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A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School Reviews

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I liked the freedom that the school gave as well as the superior labs and access to college level courses. However, the 9th grade teachers could be better. Also, there could be more support as far as guidance counselors for the high school students.
The high school provides a very unique learning experience. Working at the college starting sophomore year provides a great head start to the rest of your education.
FAU high school provided an amazing opportunity to be a full-time college student, while still in high school. It allowed me to obtain my associates degree while in high school.
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Overall, I love the experiences and opportunities that FAU highschool provides to the students. However, the only complaint I have is I wish the administration would take into more consideration. For example, administration made the assumption that students took 8 a.m classes because their parents worked and scheduled the start at 8 a.m. However, when a poll was taken, every student said they would be able to come later if class was later.
FAU High School is AMAZING. It allowed me to dual enroll at Florida Atlantic University. I am now 17 with 82 credits towards my degree. I will graduate with a bachelors at 19, and hopefully enter dental school at that age. I can' even believe 9t myself. The possibilities here are incomparable. Everyone here WANTS you to succeed just as much as yourself. I am constantly getting emails from my counselors, principal and old teachers about opportunities they want us to take part in. I have had the most wonderful experience I could ever ask for. I highly encourage everyone to apply.
I like the teachers. I would like to see more of an involvement in sports. I would also like to see better food offered
Absolutely beautiful campus, people, and resources! It is a home away from home I have never felt un safe or not at home during my time at FAU and the opportunities it has created for me are unexplainable!
The school's environment was very welcoming and encouraging. The teachers there are amazing and they really want the students to do their best. The material can get hard but the teaches do their best to teach it in a way that is beneficial to the students. The program FAU High School offers is phenomenal and I am very grateful that I was apart of it.
FAU High is a great school that provides unmatched opportunities. This school will prepare you for college and the dual-enrollment program allows you to graduate with many college credits. The experience is priceless and although the courses may be rigorous, it is all worth the blood, sweat, and tears.
FAU Highschool offers the best academic program available to students in Florida. By the time you graduate highschool, you could also end up receiving a bachelors degree in college. The administration is very helpful with college advice and preparation, and they are always there for students to go for advice.
I love A.D. Henderson University School. I am a high school senior, and it's so nice to be able to fully dual enroll at Florida Atlantic University. You are able to see your peers grow. I have been with some of my peers since Kindergarten. The school has a great atmosphere.
I really love FAU Highschool. It is a great opportunity to get ahead for the future and experience the college setting. I am able to get ahead and graduate highschool with many credits working towards my major. The environment on the high school and college campus is awesome. The people were very intelligent and allowed us all to compete and work our hardest to succeed in this type of school. Overall, my experience with FAU high was amazing.
I had such an amazing time in my 4 years at FAUHS. The teachers and the endless opportunities here are amazing!
There are hardly any ECs, and the ones that are offered are horrible and/or impossible to access. As someone who lives very far away from her school, ECs are pretty much useless as I usually have to spend an hour to drive to the school, an hour for the activity, then an hour to drive home. The clubs are very secluded and it's very difficult for an outsider (as in someone who is not currently part of the club or friends with people from the club/EC) to join in on an EC
The only good thing is the independence we are given. It's nice to be fully dually enrolled so we can get a lot of work done, but there is little effort in helping the kids succeed. For such a small school, requests and guidance are processed so slowly, it's a wonder anything gets done.
Some of the teachers are very dedicated, but the enthusiasm of the teachers seems to decrease with every passing day. It seems as if they're losing all interest in teaching at all. From the beginning to the end of each year, they start out strong but about 1/4 of the way through they give up all hope and make the students just do busy work.
This school gave me so many opportunities!
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The teachers at FAU High are excellent!
Great management, faculty and student body all work hand in hand for success.
NHS is a great club that gives back to Community and helps students interact amongst themselves also.
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