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I moved from school to school until ACCS. I was always picked on, and never could seem to fit in. When I came to AC, I found a family. I love how close the school is. We are all family, and we all have each other’s backs.
Our experience with ACCS has been good. The teachers are excellent and I could not be happier with the progress my children are making academically. I wish they had a better system to communicate with the teachers via the internet, email, etc. Otherwise, I would give it five stars.
We have a no bullying policy at ACCS. If bullying is even thought about it is completely taken care of and the bully is suspended or expelled depending on how bad of a situation it was. I feel like my personal safety here is completely safe. I never feel threatened when I am at this school.
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Our extracurricular activities our very great for our students. Our student council gives many opportunities for its members to volunteer at many different events in and around the community. I was a member in this and it really changed my life and made me a better person for it!
This school was my home ever since I was in kindergarten. I have made some of the greatest friends here while simultaneously getting the best education in the area. I could not be more thankful to have gone to such a wonderful school.
The teacher's at this school make more than enough time for each and every student. Some teacher's even go over things plenty of times to make sure everyone understands the lesson. They go above and beyond to make sure everyone gets the help to obtain the knowledge they need.
i believe the school is very concerned and pro-active
i enjoy the ptl to keep up with what's going on
We have a no bullying policy, not tolerated at all. Students feel like it's a safe place and have no problems
I love my school and everything it stands for, great Christian and family atmosphere. Teachers are great and truly care about their students.
Restrooms could stand for renovations - more cleanliness!
A few teachers that are scared to say anything to certain students & some students get away with more than others but EVERY school has this issue.
I had a child at Cathedral & one at ACCS. Definitely prefer ACCS - the atmosphere is much greater at ACCS. Children are not treated as outcasts because their parents aren't Lawyers or Doctors!
Again, Administration focuses more on the minorities at the school these days. Why can't it just be a "PRIVATE" school again?
Security measures have beefed up & have improved greatly within the past few years.
The school has come a long way. I am an alumni from 1981 & have deep roots with my school. I just hate that it is no longer a Private school and is now considered a member of the Mississippi Independent School Association instead!
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