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Ada-Borup Secondary School Reviews

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Some of my best memories come from this school. If you participate in many activities you are sure to have a great time.
I have enjoyed the traditions that have been kept through my high school career here.
All teacher have different ways of teaching which makes the days go by faster. I like having different styles of teaching to keep things interesting.
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THere is hardly any gang issues here.
Could use some new items.
They do what they can to help students.
Didn't give very many real world situations
I feel my children are safe in the school
I think we have great polices and procedures
I love the small town atmosphere we all look out for each other
The teachers are excellant, the commodary is excellant the diveristy of opportunity is Amazing!!
I feel my child will have several opportunites by going to school here
The Teachers have always been there for my child he has had to call them after hours and they have been available willingly
We moved back to this town to ensure our children could be apart of the excellent school system here. We couldnt be happier
This school provides opportunities year round they have a sports trainer who comes in to work with the students they always have the gym open for the students to come and play Sports is a priority here. There are many children involved in athletics with the success the programs have. I love the atmosphere of it doesnt matter if you are a 7th grader or a 12th grader they are all recognized as part of the team as either a Current part or the future of the team. IT trains the older students to be role models for others. I love this school and as an alumni moved my family back here so that my children could be apart of this school system.
There were only a couple of teachers at this facility that I cared for.
The school nurse is not very educated in her field. I feel like it is something you could diagnose yourself.
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I would gladly choose this school again over any other. I have had many memorable experiences and have met many wonderful people. I love the location of the school and its many diversities.
I could not have chosen a better fit for me than Winona State. I have made many new friends and the campus is gorgeous. They have an excellent nursing program which is extremely important to me and they are always willing to work with you.
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