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Adair County Middle School Reviews

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We have some of the best programs, and everyone is encouraged to be involved.
I feel that the pricipal, teachers, and other staff are very available. They take swift, and decisive action if there is an issue that needs taken care of.
There is zero tolerance for bullying, and the students are educated on what to do if they are being bullied. The school nurse is wonderful, and always calls if your child is seen in her office, even for minor ailments. I particularly like the student sign in/out requirements. I feel that my child is safe while at school and that the school is doing everything within their power to ensure the safety of all the students.
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Parents are encouraged to be involved with their student's education. There are a lot of tutoring opportunities. I feel that the bus drivers are very knowledgable, and are well qualified for their job. The school building is in good shape, and I feel that my child is safe while attending school. Students are encouraged to use technology to help augment their school work.
I feel that acceptance of everyone, regardless of race, religion, or culture is practiced at this school.
Band is very big in our school and students are encouraged to be a part of the band. Lots of students, teachers, and parents are involved. They have a great relationship with the state 4-H program. The local college offers many extracurricular activities. I like that there are many opportunities for children of all ages and not just older children.
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