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Addison Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I graduated from Addison in 2009. What I appreciated about the school was that it was a small town farm school. The class sizes were smaller compared to the other schools which made it easier to have one on one time with the teachers. Also with it being a smaller school it was nice to be able to know you’re other classmates. I can't think of much they could of improved on, maybe besides the food (but I feel it’s like that at most schools) and had more sports for us to participate in, like bowling, soccer and maybe even tennis.
Addison high school has given me so many opportunities. There are wonderful teachers who are willing to stay after school with you and give you the help you need. Recently phase 3 of a multi year plan has been approved and will bring many new changes to Addison. I only wish I could be there while it's happening to see the transformation for myself. But I know that Addison will still be a wonderful school even after all the changes.
High school prepared me to enter college with a great education.
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We have a brand new gym, auditorium and cafeteria. Busing is OK. Have top of the line technology.
We have most of the athletics available. Not a whole lot of curricular specific clubs available.
Staff and administration always try to help and are very involved with the students.
The students who are involved in sports work hard and there are many students who come out and support the teams. With the new school the weight room and the gyms have improved tremendously.
The teachers are knowledgeable but some of them have old ways and also some just give the students busy work and don't really teach anything.
There are only a few clubs and they are all community service ones, I think that the school could benefit from more clubs that spark a variety of kids interests.
The office staff and principals are wonderful but the guidance counselor isn't much help because she doesn't guide you she just say I don't know a lot.
We don't have a school nurse but the fire department is right across the street so there is always the medical staff there. We do have good safety practices and we practice them often.
There are always two options and they are healthy but the second lunch line is mostly reheated food from the day before.
I wish there was a wider variety of class's offered here. And more schedule options such as study hall.
Its a small school so there is not a lot of diversity but everyone is welcome and there is good acceptance. We seem to get a lot of exchange students.
Most teachers are fun and like to teach, but there are a few that have been there too long and need to retire.
There are very few clubs and organizations, and its hard to learn about the ones there are.
We have average athletic teams. We are known for football and wrestling but that has slowly change to basketball the past few years. I think a big part has to do with some very good coaches retiring.
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I felt like I was prepared to go to a community college, which I did. But if I was going to a bigger University I think I would have struggled academically. The community college has helped me more to transfer to a 4 year institution than my high school did to prepare me for college.
The workload is a a pretty good amount.
The foods really not that great, packing your lunch solves the problem.
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