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I like that the school is very small and that makes it easier for me to focus on academics as a student but I highly dislike the wedge formed and kept between stud ya and staff.
Although the school doesn't have sports they make the best out of it by linking the kids who want to play sports with the boys and girls high school sports teams.
No sports or clubs for students to engage in except debate and soccer. Teaching style is okay especially the math classes the teacher are willing to help students to understand materials. but as for the other subjects the teaching style is horrible. the principal is never around. i don't recommend.
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This school helped me to get into college and chase my dreams of becoming and architect the teachers in this school are very motivational speakers and they work hard to make sure each student has achieved his or her personal goal. This school is in very need of a gym for sport for the following students there now.
My favorite teachers are Mr. Alexander, Ms. Pigford, Mr. Nozil and Mr. Buford. They are the only teachers at Acorn Community High School that takes their jobs seriously and treats us like their kids. It was an honor getting to know these teachers because they opened my eyes to what the world really is like. Thank you and if you're willing to attend Acorn Community High School please look out for these teachers because they need all the recognition possible.
It needs some more extracurricular opportunities for students.
There isn't much to do. There was hardly any school trips. Students have to pay for everything. The school never had any funds. There was no clubs. There was no use of lockers. There isn't a real gym to actually do exercise and students wasn't able to even use the gym lockers. If I could, I would go to a high school that would give me the high school experience I wanted such as having lockers so that I don't have to carry my heavy bag and coat everywhere, an actually gym, clubs and a school that goes on trips.
Some of the teachers are great and knowledgeable in what they do. I respect most of the teachers, who tries to encourage students to do better for themselves to have a good future in their life.
Ive met a lot of good people my age as well as other ages. We tend to stick together as a school, it is very small so everyone knows one another. I was able to get very close to the principle as well as my guidance counselor and at my weakest moments id seek them for help.
Some teachers put in more effort than others. After attending Acorn ive learned a lot from the staff as well as many of them care about me but its my job to love myself enough to want to succeed,
Teachers are good at providing knowledge
The teachers are very helpful if you take the time to help yourself than they would take the time to help you. Also the school is small so it will be easy to make friends.
The students are really accepting & non-judgemental. Most teachers work really hard to keep the students on track of their work & provide videos & group work. My favorite subject is ELA because you get to interact with the kids about your personal life & debate on the questions given. I wish there was a Cheer leading team & a football team.
For my senior year there were three new A.P classes offered to us, including the two i took, A.P studio art and A.P college english. Each class offered a college credit if passed and the teachers worked with you to help you get assignment done.
Soon after graduating i got my first job. During the interview i remembered a lot of interview skills, for both jobs and colleges, that were taught to me and a week after my interview i was hired, that was a years and four months ago and i still have my job. A few months after getting my job i was accepted into Kingsbrough college.
As far as dress code u can wear what ever you want to wear.
The college prep resources are very helpful for all the seniors that are graduating.
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Peer pressure is everywhere you go and all you go to be is say no.
the teachers care about their students and are very helpful. Sometimes the teachers would stay later to help you if you need help.
On the soccer team everybody gets a fair chance even if you was on the team last year.
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