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Good teachers were excellent; bad teachers never planned their courses and encouraged students to toss homework in the wastebasket so they didn't need to grade it. Admins didn't differentiate between the good and the bad teachers; the school board actually pushed good teachers out so that my tuition could be spent on their egos, instead of what students required. As my principal (Carol Brown, major idiot) explicitly told me, 'you will just pick up math and science in university, anyway.'
Ad Fontes is a great place for students to learn and grow. While it has its downsides like any other institution, it cultivates a desire for learning in the students, and everyone has an opportunity to get involved.
The administration and teachers are very resourceful in helping our kids .
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I feel very safe with my students at this school. There have never been any major security issues.
I am so pleased with the academically challenging and Christ focused curriculum. The teachers and administration are very involved and do an amazing job facilitating a meaningful learning environment. I love Ad Fontes!
Academics should come before athletic facilities. The kids do have PE several times a week in elementary school and have opportunities after school for additional athletics in middle and high school.
Strange to rate a school based on their contraceptive methods! Classical education is so impressive. Students take on a very heavy academic load and learn so much through each year. I love that my kids are constantly stretched.
Teachers and the administration take classroom safety and a loving environment very seriously.
The teachers at Ad Fontes are wonderful. They are experts in classical education, expect a lot from our students, and tie everything learned into God.
I love, love love the administration. They take all concerns very seriously. They are very involved in the classroom and do a great job communicating with families.
Sports are available to older students, but there are after school activities for all grades and many successful programs.
Building is rented. Could stand improvements.
The school is an incredible academic experience. I felt very solid entering college after this experience. A few of the teachers are not the best and since the school is so small you get stuck with them multiple times. The other disadvantage of a small school is you have no privacy in your personal life. Everyone knows everyone and is in everyones business. But overall you love the experience of the school.
They have a soccer team and a basketball team. They tried to start a swim team, but the school is so small its hard to start any sort of sports team.
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