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My son and neice have gone to this school. This school is not for everyone, but if your child knows how to work hard they will find a rigorous curriculum and caring teachers. Couldn’t be more happy with the Spanish program.

School in a bad neighborhood but the school is very strict on keeping their students safe.
We come to this school with a lot of expectations, because of its reputation. Unfortunately we find is a lack of administration. Teachers are in general good (not exceptional, just good) a lot of them are Spanish speakers (which I’m too, nothing wrong with that) but their English level should be better that what is in reality. The number of kids per class, in several cases exceded the maximum allowed per the district school, for example last year (2019-2020) second grade had classes with 33, 28 and 24 kids until December, they were moving kids little by little but that was unacceptable especially because one of those teachers is so incompetent kids learn very little . No action was taken by administration even though all complaints filled by parents related with this matter. All bathrooms are in a bad conditions, horrible smell. Classroom as well as the school need at least be painted. The environment is hostile with kids and also with parents. The online learning is a joke.
The elementary is a great program, there are many good teachers there and you can study Spanish or Portuguese with English of course. The middle school program is not so great. There are little clubs and electives. The only time you really have a choice is when you are in 8th grade where you decide whether you'd like to do music or visual arts. Everything is very strict and the school really just focuses on the IB program. There are many great teachers in the middle school program such as Mr. Hercule and Mr. Ferrandiz who help you learn and have fun at the same time. Many parents are involved in the school over all and they have helped the school improve some of it's issues.
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the food is lowkey kinda bad, like sometimes they have chicken nuggets and burgers. the teachers are good. the portuguese middle school teacher is very chill and lets you do whatever. i am writing vurrently writing this in my advanced design class because i can and the teach is cool. PEROId.
We absolutely love this school! It is a small and safe environment, where you end up getting to know all teachers, staff and parents. Kids feel like home as they know everyone and staff is really friendly and caring with them and us parents. The Principal is wonderful and is super involved with kids and all school issues and parents. She is everywhere!!! Our son loves everything about Ada Merritt!
The food is, well, middle school food. Usually beans, rice, and very occasionally something nice like chicken nuggets. Personally, i prefer to bring my own school lunch. Most of the teachers are fantastic, although some have preferences for certain grades. On the social aspect, amazing. Last school i went to i mt like two friends, but this school allows for much more social contact. However, i feel that k-6 are very isolated, and all their classes happen inside of a small corridor, while middle school gets to explore the whole, amazing campus between classes.
Best school ever.... send your child in this school k got out by elementry but my brother when to middle school i really recomend this high school
I loved the trachers, they rrally helped me out and made me a better student.The school may not be as new as some but it is a good school.
Students are taught to be open-minded as one of the IB attitudes that are reinforced since Kindergarten. Bullying is not tolerated and is handled immediately. There is school security all over and police outside at dismissal to ensure children's safety.
Though I only stayed after school for the International Studies program, the activities available for students were of a wide variety, from Flamenco lessons to soccer.
There are so many after school activities and engaging classroom settings that set it apart from the rest of the schools. Though the workload can be overwhelming for a student in elementary or middle school, it is so beneficial when it comes to transitioning to high school. I would absolutely choose this school again. The classes are small and the teachers really care for the students and their education.
Each of the teachers I had over the course of nine years were excellent. I had such a strong and culturally-based education thanks to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program that transitioning into high school was a breeze. Ms. Kinney is by far one of the best, if not the best teacher I've ever had. She is so thorough in her lessons and cares so much about every student.
The campus is very open and security is not great. the school is clean but the surrounding area is terrible.
There are no opportunities for younger kids unless they get accepted to the IE or IS program
I wish there were more sports / extracurricular activities at this school.
As in any school there are some issues at Ada Merritt. I believe that there is an issue with bullying at this school that is not addressed bu the administration. It comes from both parents and students. Some teachers care about each and every student and some play favorites. It is a school for high achievers. There is not alot of room for out of the box thinkers.
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