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The put every thING to gather really well when it comes to schedule and what there going to teach
The now have it where the the is a door between the office and the hall so in order for parents to go in hall they have to sign in get viator tag then they will unlock the door for the parents . Teachers have id's we as students also habe id's but students don't have to wear them all the time but we have to have a hall pass in order to be in hall and we have an officer at school . They are very Carefull
I was president of builders club for 2 and 1/2 years the thing I liked the most was we went to the nursing home and would give the ellderly people blankets and books and games and etc we also did theis library for the whole community where you paint it and but it out outside and people take a book and bring a book
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This school does reward system to try to get all students wanting to get involved in school work . So it is if you have a set of missed days they set also a or bs on grades for aND they make it wear you get out of class and you can do activities you also can win things like I pads tablets and more it is really fun and a great way to get kids to try
The teachers at wheat middle school help you if you don't understand something and they also help you when subs or

Other teachers don't listen because you have a medical problem so they make sure everything is ok . Even if there not your teaches no more and you have a problem if it is with bulling or etc they are there for you . The teachers all have different teaching style but by no means are they bad because we all got interactive in the lessons and they made them fun but at the same time you had to listen and do notes . When it came to grading we got grades in about the range of 2 to 3 weeks because each class had . A binder to but the work in for each 6 weeks .
At this school, bullying is not tolerated and I like how they make the kids wear uniforms so no one is judged by what they are wearing or what they own.
The had the FCA (Christian after school association) which provided snacks and a lot of fun to the students who attended.
I would go to this school again because when I wanted to get out of P.E because I kept getting hurt, the counselor completely understood and let me get out of the class and put me in a better class.
When I went to this school, it was the best years of school and I had learned so much. I was impressed with how much they engaged with the students and me. Everyday in history the teacher would have the IPads out and we would do a lesson together on it.
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