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Adams City is like a family. Adams City has been like a second home to me. All me and my teachers have amazing relationships and I couldn't imagine leaving this school. I'm going to miss it when I graduate.
Adams City High is a school where students feel safe and comfortable to come everyday and participate. The teachers are really helpful and care for their students. Not only do they teach with excitement but try to understand the students needs and provide advice. But most students lack the motivation of coming to school and trying to get good grades. The school provides with great courses for students but they don't show or provide the effort needed to pass the class. Students think it is cool to ditch and not go to class which results of bad attendance and poor grades. The district lacks on understanding the students ideas and don't provide the resources needed. The school should come up with better ideas that will attract kids to stay in school and keep them in track so they can pass all their classes. Every school can improve on many things but Adams city needs to improve on attendance and recruiting their students to do better.
I had a great time as a student and always strived towards excellence. The resources are there, the students just need the ambition to use them.
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Throughout my High school I have taken interesting and challenging classes that I have liked. I have been involved and it’s a safe school. I would like to see changes when it comes to teachers, some teachers don’t know how to manage learning skills for every student to understand. I would also like to change the style administration is handling college readiness and the diversity itself has a bad reflection upon my school
I really like the diversity of the school's population, and the culture. I, however, would like to see the administration change and be consistent because is my four years here, I have had a different principal and instead of focusing on how to turn the school around, they focus on the dress policies.
I liked the school spirit we brought and that we had room for improvement so we showed everyone’s pur fullest potential.
It is a good school. I like the people here. The staff is pretty great. People think it's a bad school but it really isn't. We know just as much as other schools. Those who say were bad have never stepped foot inside our school. They just assume but we have some of the smartest and best kids aroumd.
Adams City High School (ACHS) has had its hard moments, but all four years i have went to this school it has been nothing but a home for me. We are family, even if there is fighting and intensity, every eagle is proud to be one. In ACHS pride is our biggest thing. All of Colorado either does not know out school, or we are seen as a terrible school. But one, we will be known, and two we are the best yet to come. The worst part of the school is the administration.We have never had a consistent admin to run the school. Every principal has quit or gotten a high position. however this will not stop anything. It is "all day at the A" ( head football coach's qoute) and together eagles will soar!
The school lacks a lot of discipline and a lot of kids get away with doing what they want which interrupts classes at times. The teachers don't really care what one does.
I graduated from Adams city high school this May 20, 2017. I know that it is a school in a turn around but it has many things to offer. Students make out of it what they want, I saw many students that didn't care about school, but I also saw many others that's where involved and had excellent grades. Five of my graduating class members received the Daniells scholarship, but there where also many other scholarships.
As years go by there are More students attending college, the only thing Adams City would need to better is parent involvement. Informing the parents so they can help their students graduate not only high school, but college as well.
I graduate from adams city high school in may of 2017. The building was great since its only like 6 years old . The food was not the greats. I rarely ate since I got sick a couples times that I ate from the school. the teacher are great a lot of the teacher actially like teaching there and enjoy spending time with the students.
ACHS has brilliant students. Everyone has a great potential but administration constantly puts us down. Students get blamed for our school being labeled as a "turn a round" by administration. All throughout my years here I have made amazing friends because as students we had to protect each other as well as motivate ourselves because those who were supposed to ignored us. Sure we still had some teachers who helped us, but it was mostly us as students who had to fight to get what we deserved.
Adams City is a great school! The teachers really connect well with students and go out of their way to help their students be successful and understand the subject. I think the administration needs work. They are firing and removing amazing teachers and do not have a consistent principle for the high school I've had over 5 principles in my 4 years of being there.
The teachers are mostly terrible. There's a couple good ones out there here and there, but the majority are terrible. Not terrible people, but don't know how to teach. One in specific actually lead me to drop out, if that isn't enough in the first place. #Martinez
My time here at Adams City has been a roller coaster and I really hope the culture and the ways things are done here change by the time my younger siblings or even my own children come to this school.
This is my last year and I know that I will miss this school. Although we are seen as a really bad and low school, there are a lot of students who are successful and study a lot in order to graduate and go to college. Adams City High School gave me the opportunity of taking college classes while still taking high school classes. The teachers are really nice and help you succeed. They push us to do better and I will always appreciate the help I got from those teachers. There are also a lot of clubs and sports that we can do while in high school and some help for the future.
My experience at adams city high school has been overall good. One thing I don't like is how the boy's sports get more funding than the girl's. The cafeteria sometimes runs out of milk so i have nothing to drink, not even water because they confiscated all the water. I wouldn't mind if all water fountains worked.
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At Adams City High School I had the great opportunity to be part of a community that cares about their students. They teachers and facilities have helped me get ready for university by offering me their time and giving me special help because of the status I have as a DACA student. They provide me with great examples of past DACA students who have successfully attended college without paying a single penny, and see me as one who can also be successful.
The teachers provide the lesson plans but the students dont take advantage overall
we all like to joke around and have fun
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