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A.D. Johnston Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I am the kind of student who really enjoys learning. Its something that I hope to always do because building up my knowledge base is something that helps me in every situation. However, do to some very personal medical difficulties I am taking most of my classes through A.D. Johnston Junior/Senior High School online. The school is a very nice and safe place to be and the staff are all very kind and caring about the students.
I will always cherish my time at ADJ. There is no other school I'd rather go too. our staff is excellent, and friendly, and they go out of their way to make sure you succeed in anything you put your mind too. They support you in anything and everything, and they are always there cracking jokes whenever any student just needs a laugh. I'm so grateful I was able to go here for my education. Thank you for everything ADJ. Once a Speedgirl, always a Speedgirl.
What I like about A.D. Johnston is how close I got with the teachers. They were always willing to help me whenever I had problems with school or life in general. All the classes that I've taken have been very easy for me. I very much enjoyed our German program which offers two years of German and to be able to go on a German class trip which I will be attending in 2017. What I would like to see change is the amount of positivity in my school. There's definitely not a lot, but some people have started to notice this and have been making changes to spread positivity including me.
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There are a lot of problems that arise at the school that higher authority don't handle the right way or don't handle it at all and continue to let it happen
I was happy I could graduate a year earlier, but not happy that none of my teachers believed I could do it.
We don't have many different ethnicities in our school. Everyone's pretty much the same. A lot of us are loud and annoying, we like to have fun, tease each other, and are very sarcastic all the time.
Teachers always do their best so a kid gets good grades. They don't like seeing kids fail and most understand when hard things are happening in their lives if they need an extra day for homework or a test.
I've personally always had fun with sports and with the coaches and everyone. But it's the usual kids benign too lazy to practice and then blame the coach when they don't get playing time. Kids are seeming to get lazier and lazier as you look down at the lower grades compared to how I remember us being.
Could use some more health things. Bullying has gotten a better control with out new superintendent. We don't really have any security besides teachers roaming the halls in between classes.
Everyone's nice and always willing to help out with whatever you need. Class sizes are smaller so you can get help whenever you need it. Also the class sizes are small so you get to know everyone in your class and will have friendships that last a lifetime.
All the coaches and teachers helping out do a great job. Makes everything fun when it come to learning the game or something new. We have a variety of sports and a variety of clubs like German, Spanish, key club, and quiz bowl.
Not much to pick from. Pretty much what they have out you get.
If any issues come up, the principal usually handles them personally. He's new this year and likes getting involved with the students. There isn't really any bullying, because if somebody is different from the majority of the student population, nobody cares. The dress code is reasonable and vey easy to understand; it usually isn't a problem anyways, because we live in the U.P. with below zero temperatures almost every day from Thanksgiving through april, and during May the weather is still pretty cold.
It's a pretty small school located in the snowbelt. There is practically mo diversity; not because the school is prejudiced, but because there just isn't a diverse population were we live. As far as I know, there is one African-American student at my scjool, and he is one of the coolest people I know. There are no prejudices against him, because nobody really cares that he's African-American. The same goes for other minorities: there aren't many, and if there are some, nobody really cares.
Besides sports, there really isn't much for extra curriculars. There is a Key Club and a few other related clubs, but that's it. The other clubs don't do much, and Key Club meetings take place during lunch once a week. So unless you sign up for one of the community service activities, there isn't any other club options.
For a small area, my school is pretty good. The classes are fairly challenging, and the teachers are nice. I transferred to this school from Wakefield sophomore year, and I would never go back. In bessemer, I have friends. I have people that I can talk to if need be, and I can be a part of many opportunities (Key Club, NHS, Science Olympiad) that I never had in Wakefield. Sure, some things could be improved, but isn't that true of all schools? Especially ones from rural areas?
I have only ever once heard of a person being drunk during school, but the situation was handled excellently. We have practiced both lockdowns and fire drills, and everybody is very comfortable with the procedures. Our school does not have much bullying, but the few cases of bullying that existed were taken care of swiftly. We do not have a school nurse, but we have never neded one.
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The school has basic sports (Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Football), but that's it. We have an understanding with another nearby high school about Cross Country, but only a few students participate in that. The weight room is generally used by boys sports teams and a few other students. The school is pretty small, so most of the students are athelites. Generally, it is parents who go to watch games.
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