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Adams is a school with a rigorous curriculum, high expectations for academics and behavior. My kids loved kindergarten & first grade but we’re miserable and defeated by 3rd grade when we have had to pull them. Dealing with the principal is a joke. The kids are deathly afraid of her and she likes to intimidate both kids & adults. I overheard her talking to a couple of teachers and she was VERY demeaning and unprofessional. I think this school needs better leadership.
Strep and hand,foot&mouth disease outbreak went unreported for two weeks-not until over 15 kids were sick!
There are clubs and sports-but all have fees that are ill afforded by some families.
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Stay away unless you want your child to be emotionally and educationally stunted for life!
The only "successful" teachers at the school are those without teaching degrees. The principal is a dictator who sticks to draconian rules and won't allow actual teachers to teach the way kids need to learn. Regardless of test scores (which no one will care about 20 years from now) this school is the worst place to prepare a child for 21st century life!
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