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Addison High School is a place for anoint anyone. Everyone has a place at Addison. If you like something, there is probably about 3 other people who like that same thing. I very seldom see someone alone because someone doesn’t understand them. Addison is just a happy, homey, and amazing place to get an education.
Addison has been a great school. We have a really great sports program. The teachers are great they really want the students to be successful. Addison also offers Dual-Enrollment courses in the classroom and online. These class are much easier the actual college classes and are very convenient for those who do not want to get college done with earlier.
Addison High is the best school around in my opinion. With friendly teachers to even more friendly peers you never have to worry if you are going to fit in or not. All classes are centrally located so cold days aren't so bad. Addison also has excellent sports programs, and clubs.
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Addison High School is a small school within a rural, small town. At Addison an average grade contains around 40-50 students, and the teachers know each student and often their whole family. Sports are a huge deal at Addison, and students often participate in more than one sport if not every sport. Academics and clubs do not go unnoticed. Key Club, Beta Club, Scholars Bowl, and many more are active and fun. I love Addison High School, the people, and the town itself.
Band is the extracurricular I was most involved in. Even though we had a dedicated group of about 30 students, the Quarterback Club gathered most of the funding form the school, leaving the band with only the bit of funds that we gained form a concession stand the band parents ran at the home football games.
The only reason that I would want to go to this school again is for the band and my friends. Both of these made living through a mediocre education worth it.
Although there are a few examples of some teachers going above and beyond for their students, a majority of the classes are spent with both the teacher and the students spending valuable time on their cell phones instead of being prepared for life after high school.
Most activities are sports, which get a lot of funding. There's not a lot of options for the arts. All there is is band, and the funding for that is six crumpled up ones and a half eaten pb & j. The most popular option for sports is a tie between football and baseball.
Addison has a unique southern culture. My favorite experience is my driver's Ed class. The teacher, Mr. White, is such a nice man. That is the class I met my best friend. If I had the choice, I would go again.
The teachers care, listen to, and help students.
I have gone to this school my entire life, and everyone here knows who I am and it is such a small school that the teachers all know my name and we all know and love one another in this school. This school is like a giant family.
The buildings are somewhat dated. We have brand new iMac computers. Counselors could be more involved.
I have came out of my shell since I have moved here. It is easier to get to know everyone. However, everybody does know your business. Though that's just what you get in a small town. I have grown up a lot by being here. I think I would still do it over again. There is just a lot of drama.
My school is known for teaching sports and playing school. Which basically means were all about sports. I, unlike many others, participate in many clubs and student government. Half of my peers will not go to college and just attend school because they half too. They are not motivated.
I do not buy lunch. It takes too long to go through the lunch line. Also, the food does not look very appetizing. Our county buys the food in bulk, so every school has the same thing everyday.
My school has taken measures to make our campus more secure. Recently, security cameras were installed in various areas of the school. I have witnessed a few fights. However, those in the fights face consequences.
Students are not allowed to wear leggings or yoga pants, even if it is covering your bottom. Some students disobeyed the privilege, so was taken away. Boys have to keep a clean shave and hair above their ears. My school picks favorites since everyone is related in some shape, for, or fashion, which means some people get away with it.
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As a cheerleader of Addison High School, it is my job to get students, parents, teachers, and the players pumped up at pep rallies and games. The school spirit is getting better, though it needs improvement. We have very good support from our town. Every Friday night I would say the whole town is there. We have both new and old facilities. The volleyball team has won over 10+ state championships so a lot of money was spent to improve the gym. The football stadium is nice compared to the other schools in the county. Everyone that is anyone participates in a sport at Addison. Our athletic teams are very well-rounded. Each one, with the exception of basketball, makes it to either playoffs or the state championship every year.
Addison High School has little to no ethnic diversity. The majority being of the Caucasian descent. Most students are involved in sports. Peer pressure is a big thing at my school. But if people are like me, they won't succumb to it. There are a few homosexual students at my school, however with it being a school in an old fashioned all-white town in the South, it is not accepted very lightly.
Although I came from a 7A school in Atlanta, I feel like my education has not been that affected. We are struggling in the English department. My math teacher (also my cheer coach) is one of the best ones I've ever had. In history, our teacher uses technology to get us involved! He makes it fun for us to learn and do well in the class. There are no AP classes offered at Addison, it simply is not in the budget. They do offer online classes and duel enrollment.
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