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Ada high is a tradition enriched school. We take pride in being the best and working hard to achieve our goals. The teachers really do care about their students, but some teachers do not teach at the higher level that advanced students should be taught at. Ada high could change for the better by hiring more advanced teachers and having harder coursework. I believe at Ada high we miss too much class time for outside activities, such as all school assemblies and pep rallies. We lose very valuable instruction time throughout the year and lose even more towards the end of the year; when we should be preparing for finals and AP tests.
It is an amazing school, it has a great activity program. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great place for sports or even extra curricular activities.
As the transition from coming from the junior high to the high school I learned to be more comfortable and open to new things. I'm more of the shy and bashful type that always has anxiety but high school is helping me cope with it. I think of it as getting me ready for college including all the speech and lecture classes I will be attending.
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Ada High School is the definition of a small school with a big passion for their students. Every teacher I have come in contact with in my four years of attending, have become some of my best friends. They are so much more than just an educator. They take time to pour into every student that walks through the door and continue to give their all until we walk across the stage at graduation. I have been well taught, well loved, and extremely grateful to have gone through such a wonderful school system. The impact from this faculty and experience will last me forever.
Ada High school is a fantastic school with teachers and staff that care about the kids and take initiative to pour into student live. I have enjoyed all three years I've attended. The support for band, football, basketball and all sports is great, and the school is like a family.
If i could change one thing it would be to go to more school events.
Our school doesn't have the funding or man power to make sure security is secure.
There are plenty of options for everyone to have a club they like, but they aren't always well planned or organized, and they don't usually have high attendence.
Parents only care about THEIR child, not others. Plus most of the parents hate the teachers and/or school board/ administration.
No one wants to put in effort to wither teach or help students. There are maybe 3 teachers overall who actually care about the kids and actually know what they're talking about.
Attending this school has been an overall great experience. However, there are few areas that could use improvement. The school suffers from a lack of funding so the overall quality of teaching materials are less than desirable, and the appearance of the school also suffers from the lack of money. I would choose to attend this school again simply because the teachers care so deeply for their students. Most teachers go beyond in helping their students achieve their goals in school.
The "school nurse" is never at the high school, there is only one nurse for the whole school system. I have not seen her since elementary school. We do however have a lady from Health Corps to talk to classes about eating healthy.

In the past year we have had a few school threats. The first was a message written in a bathroom stall, the second was a message on the front wall saying "KILL U ALL" in spray paint, and the third was a joke on snapchat. So safety is not the best thing at school.
Extracurricular activities are the best thing Ada High has to offer. There are tons of different clubs that meet at lunch but most don't require a huge commitment. Student council is the most involved club that requires the most commitment.
I like my school pretty well, but it could be better. I wish there were more classes to take, I've taken every math class available, one more than once. The band program is pretty good, I've enjoyed the time I've spent with it. There are many clubs to join that meet at lunch, I'm in many. I feel that my school is fairly average.
The quality of teachers at Ada High very greatly. Some teachers care a great deal about what they do, take interest in students, and teach challenging classes. Others are coaches who need to teach in order to keep their position as a coach and care little about teaching. With some coaches/teachers you can really tell that they don't want to be there, because they'll tell you.
All of the doors are locked. Guests are required to sign in at the front desk.
There are many clubs available from Health Club to Math Club. We also have Band, Choir, Football, Track, and many other extracurricular organizations.
My overall experience has been very positive. I have been able to participate in sports, as well as the arts.
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All of my teachers are very interested in their subjects. They are always available if I need extra help.
All three years that I have attended Ada High School something has always gone wrong each year. My sophomore year a student almost died from TB that he didn't know he had so half of the school had to go get tested to see if they had it just in case they came into contact with that student, they didn't want it spreading it around even more. The school offers free flue shots for anyone who needs it. We have had a lot of threats made to our school though. The most recent one was towards the end of my junior year last year. A girl had made a hit list and threat in the bathroom stall specifically targeting the girls basketball and track team, which I am a part of. The school did send out an automatic call to all the students and parents explaining the situation and did allow us to miss school that next day if we felt threatened. They caught the girl but two days later another threat was spray painted onto the school twice saying, "kill you all". We had to attend school that day but there were cops roaming the halls just in case anything happened. This year they allowed the girl to come back to our school, we had a pep assembly once and she was trying to get through the crowd and was telling people "get out of my way before I bomb you all". I and a few others who heard this reported it to teachers but nothing was done about it. Recently we found out that they're letting her back on the track team this year and I myself along with the other girls on the team do not feel safe at all. Besides this situation we do have practice drills in case of intruders and I think a few teachers have secret weapons in the classrooms. Doors are always locked and cameras are finally working so the environment is pretty safe.
This is our third year offering a health corps program and just recently health club decided to try out something new all the students could do after school on Tuesdays. We started a running club. At first we didn't really think many people would join because most students were in sports already that they have to be at after school so we didn't really have high expectations for it. But it has been doing surprisingly well! There's a total of maybe 15 students who always run with us on Tuesdays and those students always try to encourage their friends to tag along. Most students are doing it for fun or because they want to get in shape but aren't the sporty type. It's not just students either though, there's also staff who enjoy coming to run too. Considering this after school activity just started and there's these many students showing up is actually higher than we expected, especially since it's been cold out so I cam't imagine how many more people are gonna join when the nice weather comes back.
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