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I really enjoyed being apart of the marching band that has won 10 national championships. It’s a great experience to be apart of something that most people do not have a chance to be apart of. I love how our band teachers are social and love to be around their kids. The things you learn in marching band are unbelievable. You learn how to play a instrument that you either have no idea how to play or just want to learn it for fun. My experience with the Adamsville jr/sr high school has been impeccable and I would not want to trade it for anything.
Adamsville High School is a moderate sized school, but there is little diversity in the crowds. There are only a handful of minorities, and most of them are African Americans. The teachers at Adamsville either really care about you or they do not care at all about you. Adamsville is good in the respect that some college classes are offered as dual credit which means a student can get several basic classes out of the way.
great school been here my whole life i've loved wining state championships in band . This school teaches life lessons is great. The teachers actually care.
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Everything was about popularity. I was not prepared for college. Nothing they said about is actually true. I would like to see more teachers who know how to teach and not just coaches. Also, better food.
relaxed environment where the teachers are wonderful! I learned so much and I am prepared for college because of this school. I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else
Adamsville provides great learning with friendly teachers. Everyone there tries their best to make every student ready for college. They do this by showing all the different opportunities available that can reach your individual needs.
No real security at all
Need more groups and more tutors
Great teachers need more involvement
There is a lot of bullying that goes untreated.
The club's are great we have a lot of club's. The after school program on the other hand is awful.
Not a good discipline system at all. Decent education.
Some teachers do not care to reach anything and some go beyond what they need to for a student to get a good education.
To be honest, looking back, I feel like so much of my time was wasted on busy work or no work at all, simply running down the clock until the day was over with. I wish I had been challenged more. Maybe then I would be ahead in college instead of behind.
While Adamsville has a no bullying policy it is still prevalent. Many of the athletes will bully others along with other people who are bigger than someone else. However when it is brought to the attention of someone it is taken care of swiftly and effectively.
One of the most popular classes is also one of the hardest classes. The class is English 4 with Ms. Marshall. While it is one of the most difficult at the school it is very popular because she makes it fun and enjoyable. Also most students who go to college say it helped them more than anything else.
Because of the diversity of the teaching staff we have a excellent overall quality for our education.
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At my high school there is a great variety to the clubs for many different kinds of people. There are clubs for the athletically gifted, people with a business sense of mind, and even a school spirit club. No one is left out thanks to the variety of clubs we have.
The guidance counselor at our school is very helpful and accommodating which is very great when searching for a college. However she has been absent because of a pregnancy and has not been there to help but her assistant is more than helpful because of her absence.
At my school the student involvement is alright. While some participate in student government, sports, and other activities several do not.
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