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I liked the size and personality of people there, it made me feel like i belonged. It's a very welcoming community and everyone knows everyone on a first name basis, it has an excellent tie to the area. The sports are very good I played football basketball and ran track there and was a captain on all teams at least once and had success not only in the sport but in growth as a person.
This school has a nice student to staff ratio with smaller classes. Whatever questions you have, they're right there trying to help.
I love the class sizes. It's easy to focus and present in front of the class. Very friendly staff and it's a great community!
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I like how there is almost no bullying. Everyone at school is accepting of others. I can't think of anything I'd like to change.
I really like the teachers. Most of them are really good with helping you understand things and make your education their number one priority. They have really good curriculum and pretty good class choices.
Our school is so small it is hard for there to be diversity and something for everyone to be apart of. We don't have a lot of clubs and the school doesn't let them meet during our student activity period, only after school, when a lot of students have to work or go to their sports/extracurricular activities. The teachers, however, really connect to the students as much as they can. They provide guidance and support. Recently a lot of support has been given to our activities, but we used to not get as much. A lot of funding for new classes have been cut. None of the new business classes were able to have new textbooks.
There's a plethora of classes at this school I which students can choose and excell at. The teachers will try their hardest to help you succeed as long as you try your hardest to try and learn and retain the information. The scheduling process gets hectic at times, however, our guidance counsellors do their absolute best to move around our schedule to be able to take the classes we want.
At Adams Central, there's not really much diversity, ethnical wise. We do have quite a few foreign exchanged students however. Many of the friend groups at AC aren't normally 100% accepting of everyone else because they've been an establish group for years so if someone new tries to come in, it's a little unsettling. I feel like most of the students at Adams Cebtral have the "you do you" attitude in which if you're happy with you then we're happy with you.
Adams Central has so many different extracurricular activities that students can participate in. Many students participate in athletics like football. There's a variety of different activities like marching band, NHS, Sunshine Society, and swing choir. You rarely find a student at AC who is not involved in anything.
I honestly believe that Adams Centeal is a really good school. There's many great teachers and other staff that make it great. However, some of the students at this school don't mesh together well and I don't think I would want to do it over again. In some aspects, I would do it again to make myself try better and harder sooner and in other aspects, I would rather just move forward with my education.
At Adams Central, we really do have great teachers. They are involved and try to help us to the best of their ability. Most teachers push us to do our best and present our best work at all times. Most, if not all, of the teachers grade the same way, which is weighted.
I believe that our school is very safe. We have a great school officer that keeps everything align. It also helps that since it is a small town nothing big really happens.
The school that I attend have various opportunities to join clubs or even achieve in something. Any club that someone wants to start can happen. Not only do they have clubs and activities but the education is spectacular.
The school is very safe. Any visitor that comes, must wear a name tag and have a destination for why they are there. Also all the doors in the school are locked for security measures. This includes all classroom doors. Also there a school resource officer on site at all times. The school nurse is always available and able to help out if something is wrong.
The extracurricular activities range from sports to Club International. The best part about the school is that just about everyone is involved. There is something for everyone to join and be part of. All the clubs gain recognition from administration for everything they have been doing. Just because you are in one club does not mean you can't be another. The faculty is very understanding that lots of students are involved in other activities and work around it as best as they can. One of my favorite clubs was FFA. You can be involved in different activities and still have time to be in other clubs. The best part of being a student at Adams Central is the student section at the football games. Everyone is so pumped up and ready to cheer the Jets onto a victory.
Majority of teachers have put in extra effort to make sure everyone successful. Also, they are very supportive about the extracurricular activities. Majority of the faculty attends the sporting events to cheer on the athletes.
Everyone is supportive about whatever is going on. During the meetings with entire student body, they congratulate and cheer them on in their competitions. Also, the supporters are always at the athletic events. The school's FFA Chapter hosts a Young McDonald's Farm. There are over 600 people that come during the open house. Also there are over 1200 students preschool through Grade 2 that get to pet the animals and learn about where their food comes from. The football team holds pep rallies during the tourney season and it is always packed. There is barley any sitting room at any football, basketball, and baseball games. The community is very supportive and that is what makes Adams Central High School such an amazing place.
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I moved to my school freshman year and the first day I came I already liked it more than the other school. Students were way nicer and welcomed me in and so did all the teachers.
I really think that my teachers are outgoing and try to do the best they can and if someone is struggling they stop to help and make sure everyone understands.
Most teacher go way above and beyond what is usually expected of them.
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