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Adams Central Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like how well the teachers work with you in each of the classes. They could improve school lunches by bringing the old cookies back
I really enjoy how small the classes are just because at my old school it was so big and you didn't always know everyone. The teachers are really helpful in preparing us for college, before junior year I had no idea how important college can be for your future. The only thing I didn't like about Adams Central was how close minded the students were. Coming from my old school the population was very diverse, then I came here and the students were never exposed to different cultures.
The classes are fantastic, you really do learn a lot. The activities (including sports) are competitive and character building. The only problem I have with Adams Central is the lack of diversity which in turn creates the other problem of students who feel entitled. It has been a hard time for me to find friends because many of the students are not mature, or are scared to be mature. It is a problem in many schools around the world, so it is easily fixable.
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As a senior at Adams Central I have found that it is overall a wonderful place to get an education if not for a few issues. I would honestly say that the school has a great sense of community and that the small class sizes help everybody have time to ask for help if they need it. The only mediocre aspects of the school at the lack luster food, a few questionable teachers, and occasional miscommunication between the administration and students.
Adams Central has been a fantastic school for me in the way of providing opportunities. Through FBLA, Athletics, and NHS, I have been fairly involved throughout high school, which has helped me shape where I will be going in the future. The only criticism I could give would be the strictness. They prevent every student from expressing themselves and it may subdue some of the interesting personality traits that may be beneficial to some situations.
There were many things that I had loved about the school including the excurricular activities offered, as well as the ties within the community. Although, one thing I believe this school needs to work on is college readiness. I now attend an out-of-state university along with other classmates. There are many classes that I am now having to take because my high school did not provide them. My high school only offered four dual enrollment classes and did not allow us to travel to the community college campus to take other classes nor offered AP or IB classes. Meeting individuals that are my age and have their Associates degree made me realize how much my school did not offer in terms of college prepareness. This causes me to have to pay more for my education when they could have been provided to me at a lower cost. College debt is a major problem in America and offering more college level classes in high school could have helped many individuals.
Adams Central overall is great and I recommend attending. The school is located roughly four miles out of town, which makes the school feel like its own little world. I can only speak highly of the music department, both vocal and instrumental. The science department seems to be down, in my opinion. There isn't much diversity within the school, but you can expect that from a decently sized Nebraska town. If I had the chance to go back and change something about the school, I wouldn't change a thing
Adams Central is an amazing school to attend. There are multiple activities that you can participate in. The teachers are very willing to help students and there are many students who are able to tutor others. The atmosphere is amazing and fun.
I'd say that the health and security of my school is okay.
Mostly not applicable to college.
The kids get a great education
I enjoy playing high school sports, but what makes the school good is the intention to learn in the classroom.
I have enjoyed my time at this school. There are really a lot of opportunities for students especially considering it is a small school.
It's a better school than some, but not the best.
They really push academics and strive to make to kids learn. Getting them ready for college is a high priority.
It's good for the students who donate money to the school because they get many privileges and respect unlike students who might not make regular donations or who are simply unfavored.
Overall I really enjoyed going to Adams Central High school. It has been a great experience over the years and the only shool district that I have ever been apart of.
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The administration at my high school is very stubborn. They don't like to consider changing policies or altering the handbook to make life easier for students, parents, or teachers.
Most if not all students are involved in extracurriculars offered at my high school. It is almost a mandatory thing if you want to meet new people and make friends. Everyone who participates in athletics is very involved and committed. Athletes take their sports seriously. Outside of athletics, there are a few clubs. This year a chess club was started, and I know of a few students that have found a new passion!
I've been a member of my high school's dance team for four years, and it has definitely made my high school experience. Most of my favorite memories from the years have been made along side my teammates. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would probably choose to go to a different school, just because of the lack of diversity and the fact that new ideas generally aren't tolerated.
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