best so they can be successful and to achieve better, to be better for themselves for their families and for their communities. overall addison school has done me well for 12 years and i would have others come to this school.
Some of the teachers don't hold the students to a higher standard and sports are held higher than academics.
I would like to see a change in the music program. This year has been crazy and it needs to be straightened out. Other than that it’s a good high school
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What I really liked about Addison Middle/High School is the teachers were really helpful. I was able to get a full year of college done while I attended Addison.
Something that should change is there should be a book club for everyone who loves to read and it should be a way for new or old authors to be discovered by more people.
The doors are always locked and if you sign out with your senior pass, you must sign back in at the main office through the camera.
There are many AIS groups that stay after and help students when they need it.
Honestly, this school is great. I love some of the teachers and the environment around the school. Our student section at soccer and basketball games is incredible, we even got shirts made and come to almost all games.
Some teachers are rude and simply do not care about the students. Our guidance counselor is never in his office so it is very hard to decide our future and get things done when he is not there.
Everyone knows everyone so that is nice.
The school nurse isn't always in her office when you need her. I don't ever feel in danger while at school, it is very safe. A cop is always there.
There is always food options, salad and pizza is available every day. They don't always cook enough of the food that everyone likes such as chicken wing pizza. The tables are always clean and the floors always spotless.
The guidance counselors are in a lot of meetings, and are not available much of the time. This just started happening this year. The dress code is not as strictly enforced as it has been in the past. The shorts rule really needs to be reevaluated.
The school is under construction right now. There is no track and no baseball or softball fields for Varsity. The new tennis courts are very nice. The locker rooms could use an update. Only certain groups of kids attend sporting events. Lots of people want football at our school, but we do not have enough kids to have a football and soccer team, it would have to be one or the other.
The Math teachers all seem to teach very fast and it is hard to understand the material. Most all of the teachers return work quickly and grade and give back scores. One of the best things is the ability for students to go online and check their grades. That is my favorite improvement this school year.
Their are Art clubs and Architectural Awareness
We had many presentations on anti-bullying, if there was bullying is was usually just verbal.
The cafe is very nice since it was recently redone, the food is probably average for high school food.
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There is a strict dress code, if it is not met the student is sent home to change or is sent to in school suspension. There is also an attendance policy where you have to attend a certain amount of days you must attend without unexcused absents.
Addison is a small school so we never had the latest and greatest. Since I graduated there have been improvements to fitness facilities, there is a second gym being built, more baseball fields, and an up-to-date track.
The teachers in Addison were fantastic; they were always willing to help when they did not have a class. Most teachers even helped with real world applications.
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