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John Adams has helped me in various ways. My counselors and teachers always make sure im on tack and help me beyond measures!
I have been attending Adams High School since my freshman year. Overall I have had a great experience and hope every student that attends this high school does as well. It is a school with lots of spirit and friendly vibes, but still never loses sight of the main point for students to come to school: to learn. Teachers are always there when needed and never back away from the opportunity to help a student. What could improve is the parking rules and the staff's attitudes.
Its a really good school and you will have a lot of fun.There are lots of opportunities for you academically and its a good atmosphere. I have no complaints besides the food but the school doesn't control that the district does.
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Adams is the best public school in South Bend and has an extremely diverse population and academic schedule. CTE, AP, IB, and ACP classes are all offered. In terms of college readiness, it is somewhat stessed, but in order to properly prepare oneself, one must address issues themselves. Counselors are efficient in providing information about scholarships but not as much as providing informational characteristics of colleges for you.
I started at Adams High School my sophomore year, and i’ve loved it ever since! I love all of the teachers and the students. I participate in volleyball and softball, and i help out in the Speical Education classrooms. The diversity at Adams is a big thing as well. There is just so many different people and it helps the students get ready for the outside world.
I enjoyed my time at Adams due to the great teachers I had. All of my teachers were there for me when I needed help and encouraged me to do better.
A great place to meet new people but need to win more games of basketball and football. This school is turning into a very ghetto school.
I enjoyed my experience at Adams High School. In my city, this school had to be the most diverse and that allowed me the ability to learn about different people and cultures. The teachers cared about our education and tried their best to prepare us for the college level. There were various amounts of opportunities to get involved with sports, clubs and the community. When compared with other schools, we were always ranked at the top of the list. If I could go back to high school, I would choose Adams High School all over again. The experience was definitely unbeatable.
Adams High School provides a lot of resources for students, and all of the teachers are very supportive and will provide help if need be. It is also structured very well in association with the IB program. However, it would be nice to have students that have completed their first year of the IB program to be able to mentor underclassmen and help educate them about the program from a student's view. It would also help to have the standard sophomore schedule changed-- instead of taking AP United States History in one's junior year, I would suggest pushing sophomores to take it so they can complete their US History requirement. Additionally, sophomore year at Adams is a lot easier compared to junior year, so it would add more a challenge to the sophomore's curriculum. It would also allow incoming juniors starting the IB program to be able to choose another elective in order to lighten the work load.
Overall the school was good for high school. Most teachers taught well and classes were very challenging for me. The IB program could've been a little more organized during my years, but I think they're working on it. But from what I've seen, there have been many improvements to the school's culture.
What I liked most about Adams is how readily available the teachers and administration are to help you even with 2,000 students. The always get back to everyone in a timely manner and go above and beyond to try and help each and every student.
Adams High School has the IB program, unique to other schools in the area. The school has a positive atmosphere and the staff is very friendly. The faculty cares about the students' safety and success for the future. One thing to improve is the food.
I would like there to be more events that you could attend. Better lunch. The lunch isn’t so good. More interesting clubs. Better math teachers especially for algebra 2.
Loved the diversity, academic integrity, school spirit, great teachers, and lively sports atmosphere.
I Like that Adams had the IB program because it challenged me on an everyday basis. I don’t know what i would change but if I had to choose it would be... to have a longer break lunch.
I had a great experience at John Adams. The International Bacchelourate program is a great addition to the high schoool. I was a part of this, and many students were successful in the program and are now attending great schools.
Going from a Catholic grade school to a public high school was a major transition. However, it benefited me in many ways and I had an amazing experience at Adams High School. The diversity at this school is one of the factors that I think I benefited from as well.
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It was nice, though I wish there were more events to participate in, the food could be better like actually checking on people with allergies and helping them with it.
I love the diversity and the mix of cultures! The ib program is great but i wish there was better prep for the underclassmen pursuing a full ib diploma
I have enjoyed attending Adams High School. I highly recommend the IB Program. I wish their would be more diversity in the IB program. There is a variety of classes offered for any interest.
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