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I enjoyed the environment. I enjoyed being with my classmates. Adair provides time for students to grow closer to each other and to grow in the curriculum.
The teachers are very willing to help each individual student and the small, close environment makes you feel apart of a big family.
I love free school supplies n free lunch. I love awesome caring teachers and staff. A blessing for my child to go there.
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Since I have moved to Adair I have been involved in the school and got to see the great things it has to offer.
The teachers at Adair are very helpful and caring.
The teachers at Adair are excellent. However, the curriculum is painfully limited and inadequate. Your class options are extremely, extremely limited and very poor college preparation as a whole.
There is absolutely no diversity in the school. The student body is largely racist and close-minded. When a black family came to the school my junior year, I began hearing racist slurs about them behind their backs on a daily basis. Being openly homosexual is unheard of. The more popular students openly put down the less popular students. The athletes get high on oxy before games and trade nudes of girls they've slept with like they're trading cards. I do not think much more needs to be said on the matter.
There are virtually no security measures. The doors are always unlocked. There are no ID's of any kind required, they frequently do not even use the visitor sign-in. Bullying is reasonably prevalent. I still have no idea where the school nurse resides or if she is ever actually at the school. I never felt unsafe because Adair is not a dangerous place in the least; however, not everyone would feel the same way about the inadequate safety measures.
There is very little to choose from beyond the typical band, sports, and ag.
There is very little unique about Adair. It is an extremely typical small-town school and I would not have gone to Adair if given a choice because the education simply is not good enough.
Adair is an extremely typical small-town school. It's not a bad school but it is severely lacking. The school does not prepare you very well for a college education. Additionally, they only offer one AP course, to my knowledge, and no honors, IB, or other advanced course plans. The teachers are wonderful people and do their jobs excellently, the administration is average but caring; unfortunately, the school is just too small and underfunded to realistically be a "good" school.
Adair doesn't have may classes that will give easy grades; each student has to learn the material and work to get a grade which prepares them for the future.
It's okay. Adair has little patience for bullies and all the students are educated on the different alarms and what to do in each instance, but we don't have a major police presence or metal detectors etc.
The school security and health is made in thought of not only you but the students in the school around you. Everyone is a top priority and "social classes" do not exist.
Extracurricular activities range from football and baseball, to band and chorus, with a variety of options in between, including: Winter guard, robotics, FCA, FCCLA, FFA, academic team, and many more. The quality and funding for these activities are average to substantial.
With Adair High School being in a small community, finding friends with similar and great attributes is easy. Many teachers prepare you for college, and the real world. Without Adair High School, I don't think I would have the friends and support that I do today, and if I did it wouldn't be near as strong.
The teachers at Adair High School are great. They teach very well and genuinely care about their students. The support they have for school, and belief they have in their students, are unmatched according to the stories I have heard from the students who have moved to various schools.
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Adair is an amazing school. It is unique because it is filled with staff who have a positive influence on the students and really care for them. Adair is a small agricultural and athletic town which supports its students and their interests.
The food in the cafeteria is very good. Any student could choose a salad rather than the served meal and there is a bar to get fruits and vegetables.
Our school principal, Mark Lippe, is very big on making sure the students learn from their mistakes. He discusses what the student has done wrong, why they did it, and what to do next time they have a situation. The most often used punishments for students include pink slips and the in school detention room.
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