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The teachers here are very hands on with us and give us great one on one time. We are a small but productive school and do a great amount to give back to our community. We do tiger Christmas where the students pick kids and give them a Christmas and buy toys and basic needs they wouldn't have otherwise have. I love my school because here the teachers don't just want you to pass they push us to exceed and rise above average.
What I like about Adairsville High School is the staff and student body. The staff makes you feel very special and important! The student body is very nice and friendly.
Some teachers don’t care at all but others care about you like their own kid favorites are common in the classroom and in sports and made very obvious with no attempt to hide the favoritism
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Adairsville is the only place I've ever been to high school, so I don't have much to compare it to. The food was not great and senior year I brought my lunch from home because eating the same thing every day was better than eating the school food; I know that's not the administration's fault, but it's something to take note of. I was in marching band and was very involved in art during my high school career, so I felt I did have a strong group of family-like friends. However, not every student felt this way and there was a certain level of bullying and meanness that even I was aware of. Could definitely be improved in a perfect world, though I know no school will ever be perfect.
Adairsville High was a place that made me feel welcome & I always admired that. There was a place for everyone to fit in with all the different clubs and extra curricular activities. Being an art student in a small football crazed town made me feel a bit odd but they always accepted me for who I was.
Adairsville high is very football / sport oriented. There are many lovely teachers and for the most part the atmosphere is welcoming.
The student-teacher relationships are excellent here! You always have someone you can talk too when things aren't going right and the teachers are always willing to help you with anything.
I love the opportunities that the school gives me both academically and extra circular. On the other hand, I believe the school could do a better job at providing equal funding for sports, arts, and academics. Some programs are underfunding because others are put above them.
Adairsville High School is one of the best schools ever. Everyone is caring and want you to succeed.
I like the environment at school, especially in the AP classes I'm in. It's very relaxed, and I learn a lot.
Organization could use some improvement. I feel like some school events/ceremonies had some issues that could have easily been avoided.
I have been attending the Adairsville school system since I was in Elementary school and I have no complaints about the teachers or the staff. The AP and honors programs are very good and the teachers seem to care!
I loved going here for my entire High School career. It was a wonderful experience meeting the teachers and students that I never knew would end up changing my life in such a positive way. The teachers here at Adairsville High use any valuable time they can spare to help you succeed and grow as not only a student, but as a person as well.
A small town with a small school. It is definitely a good school to find a place to fit in. There is not much diversity, but the students are all kind and welcoming to newcomers.
There are many opportunities to excel in academics, sports, clubs and so much more. And there are plenty of options to participate within the community. Amazing staff and teachers are always there to guide and help students anyway possible.
I love AHS because the teachers a d staff do their best to give every child an amazing education and experience. Each teacher enjoys what they do and they do their best to pass that on to the students!!!
I love Adairsville High School! The community is so close, and you always have people you can rely on in tough times. The one thing I would like to see change is the motivation from the students. We are very well-educated, however we aren't very good at stepping out of our comfort zone.
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The extracurricular activities at this school are really great. There are many choices to choose from, so many students are involved. All of the groups are led by great students/teachers.
My experience with the school so far has been great. It is a really good environment for anyone and everybody is treated with respect.
All my teachers strongly encourage me to do the best I can. I feel that all of them genuinely care for each and every student that walks through the front doors.
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