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Addenbrooke Classical Academy Reviews

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Addenbrooke is a school full of opportunities for students of all ages. It is a very involved academic culture with great teachers and staff, and continues to grow and flourish every year. Since it is still a very young school, the opportunities and facilities continue to grow, so in a few years sports and clubs should definitely have the opportunity to cultivate. The director, Mr. Wright has an incredible vision for the school, and a drive for academic and personal excellence. I went there for three years, and in those three years I marveled at the growth, the scholarly opportunities, and quality of education that you could only receive there. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking outside of the less personal public school system.
Addenbrooke classical academy was a very good school. There was always so much going on that it was hard to find yourself getting in trouble. This school kept me on my feet and kept me in check. With smaller class sizes we got the extra help that we needed to pass our classes with good grade. I would like to see the school dances change though because they were from grades 6-12 which was a little bit weird.
Addenbrooke is a lovely little school. I was able to participate in many activities and organizations and graduated ready to begin my college journey. It is still a developing school, however, so the organizations, clubs, facilities, and staff are still being changed little by little.
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Great public charter school. Classical learning and core Knowledge. A huge change from the main public schools in our neighborhood. Excellent special needs staff. Would recommend!!
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