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Throughout my high School years, it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed all the different clubs and making new friends every year. Although our school may have not been the best, I enjoyed my time there. I have learned so much from everyone and I loved seeing my growth in the different things that I enjoyed. So e changes I would like to see are the teachers working with kids more. We have had so much bullying going on and some teachers didnt do anything. I think it is important for all students to feel confident, so they can have a good learning environment. I would also love to see more after school clubs. We have so many talented students going to school, I think that they should do something to help them grow as a person. My high school experience was the best and I hope others can experience that too.
Adams is a great place for a community because it is small enough to know just about everyone but yet big enough. There are many students involved in many things from sports to clubs to numerous of activities. The school really tries to get kids involved into something like sports and choir or even art. There are teachers and parents trying so hard to better the students in every way they can and as well help them with what they struggle with. This school is not only about test taking but as well with hands on or tries different ways of teaching. For example, they have a class for those who show their talents and academic into one. So instead of just sitting there in class and learning they get them moving around and having projects. One thing I would like to see improve in this school is the amount of bullying to go down or at least get improved. I would like to see more action towards stopping bullying.
Most of my teachers at A-F were great. They helped me when I asked for assistance and I made deep connections with quite a few of them. However, there are a few teachers who have no interest in the students and simply care about getting their work day over with and do not help students succeed. I did not have the best experience socially: my first couple years were okay, but I had many issues with bullies. I also had a lot of other students taking credit for my work while no one every thought otherwise. However, the extracurriculars available at A-F were great and taught me how to be a great leader and helped me realize what I want to study in college.
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I think Adams-Friendship High School is a very nice school. The teachers are very helpful and most of the students get along and support each other. One thing I would like to change however, is the lack of discipline I've seen. Of course, there are consequences for certain infringements, but I feel like they aren't working well enough. A system needs to be established that help students learn from their mistakes and push them not to make bad decisions again, instead of just doling out the same disciplinary measures over and over without effectiveness.
There is a lot of kids that really don’t want to be there and a low income community with a drug problem. But there is hope though. The teachers are amazing and will be honest with you no matter what because they want you to be a success story. Getting involved and helping make a difference in the community looks great for college but it really builds character. Lord knows there are more than a handful of “interesting” characters here. But the bottle line is being honest with the teachers and getting help when you need too and their more than willing to do so.
Adams Friendship High School is located in the poorest county of Wisconsin and we have a lack of funding due to that. The school makes due with what it has and is constantly trying to better the district with the limited resources at hand. We have many teachers that come and go due to this but there are some who have stayed and tried to make the school as good as they can. These teachers help students with whatever they are looking for. The students that go here are often disrespectful to staff and don't put forth their full effort nearly always. There is always room for improvement at schools, but Adams has far more improvements to be made than most. They have the chance to be a decent school and will continue working towards that goal with the limited options they have available to use.
As a student at Adams Friendship High School, my experience was wonderful. I had a very rare opportunity that most students don't get to experience now days. As my time spent in Adams-Friendship High I was able to connect with the wonderful teachers that were there every step of the way, if you showed effort. I was always able to find extra help if I was in need of it. There are only a couple of things I would like to see change at Adams-Friendship High School. I would like to see the the attendance rate become higher, meaning more kids actually attend their class, get to school on time and don't leave in the middle of the day and never come back. Adding to the changes I would like to see more respect towards teachers. Some students can be terribly disrespectful. Other than them slight issues Adams-Friendship is a wonderful learning school.
Bullying and drugs are a huge thing here. Kids who get busted with drugs only get talked to and suspended and then come back to school and it starts all over again.
I liked Adams Friendship High School because it was receptive to students and tried to help them, and their fine arts were considered important and well-funded. But it did not have honors courses and overall the food and nutrition was severely bad. It didn't really prepare you for college but it was a good school with good teachers nonetheless.
I loved my time at Adams-Friendship High School. Although there may be a few things that could use improvement. I do believe that most courses offered do not do well preparing most of the students for college. In recent years, there have been a lot of new teachers and many retirements. It can be hard learning from people so new to the school, still finding their way and getting comfortable, but even then I can't think of a teacher that I did not enjoy having. I, also, felt as though all of my teachers truly cared as to how I was doing in my classes. They were constantly pushing for each individual to do better, which was a very good feeling to know that there are people that want you to succeed and excel. People that don't even necessarily have to!
less packets. more one on one learning
we arnt very diverse. some gays/rans ,little black
all the sports we have. we have clubs for everyone
fun activities, Homecoming, spirit week 2016, freshman step day,
good listeners, friendly, need more training
Teachers try their best to juggle everything they can at one time. it's not easy but they accomplish it.
People don't really care about your sexuality or gender preferences as long as you treat them with respect, the same will come to you.
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The teachers and students just care so much for each other. I felt like a big family at AFHS.
The school was a very friendly environment. Lots of parents tried to help out to their best abilities!
I loved the teachers at the high school! They taught me very important life lessons and were there whenever I needed them!
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