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AB provides many opportunities to challenge yourself with its rigorous academics. I have no complaints about any of the teachers that I have had, they are all very supportive and great at teaching. The two major downfalls to AB is the food and the stress that many students are under. The competitive atmosphere of AB leads to insane stress levels and students do not feel like they are smart even if they are in above-average classes. However, AB makes you very ready for college with its above-average standards and academic rigor.
Acton Boxborough Regional High School is a school of about 2,000 students, yet teachers are still able to form a connection with their students and be available for extra help. This school has an encouraging environment and teaches many valuable lessons needed after high school.
Its a big school but not overwhelming. It is challenging and not for those that may thrive in a small school environment. However it does prepare you very well for college.
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ABRHS is a pretty big school. There are lots of clubs/sports to choose from. I've been told that we are over prepared for college and diverse.
Administrators say they care about students’ mental health, but it mainly feels like an afterthought
Good school, ok food, great resources . Teachers are ok students are one big family. Great STEM programs and connections.
Most of the teachers are supportive and organized well. Parents are involved to all kinds of sports, activities and clubs.
The sports and clubs are fun, but it is a lot of pressure. The good teacher are really good and the bad teachers are really bad.
Many opportunities to get involved in the community. Good sports teams and great school spirit. The academics are very good, but it comes with a very high pressure environment.
Acton-Boxborough is a community that prioritizes education. This high school is among its most cherished places of teaching. Most graduates of this high school go on to college, and most will work in professional roles: business, engineering, law, or medicine. The teachers here are passionately committed to education and learning. Counter examples are rare, and not long lasting.
I liked that resources are readily available, and there are people you can talk to for help if you are stressed or concerned about something. Our academics also make us one of the top public schools in the state. However, because our academics are so competitive, it creates a very toxic and stressed out environment in the school, where almost everybody feels the need to compete with each other. Teachers do not make your life any easier as workloads get piled up and are very difficult to get through. When you voice your concerns to the teachers or counselors, they do not seem to hear you.
Overall my experience has been pretty positive at AB; however, I know many peers who struggle at AB due to administrative issues. The school has issues dealing with racial injustices and mental health issues. Many of the teachers want to help students learn and grow, however, there are still teachers at AB who do not teach, are extremely harsh, or do not care about their students. Many of the students at AB learn the material on their own, rather than from the teachers. Classes are hard if you take the Honors/AP levels and the academic culture at AB encourages bad behavior. Many students brag about their lack of sleep, how late they started studying, or how they cheated on a test.
Well academics are great but my experience there has been overshadowed by the overwhelming need to do well.
High school is different for everyone, but overall, AB helped me become a better student and it has adequately prepared me for higher education.
Recently, the administration at AB has been much more responsive to student ideas and complaints than they have been in the past.
tough school academically but my child is super prepared for college. very challenging from an academic & athletic perspective. One thing that could change is in the math & science classes, think about having a level between Honors and AE. In some of these subjects, they teach AE at an honors level based upon the amount of outside tutoring some students get for these specific courses.
ABRHS did a really good job of preparing me for college. I attend a well-ranked University and my classes are easier than they were at AB. It definitely pushes you to learn how to study and succeed. But sometimes because everyone is so academically focused, it feels like you're never smart enough. I didn't experience many clubs or extracurriculars. Very active music and drama program though.
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I really did enjoy a lot of my time of learning at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. All the teachers and staff prepared me for any obstacle that I could come across in the future and made sure I understood everything that was going on. There are lots of opportunities like clubs and other school events to build strong connections with others. If there is anything I would like to change about the school however, is that I would change the way the administration deals with bad behavior. In-school suspensions can do a lot to teach/punish the students for doing something bad, but doing it over and over again can make it feel like getting in trouble is no big deal.
ABRHS is an amazing school for academics. My main complaint is that no one cares about the mental health of the students. As a mainly honors student, my personal experience has been very stressful. The school counselors do nothing to help the students, and the teachers for higher level classes can be unfair and work the students too hard. There have been at least 5 suicides (by only high school students) in the past 2 years in AB. Needless to say, the academics are amazing, but that comes with the price of overworked, stressed, and depressed students.

The clubs and athletics at ABRHS are amazing and offer something to take students' minds off of schoolwork. There's a lot of school spirit.

The students themselves at AB are hit or miss. There are great people in AB, and there are a lot of people who really aren't. Many groups of friends become very tight-knit and supportive, and that helps tremendously with the stress and difficult academics.
The workload can be stressful with a community that doesn't seem to care. However, the academics are very good and I have met some of my best friends and the elective courses I have found to be very engaging.
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