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I had a great experience at John Adams. The International Bacchelourate program is a great addition to the high schoool. I was a part of this, and many students were successful in the program and are now attending great schools.
Going from a Catholic grade school to a public high school was a major transition. However, it benefited me in many ways and I had an amazing experience at Adams High School. The diversity at this school is one of the factors that I think I benefited from as well.
It was nice, though I wish there were more events to participate in, the food could be better like actually checking on people with allergies and helping them with it.
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I love the diversity and the mix of cultures! The ib program is great but i wish there was better prep for the underclassmen pursuing a full ib diploma
I have enjoyed attending Adams High School. I highly recommend the IB Program. I wish their would be more diversity in the IB program. There is a variety of classes offered for any interest.
I have a freshman and a senior at Adam's. The school environment is safe. The teachers are easy to communicate with and the principal is always readily available.
What I liked about Adams high school, was the fact teachers will help students to apply and help through the progress of college. I will like to see more effort on the seniors to step up their game and more attitude toward them.
John Adams High School has been a great learning experience for me! The teachers are amazing and calm with each individual and good at interacting with the students. Most teachers are happy to help students who need extra help and volunteer to stay after school. The school is a pretty clean environment. Something I would change about the school would probably be the school lunches or the school running out of food during C lunch. Also, I think our school is good about spreading news on bully prevention, but I think we should do more things to let students know its okay to talk to an adult or upperclassmen about their situation.
Adams High School is a highly eduacated school where it is a great place to learn. The teachers there are so helpful and understanding. The principals there are great leaders to the kids. The counselors direct us to succeed and never gives up hope on the children there.
There is great diversity at Adams High School. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and learn about new cultures. Adams does offer the globally recognized IB program however the classes are ill prepared and often do not have the necessary materials required to teach the course.
Everybody is friendly and the staff is wonderful. No problems when i went there. The sports are good. Wish the lunch period did not start so early.
Since my experience at Adams was centered around the IB Program, a rigorous program which effectively preps one for college, I can readily express my likes and subsequent dislikes. Through this program, I was able to challenge myself academically, while getting close to individuals. For example, I was able to connect with the librarian, Mrs. Brady, a truly helpful friend now. On the academic side, through IB, one could have the potential of getting college credit depending on your IB test scores and what your college will give you. As for me, I got 15 credit hours transferred to my college. That means money saved. Thus, I would say Adams' IB Program is the way to go.
As for change in the IB Program, it boils down to effectively communicating the requirements and rules in order to avoid misunderstandings. However, if you are willing to put up with it, are ambitious, and want to challenge yourself, go to Adams.
I loved the ability to include AP and IB classes in your schedule. Great research opportunities a team Adams. I think it would be helpful if there were AP sciences offered instead of just IB, since I've found our AP courses to be more rigorous.
The IB program is great for students who qualify. Otherwise, the education is mediocre at best with exception of the English department, which is phenomenal.
John Adams High School is academically and socially an amazing school to attend. Going into my last semester at this school is extremely bittersweet, and although I am excited to start the next chapter of my life, I am sad to leave this one.
I have had an amazing high school experience despite the things I would like to change. From the amazing, amplified student section, to the highly acclaimed IB program, this school is extremely well rounded. You have kids that stay up until 3AM doing homework getting up at 6AM and have sports practice as well as National Honor Society meetings after school, just to stay up all night again.
This school is full of students that care about each other and would never leave anyone left behind. At Adams, we are a family, and that has got to be my favorite part about it all.
I really liked the diversity there, it is a great combination. Students are involved in clubs and activities. Their teachers are well experienced and they are great teachers. They are on someone help whenever needed and also they care about their students. They encourage us to study hard so that we can graduate. The school holds nice academics, they almost have everything regarding academics. The school culture is not that bad but it still needs some improvements. The lunch should also be upgraded. Overall it is a really good public high school and also caring for their students
Adams has been an important part of my life for the past three years. Within these walls, I learned that I can create so much more than I though and I am willing to commit. If their was anything I would change about Adams, it would be for our guidance counselors to better prepare seniors for the college application process.
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Teachers were childish and irrational, with the exception of a few. The food was very bad and security was weird. The curriculum was illogical and lazily presented often times. School was clean and students were somewhat diverse.
Adams High School has a great academic program, the IB program. While Adams is a public high school, the higher classes that they offer are challenging and taught by qualified, intelligent teachers. This school also offers the best ceramics program, with unlimited resources for the student artists. The culture of Adams is fantastic as well. Adams promotes artistic expression, as well as supports people of all backgrounds, races, genders, and orientation. While attending this school, I have made friends from all over the world, thanks to Adams active participation in the exchange student program. Not only does Adams excel in the arts, but the sports programs are great as well. I would change the food, as the cafeteria serves almost inedible "food". I would also like more communication between the counselors and the students.
I love how the staff challenged our brains to tasks we had no idea we thought we could achieve whether inside or outside the classroom. Adams is a school where students are able to express themselves without judgment as well.
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