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A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School Reviews

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FAU High School is an amazing school that has worked hard to prepare me and my peers to succeed in college and even further beyond. Ninth grade was harsh and a little discouraging at times with how demanding the workload was but has granted me the tools I need to succeed in college life. The only change I would make is the addition of more clubs for the ninth graders, but this problem is resolved in tenth grade once they have access to the clubs offered at FAU.
FAU High School provides an excellent education to its students! It gave me the opportunity to fully dual-enroll at Florida Atlantic University throughout high school, while also offering typical high school clubs and activities. I graduated with nearly 100 college credits! Overall, I would highly recommend this school.
Incredible academic curriculum and highly educated and dedicated teachers. Great location and great college acceptance rates. Reputation is well known amounst parents and alumni.
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I hate this place, it has no real benefits and the kids are awful. Why are we promoting children to strive for the average and go to FAU of all places. This place allows for social issues to fester and is awful at recreating the “high school experience”. It’s awful, don’t apply. They make you take useless classes such as “Steps to Success”.
I really like attending this school although I've been here for two years. The high school is quaint and a majority of those who attend the high school have also attended the middle and elementary school. Basically, everyone knows everyone. There are several clubs to chose from but the most popular ones mostly deal with technology and science. The Dual-enrollment program at the high school is unmatched-- Students 10th+ have the liberty of attending the university campus (Florida Atlantic University) where there are allowed to chose their own classes and make their own. Students interact with adults and get a headstart on their careers.
FAU High is a great school, perfect for students who love a challenging environment and would benefit from the excellent college prep that the school offers. Students in the 10th grade are fully immersed into the college setting, though, there are various resources for them to seek help and ensure their success on the FAU campus. Overall, it was a unique experience that entails a certain degree of responsibility but was also quite enjoyable.
Challenging! It's a good school and has allowed me to finally have something academically challenging. I'm very excited to graduate with a bachelor's, or just a lot of credits.
I appreciate the opportunities they provided for several students, great and intuitive program. They allowed for several students who passed onto 10th grade to take college classes and get a large advantage due to the early jump start into college. Makes you responsible for yourself and mature and grow academic and social skills.
From Kindergarten to high school, it has been the most exciting educational path that I could have imagined. The opportunities that are available are unlike any other school. So proud to have started here, and so proud to continue through high school!!
I appreciate that FAU High School prepared the students well in studying and prioritizing our time efficiently, so that it was easier to adapt to the academic lifestyle while taking classes on the college campus. Expectations were high in academic performance that the college classes were almost a breeze to take. The school has probably changed in their infrastructure, teachers, and curriculum since the last time I've visited in 2017.
FAU High gave me so many opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. I was able to pursue the career of my dreams by the age of 15. This tight-knit community is exactly what allows students to flourish and become great professionals and more outgoing. I definitely interacted with a lot more students who shared the same educational values as I did, and I will forever be thankful for this. The only thing they lose a star on is the lack of an area where students can 'hang out,' that is exclusive to only FAU High School students, as transferring into a college campus at 15 can be a bit intimidating.
FAU High School is an amazing school because it saves everyone money and most importantly, time. Students at other high schools will be taking AP classes that they may or may not get college credit for and/or other classes as time fillers to take before they can leave high school. Here, you're taking college classes with other college students and not wasting time while everything is paid for.
The school has a great community of parents and faculty. I have felt welcomed from day one and never felt that if I had a worry or concern it would be ignored. I did not realize how advanced the students were until my child took a college placement exam while in 8th grade. Amazing how much they learn and what they learn. I do feel that some teachers do give a huge amount of work which is a tremendous strain on the student and family. The school should truly look into providing a better academic balance for the children. Other than than that I think it's wonderful and will miss them once my child graduates.
This charter school gives students an equal opportunity to apply and offers nice financial aid services. It is centered around academics and pushes the students very hard. The school pays for the students to take a full load of college courses from 10-12 grade. If you're determined to get ahead in your career and academics, this school is perfect for you and will save you a lot of money during the process! They provide great opportunities in research and other criteria. The only downside is the limited sport options and an untraditional high school experience, including a small prom, winter formal, etc.
I liked the independence that the school granted the students in their ability to choose classes. I would like to see more complete student involvement in extracurricular activities.
At A.D Henderson FAU High School I was given the great opportunity of being able to begin college early and get a good start on my future, which is something that I will always appreciate.
I liked the freedom that the school gave as well as the superior labs and access to college level courses. However, the 9th grade teachers could be better. Also, there could be more support as far as guidance counselors for the high school students.
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The high school provides a very unique learning experience. Working at the college starting sophomore year provides a great head start to the rest of your education.
FAU high school provided an amazing opportunity to be a full-time college student, while still in high school. It allowed me to obtain my associates degree while in high school.
Overall, I love the experiences and opportunities that FAU highschool provides to the students. However, the only complaint I have is I wish the administration would take into more consideration. For example, administration made the assumption that students took 8 a.m classes because their parents worked and scheduled the start at 8 a.m. However, when a poll was taken, every student said they would be able to come later if class was later.
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