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Acorn is a very small school, which I like. In the high school, everybody knows everybody. You are very much like a family there. You are personal with the teachers and get plenty of help when needed. They have very good athletic programs, and many clubs for anybody who is not a fan of athletics. But for the people who do love sports, they have a good fan base that makes it that much more enjoyable. When it comes to college, we have teachers on hand to help know what we need to know. They help with scholarships and make sure to let us know what is going on. If there was anything I would like to change, it would be food. I am an athlete at the school and never really feel like I get enough. When I do I always feel tired because it is high in carbs. So the one thing I would change would be more nutritious food that is filling without over or under doing what they give us.
I love being at Acorn!! It is a small campus, so you get to know most of the people. Being on a small campus makes me feel safer.
Great community of students and staff! Great learning environment. The selection of classes is great. Having the option for taking college classes has helped me a lot.
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Acorn really gave you the chance to connect with anything. My principal was married to the band/choir director and they became my second family. Acorn did amazing things for me, and gave me amazing opportunities.
I have gone to Acorn High School all my life. This year is my thirteenth year and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. My school is pretty small, but with that comes many opportunities. Some advantages I have encountered are more one on one time with teachers, smaller classes, being familiar with everyone in the high school and knowing their names and personalities. Acorn has changed, yet is has kept its homey feel. In the past couple years we have added, improved, and renovated our campus. There is not much I hope to see changing at Acorn High in the next couple of years other than keeping the campus alive and thriving. I hope to someday introduce my children to the front doors of the vibrant Acorn School.
The school applies new technology to teaching.
There are rules but not very strictly followed.
We have a very good basketball and track team.
Some are great students. Some are not and only want to have fun. It depends on who you play with
I barely hear anything inappropriate about alcohol or drug in my school.
I really love the FCCLA club of the school. We went to Cluster Meeting in Little Rock and met some of the National Officers. We also had other activities which were very interesting.
The school is much smaller than my previous school. However, this year, there are approximately 20 exchange students from over 10 countries, which makes the school much more interesting and diverse. I am disappointed that Acorn does not offer many classes and not many students actually want to concentrate on studying.
Sports teams and clubs are great!
They are great teachers and will help you succeed and achieve your goals.
It's impossible to describe our sports teams. The team spirit is awesome. We have the best tiger mascot we have ever had. Not to mention, I am fortunate enough to hold the mascot position (big smile right now). The are several sports programs. Our cheerleaders may be few, but they give all they got!
The food situation at my school is very disappointing. When I first came, there were options to choose from: lunch tray or salad bar or potatoe bar, which alternated throughout the week. Now, we are on a strict menu and portion policy, no thanks to Mrs. Obama and her "one size fits all" lunch programs. Students go hungry and pig out at home. It's not great at all. Some of the food is okay, but most of the time, what is worth eating, there isn't enough of to feed a seventh grader.
We have multiple extracurricular activites at my school. Not counting any sports, we have the following: FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, NHS, FCS, Science Club, Quiz Bowl, and probably some that I don't even know about! Our FFA organization is really great. The ag teacher encourages students to join and to participate in events such as livestock showing, judging, meetings, and conferences. The FCCLA organization is probably one of the top clubs on campus. I participated last year and Mrs. Hays, the FCCLA supervisor and FACS teacher, led me and my friend Lydia all the way to National Star Events competition. She pushes members to do what she knows they are capable of and encourages other students to join and participate in other events and activities. Also, our FCCLA is a big supporter of the Breat Cancer Awareness Society and Relay for Life. Our members work year round to raise money and support for this cause. Our FCS (Fellowshipping of Christian Students) club is one I am personally very proud of. I have been fortuante to hold the place as president this year, as my senior year. I encourage student to be who they are and not to be affraid to stand up for their faith in God. I try my hardest to be a good example to student of all ages, and even teachers.

Our clubs are truly great, but I believe we have some of the best sports teams in the state. Our Girls' Basketball team has advanced to state competition multiple times and has placed in the top two places each time. Our Archer team has advanced to World Competition their first year as a team and placed top 30 in the world. Now, when it comes to track and crosscountry, we can't be beat. We have some of the best runners in the state, and the top few runners have winners rings for almost every one of their ten fingers. If you want to learn more about my school, you will have to come and visit for a few days to find out for yourself. There's too much to possibly fit in this little box!
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My school is a pretty decent school when it comes to technology. In the elementary, every teacher has an iPad. Also, the elementary library has several iPads available to students under teacher supervision. In the high school we have a computer lab and computers in the library for students to use when needed. Most teachers have a smart board, and a few more advanced learning tools.

As for the facilities, those arent too bad either. Our restrooms are clean and work great. Doors, camera systems and lights are great too. The only thing that I'm not too fond of, is the hallway. It's not tiny, but it isn't big either. It's difficult to get where you're going in a hurry, unless you're a master weaver.

We have multiple college recruiters every year. Also, our guidance counselor has college information readily available to anyone needing information. The are multiple online resources that are affered and made aware to students to help prepare for college.
Acorn's administration is amazing. First, our principal doubles as an archery coach; whom has lead our archery team to World Competition the very first year the team formed! He is truly a great man. He works with the students, and the teachers, to make sure that things are running smoothly, and correctly. The rest of the administration staff work very hard as well. I am unfortunate to not know all of them very well, but I do know that most are widely involved in school activities and are very supportive of our students. Our one guidance counselor, Mr. Ellison, is a man who I will never forget. He is the ultimate machine. He is constantly running to find everyone and do everything. He is very patient with all of the seniors, all year, every year! You would have to meet him to realize what a great and hardworking man that he truly is.

All of the staff truly enforces all of our handbook policies. The biggest policie that is advertised and pushed is NO BULLYING. We try very hard to be a bully free school. Bullying is not tolerated. Even our students stand up to this situation and anyone who act out in bullying. Our dresscode is another policy that is enforced. No one wants to see cleavage, back, or butts at our school. I'm sorr, but its true! If you are caught wearing something that is reavilng a little too much, the handbook comes out and rules are enforced precisely!
The teachers at Acorn are pretty decent. They all love the subjects that they teach, and most do a good job teaching them. The science teachers go above and beyons to teach there students about the environment and everything in it. One science teacher in particular has recieved multiple awards for her abition in science. They allow students to learn by hands-on activities and even letting them do a little teaching. Although I am not a math person, the couple of math teachers that we have are pretty good. They teach completely opposite, but that is to their preference. One of the math teachers is actually a spanish teacher, and I loved her spanish class much more than her math class! The teachers at Acorn do more than they can to help students reach their full potential. They are readily available for students so that students can do their best at achieving their best. My experience with the Acorn high school teachers has been a good one!
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