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Adair-Casey Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It seems like there is always something going on after school.
There aren't many options at our school. You either get what they serve or you can have the option of a salad. What they usually serve is somewhat healthy but the main coarse are for the most part always processed food.
Overall high school was pretty easy for me. We have always been good at football and thats important to me because I love playing football.
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We just got a new weight room. Our football team has qualified for playoffs for the last 5 years, have two state titles, two runner ups, and multiple others. Our 2013 team (my senior year) made it to the semi-finals. Our 2013 girls basketball team made it to the quarterfinals. We've had multiple people qualify for state track as well.
some really don't care if they teach or not - some poor communications
The rules were set for a reason and I feel that they should be followed as is. If you need to wear shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh to school, you should be going to school. it is a place for learning. You don't have to dress up or look cute to learn.
Everyone in this school works together very well. In fact, there is hardly ever a time when if you ask someone for help that they won't help. We are all very close and understand the boundaries that people have. Our school has come a long way in the past few years. We are more organized with what is going on and all our teachers have the same set rules.
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