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The children can be involved in many school and PTA activites. These are the ones I have knowledge of: boy/girl scouts, mathletes, chess club, running club, science fair, student senate, safety patrol. I am sure there are more. These are just the ones that pop into my head.
I can't say too much about the area, due to my lack of knowledge.
My family moved within Royal Oaks School district and had to fight to keep my children at Addams. I did so because of the relationship that parents, teaching staff and administrators have here. There are many forms of open communication, parents are involved in classroom learning and it is a wonderful community of people. It really is the people that make Addams great!
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The teachers at Addams go above and beyond. They push their students to try out new things and work to find a solution for every problem (academic and social). Both of my children have teachers who know their personalities and are able to teach them accordingly. They respond very quickly to emails and phone calls. They are always willing to take time to talk with me when I need their assistance.
The teachers, staff, and parents at this school make an extraordinary team. They all work together to encourage the students here to becoming enthusiastic lifelong learners.
There isn't a whole lot to say about the sports program, since it's an elementary school...
From kindergarten through third grade, my son attended one of the highest-ranked public elementary schools in Michigan. This past summer, we moved to Royal Oak, and I have to say, it blows my mind that Addams Elementary is not rated at the top of Niche's list for public elementary schools in Michigan. My son is infinitely happier at this school. He is challenged every day, and he comes home frequently with stories to tell about the latest neat thing they did in science/math/reading/writing/whatever. For the first time, he really, truly looks forward to going to school every morning, and that's not something we had at his old school in Rochester Hills.

This school has it all: an incredibly active PTA, an involved and visible Principal (Mr. Youanes), technological resources (iPads, chromebooks, and computers), and, perhaps most importantly, incredible teachers who care very deeply about their students and want to see them succeed. I only wish we'd moved sooner!!
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