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I've lived in Ada my whole life and Ada Schools has helped me grow and develop into the best I could be. With extremely small class sizes, the teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand outside of class and often are willing to personalize. The music program there excels at the highest level and art is also exceptional there. If I could see one thing change, it would be the lack of communication between the administration and the students/faculty. The school board has no idea who we as Ada High School are.
I have always felt extremely safe at this school. There have been drills to prepare students for any situation that could have happened. The school nurse did a fairly good job when students came to her as well.
Throughout my years at this school, the variety and number of clubs and organizations has increased. Most people involved in the clubs are pretty committed and many students are members of multiple organizations.
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My overall experience at this school was amazing. I met lifelong friends who I know I can count on for anything. Everyone knows everyone and there is always someone to help you in your time of need. I would definitely choose this school again because of the great environment it provides.
Overall, teachers at the school are very good. Some have issues with technology or discipline but most are very effective and take great interest in students' learning.
After graduating from Ada I was quite surprised to learn that I was much more prepared for college then other people in my classes. Ada may prepare you for college but not so much for the real world. The resumes the everyone designs in English classes are pointless and are not acceptable in the job market. Also when I took personal finance the class does not cover taxes which to me seems crazy. These small improvements could increase students readiness in the real world by a quite a bit.
Some of the college prep courses are not rigourous.
I don't eat the school lunch. portions are too small
It has been culturally stimulating. My classes were challenging
We have culturally diverse classes
Football is supported. Other sports such as baseball and soccer get little support
Teachers in the high school have masters degrees.
Attendance is expected. It is difficult the last period to study. we manage a few projects
Exterior doors are locked except front entrance.
We have a lot of resources we can use, such as laptops. We also have a library where we can also find resources.
We have language club and art club. I'm sure there's more of a variety. I played high school sports and worked. I didn't attend any clubs.
We have a variety of sports you can play. We also have great fan supporters. We also have spirit days on Fridays for football and basketball games.
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We have CP and a few AP classes. Our teachers try not to put too much on our plate but they give us enough they we will be able to do on top of all of our other classes. As long as you have the grades to get into the CP and AP classes you can get into it, as long as it fits with all the other classes you're trying to take. Our Guidance Counselor tries her best to make everything you want to take fit into your schedule!
Our cafeteria workers have tried their best to bring in healthy foods that everyone will like, they also try to make a good variety of the food. For kids who are going on diets or are vegetarians have a little bit of a variety.
The students here are all very open to being friends with everyone, we all try our best to get everyone involved and to make other students/new students feel accepted. We all accept everyone no matter their race, religion or ethnic diversity. We have a few kids who have different sexual preferences but we do not bully them or shut them out of group activities, we accept it and move on.
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