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We have a good thought of what our school could be and how we could function better as a school but we struggle to put it in place. This includes how we run as students and our administration.
My experience at Adams City High School, was fairly decent. The school is one of the lowest ranked schools in the district, yet some teachers tried their best to teach their students. The biggest problem the school has is administration, they do a poor job of trying to improve the school as a whole. Sports at Adams City, are decent. Although football and wrestling are the main ones, other sports don’t get as much attention as those two. The food there is decent, yet some students would rather eat off campus. The school needs to change their ways to get more students involved.
Being part of the community for almost 4 years now allowed me to realize that this school isn't the best not because of the staff nor the students but because of the administration. Administration does such a poor job of trying to improve the school as a whole. This school has amazing students who could've so many opportunities to shine if they were shown to these opportunities but instead the school focuses on pushing everyone out of the school.
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My daughter has a lot of opportunities at the school that I don't see in other schools. What I don't like is that they sometimes wait til the last minute to notify me of things going on in the school such as athletic awards dinners so I am not always able to make it.
I liked that there wasn't as much bullying as there is in other schools. Everyone gets along with everyone due to the amount of diversity that there is at the school. One thing that I would like to change is the administration because they focus on the wrong things. For example, they care more about what we wear than the food we eat and even the supplies that we need. Our computers are really old and we need more textbooks but they don't pay attention to that when they should.
As we got new administration they started to support us more on applying to fafsa, college, and scholarships. Still they didn’t listen to our concerns. They were very dismissive.
A lot of teachers left mid year. They also didn't have any subs or adults to cover for those classes. Fights break out a lot. In the freshman class there was 98 fights in a single semester.
Student who went to ACHS all four years and was a part of athletics i am very proud of my school. Though we may our our downfalls, the spirit of the school, the teachers, and the community surrounding it is unfathomable. To see the school from only the outside perspective is not giving AC the justice it deserves. The one thing I would change about Adams city is the turn over with administration.
What I like about it was that they would make you start to plan your ideas after highschool. They will give your recommendations on schools. They will also get you on track to graduate. But one thing I would want to change is the amount of resources they give us for scholarships and resources for a better career finding. Over all I think that it’s a pretty good school.
Adams City high school is a good school when you're involved and help out the community. I would change the involvement from community members and other students. I would also change the culture and how others view the school.
The student are very determined and all share a sense of community. The diversity of the school provides a number of perspectives, and community involvement is made a priority in many of the clubs. The administration and student could although have better communication.
I like how the school tries to keep students involved. I would like to see the students efforts change.
The only thing I really enjoyed about my time at Adams City High School were the teachers who helped us believe that we didn't have to be defined by the reputation of the school we went to. It was rare to find them, but those that fit into that category were amazing educators and mentors who had the bad luck of working for an administration that did not value that. Most students already had the mentality that they were at a bad school, and so effort was rare. For those of us who were able to resist that culture, it became exponentially more important to get into college, and away from Adams City. It is not a school that I personally would put my children in, but I am proud of the adversity that I overcame, and graduating from ACHS made me a stronger, more determined person.
I attended Adams City High School for 4 years, the lack of consistency and the poor administration is the biggest problem at ACHS. As I came into school for my senior year, on the first day, schedules were not ready for any of the students, classes were overfilled, and students did not have a set schedule up until the end of the semester. At the end of my senior, more than 20 teachers were fired, and our counselor was escorted out of the school by police because she refused to give up all the work she had done before getting fired. When students were infuriated by the administrations actions and decided to protest, the school forced all seniors to sign contracts stating that we would not engage in protests or else we would not be allowed to walk at graduation. In the four years that I went to ACHS I was just a number not a person, I hope that this will change in the future.
The school for years has had many problems with the administration. Before there is any change in the school, the administration has to be changed and offer students many more resources for college. Colorado GEARUP and Inspire were the only ones who really were involved to help students in the process for college.
I like that Adams City High School is a school that is full of diversity. That discrimination is not a problem, and you can walk its hallways safely. There is rigor in the way our education is managed, although it lacks a good, and supportive administration. Administration should collaborate as a collective with parents and teachers not as an individual branch. Adams City is supportive to defy all odds that have been put in our culture by uneducated people that believe that because we are found in the midst to the "ghetto" community success is unachievable.
I have been a student at Adams City High School for four years. I have enjoyed the excitement that the students bring, everyone is so involved. The students are the glue that hold the school together. The administration needs some work with the way they are running the school. They can improve by getting to know the students. My classmates have made up for what the administration lacks, we have helped each other make it through the past years.
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I really enjoyed the different ways teachers taught and how the staff would build a bond with students providing a comfortable environment to be in.
I like the dedication of some staff. I would like to see more stability in the staff, though, since most students are familiar with saying goodbye to teachers after very short time.
Adams City is like a family. Adams City has been like a second home to me. All me and my teachers have amazing relationships and I couldn't imagine leaving this school. I'm going to miss it when I graduate.
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