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My experience at Adair County High School has been great, It has gave me a chance at meeting new people and all some teachers. It has also opened my eyes as to what career I would like to go into, because of their programs that they offer. There is not much of anything that I would like to see change at Adair County High School, except having better food. Over all ACHS has been great to me and opened very many doors.
Friendly staff and students. As well as a large amount of activities for a middle size school. Program to allow students to go to college in their final year with a certain GPA.
It was a very open and educating experience. It was a close knit high school and very supportive. I was able to attend LWC through a program here at the high school. This program helped get a head start in college.
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What I liked about Adair County Hogh School was the bonding of friendships that I made and life long connections with some of my old teachers that I will never forget. What I would change would be some of the extra curricular choices for the school and the cafeteria options as well.
Adair County High School is a great school to go to. My experience at Adair County High School has been a great experience, during my high school years, Adair High has helped me choose what i want to do when i get out of college, and also what i want to major in, in college. Adair County High School offers many things, such as clubs and organizations. They have also started offering many Vocational training classes, which i really enjoy, because if it wasnt for the vocational Training classes i probably would not know what i was going to major in, in college or what job i want to pursue in after college.
Teachers are readily available to help students. This school is very focused on getting students ready for college and their future.
That's all you would hear about if you come here is "Who won the game?" or "Did they play good?"
They say they enforce it but half the time they don't do anything about it.
I haven't been in any real high school organizations, but in 8th grade I was in Beta Club and by what i hear from friends is that the clubs in high school are great.
My school was very helpful. If you was falling in a subject there was always someone or a class you could take extra to help. it was very helpful in for seniors going into the real world. For me, I got my CNA licenses and went straight to work when i graduated and now i am working and going to college.
It depends on the teachers that you receive. I had mostly advanced classes and was able to pick things up easily while others struggled with how teachers taught. I didnt feel as though most teachers had much interest in me but that didnt bother me too much.
We dont have much student involvement and sadly most dont accept other sexual orientations easily. Most people stay in their own groups like most high schools and we aren't that diverse ethically but students from other countries are slowly coming in.
I have had some amazing teachers and horrible ones. I have had teachers that I could talk to and always were positive. My favorite was my art teacher. She helped me improve all the time and she always took the NAHS on trips to plays and musicals and other cultural experiences. I would choose this school again as long as she was a teacher there.
Its a newer school but seems exactly like a jail, there's barely any parent involvement but we have gotten new iPads and computers and they are constantly striving to improve our technology.
The principal is the one that gives out all the punishments, which is usually in school suspension. But the way they treat in school suspension makes it almost fun to go to. The students get to do whatever they want in that room while the rest of us work in class. I ended up goin to the councelor alot this year for help with college classes and other academic questions but out of the 3 only one seemed to actually help me.
The food is very bland. They took away the deep fryers and bake everything now, which wouldn't be bad if the food u got wasnt either burned or still frozen in the middle. We have small portions(same as the elementary schools) and the wait times are horrible. There has been many times that by the time I got my food and sat down they called our lunch wave to go so I wasnt able to eat the whole time at school. There's no variety and the only day students look forward to is taco salad day
Some teachers are wonderful while others either dont seem to care about the students or just dont seem to know what they are teaching. The curriculum is pretty easy to me I feel as though we are behind. We have had students move here from California and be a year or 2 ahead. Most teachers do stay after school at least once a week for tutoring which helps those that dont fully understand concepts.
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I dont feel unsafe at all in my school. Some kids do get bullied but its not prevalent. You have to be buzzed into the school if your visiting and leave the office people your ID. And we have a police officer in the school at all times. I haven't gone to the school nurse so i dont know how well the health side of our school safety is.
There are many sports to choose from, like volleyball, tennis, baseball, softball, and football ,etc. Our basketball team went to state years ago and it used to be huge then, but since then I cant think of any team that has big crowds at their games or much student support. Our school does have a huge weight room and those in sports are able to take weight lifting as an elective, which I think is pretty helpful for those in sports.
Not a bad school just to easy to pass with almost all A's
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